"Western leaders are all fighting for their survival in power"
By Gilbert Doctorow, gilbertdoctorow.com (September 1, 2023)

Where does this lead? To war!

I follow the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov shows as a professional duty, not for fun. The host is very often boorish and the panelists are variable in quality, with too many duds among them. However, every several days I am pleasantly surprised by the analytical talents of one or another panelist who gives us a fresh and often persuasive understanding of the drivers of global events.

One such case was last night when a panelist from MGIMO, the higher educational institution that has educated Russia’s diplomatic corps for decades, gave us his take on the danger of a new world war, meaning a nuclear holocaust, that we presently face. It is all because the political leaders in the United States and in Europe enjoy very low domestic ratings, face elections in the coming year or so and are desperate to hold onto power. For some losing power can mean being sent before courts for various crimes they have committed in office. War is the solution they seize upon in the hope of diverting attention from their personal failings and economic woes, as well as to clamp down on free expression of opposition to the powers that be.

So it is for Joe Biden. Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump have said as much in public over the past several days. But it is just as true of the European presidents and prime ministers. They are all buffeted by economic head winds, by rampant inflation, deindustrialization and falling living standards that they unleashed with their ill-considered imposition of sanctions on Russia. They all are highly unpopular. We know, for example, that German Chancellor Scholz is now among the least regarded politicians in his country. Macron is now rivaling former president Hollande, who came in at single digit numbers in polls before he abandoned his hopes of reelection. And what is the result? Scholz has become a war hawk and repeatedly has agreed to supply ever more deadly materiel to Kiev. Macron has come out as a hawk not only on Ukraine but now is a caricature colonialist on the question of participating in military operations against Niger to reinstall the French-backed comprador government.

Over in Poland, where an election is looming, the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is fighting for its life against a resurgent Civic Platform party. It has put in place a law aimed at sidelining the former prime minister and CP leader Donald Tusk over charges that he was soft on the Russians. Losing power might result in the chairman of the Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski being sent to trial, as is now demanded by Lech Walesa. The result? Poland has been building up its military forces on the border with Belarus and is preparing the public for an imminent outbreak of war.

And then there is the most recent example supporting the given line of analysis: what is going on in Estonia. Let us recall that in the past week there has been a political storm in Estonia when it became known that the husband of the viciously anti-Russian prime minister, Kaja Kallas, has been making millions of euros of profit from his logistics business assisting an Estonian company that has production in Russia. When confronted with this outrageous violation of the cut-off of relations with Russia that she has demanded of her fellow citizens since the war in Ukraine began, Kallas just shrugged it off as something she knew nothing about. However, we note that the drone attack that destroyed Russian military aircraft at the Pskov airport in Russia’s northwest region a day ago is said to have been launched from Estonian territory.

So far, Moscow has not reacted to what could and should be a casus belli with a NATO Member State. But how much longer will Putin show forbearance?

These are very dangerous times and the weakness of Western leadership points to more, not less war.

©Gilbert Doctorow, 2023


peter moritz
September 1, 2023 at 3:14 pm

“For some losing power can mean being sent before courts for various crimes they have committed in office. ”

I simply do not believe that the so called “leaders” are not controlled by financial and industrial interest. Nobody can convince me that Biden, van der Leyen, Scholtz, Macron, etc, are acting as independent agents.

They are clearly not acting in the interests of the majority of the population they were elected to represent, and they clearly have no power on their own, and neither do the parties they belong to, as any records regarding financial backers reveals.
One just has acknowledge that especially in the USA, the revolving door from private industry or finance (I am looking at Goldman Sachs) to government to Industry is ever so obvious.

All politicians of the West, and even to some extent in Russia, are solely protecting and furthering the interest of those financial backers. And pray tell: who are the most influential backers, that have managed to diminish the role of industrial capitalism to favour a mainly financial capitalism, where money creats money with out the cumbersome process of investing in real production.
Should that however for some ridiculous reason still be necessary: for that there are the workshops in Asia, Africa, South America. Which becomes obvious in the deindustrialization even of the MIC, that cannot even produce weapons, especially ammunition, enough for a war with Russia.

September 1, 2023 at 3:14 pm

In the United States, we need a truth and reconcilliation type approach. I’d prefer, perhaps, to see all the perpetrators in jail, but there are too many. We need to get the truth out above all.

kanassatego September 1, 2023 at 9:27 pm

“We note that the drone attack that destroyed Russian military aircraft at the Pskov airport in Russia’s northwest region a day ago is said to have been launched from Estonian territory.”

Who is “we”?

If the Russians have convincing proof that the drones were launched from a base in Estonia, then the only logical thing for the Russians to do is to issue an official warning that next time it happens (whether in Estonia or any other NATO country), then the base will be annihilated with cruise and/or hypersonic missiles (unstoppable, as we know.) This is war, not military exercises and no special military operation any more. How many more times can Russia afford to have its civilians killed or injured and its infrastructure destroyed by Ukrainian terrorists operating out of NATO countries?

If the Estonian government is suicidally stupid, then its suicidal wish should be granted. The Russians cannot afford to continue to allow Ukrainian/NATO terrorists to threaten Russian civilians with drones and missiles launched from NATO countries.

Anyhow, what exactly is it that NATO could do? It is no longer a match for the Russian army, stronger and more modern than ever.

Frederick Herschel September 1, 2023 at 11:46 pm

Blinken and Nuland. They are the individuals controlling the war in Ukraine. They are compradors. Where do their loyalties lie? If you quibble they are not in control, name the actors who are. Burns? He is a tool, not a carpenter. Yes, the CIA is adept only at terrorism and certainly would like to prove that terrorism works. But does the CIA control Blinken and Nuland? Does the CIA think that its existence would be threatened by a defeat in Ukraine? I think not. You say, what about the military or Jake Sullivan? You wouldn’t be serious if you did. Where do Blinken and Nuland’s loyalties lie? And conversely, in their insane, all-consuming hatred of Russia (of all places!) what is it that they fear? You must have an answer to these questions, because you know this subject backwards and forwards.