Western Intelligence Delusions And The Failure of The Bucha Op
Larry Johnson
A Son of the New American Evolution (April 5, 2022)

While the Bucha propaganda op has been a swimming success in whipping up American fury at fabricated Russian atrocities (the Ukrainian Nationalist Forces have this blood on their hands in my opinion), it has not moved the needle. What is the needle? Convincing the United States, the U.K. and the rest of NATO to enter the fray in Ukraine with actual combatants and NATO operated equipment. NATO is talking tough and posturing like a model in a Madonna video, but when it comes to action–ZIPPO.

As I have noted in previous posts, NATO can send all the material it wants to Ukraine and it means nothing. First, can NATO even ensure the safe delivery of any weapons? The short answer is “no.” Russia already has demonstrated it has the ability to precisely target Ukrainian bases hugging the Polish border and wreak havoc.

Second, let us be generous and assume that the outdated NATO weapon systems get through. Who is going to train the Ukrainians how to use the NATO castaways and where will this training take place? Same problem with weapon delivery–the Russians have attacked and destroyed these training facilities over the course of the last month.

Third, lets assume the weapons are delivered and the recipients are trained; the next challenge is to get this weaponry to the front-lines to engage Russian forces. Good luck with that given Russia’s control of the air and the roadways.

And the capper is that some of the equipment NATO is proposing to provide to Ukraine is hopelessly outdated and outclassed by comparable Russian weapon systems. NATO’s proposed assistance sounds suspiciously like what happens when a suburban couple does spring cleaning and decides to sell useless junk in a garage sale. Ukraine is getting largely useless hand-me-downs.

Speaking of wasted efforts, what about the Bucha flop? Yes, I know the viewers of cable news and mainstream news are howling in anguish and outrage over the alleged Russian mass murder of civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha. But that is less than 30 million people in a country of 330 million. Most know nothing about it and could care less.

Are you familiar with the term, “impotent rage?” That is what the United States and its NATO allies are now experiencing. I suspect that the intel folk who helped the Ukrainians stage the Bucha massacre counted on a tidal wave of rage to push NATO into action. But that has not happened. Instead Europe has opted for more angry words and self-defeating economic sanctions.

Part of the problem with getting mileage out of the BUCHA narrative designed to portray Russia as 21st Century storm troopers is the internet. While the establishment media around the world can usually be counted on to deliver the propaganda on demand, the internet is still a wild card that can quickly outrun whatever the conventional media tries to move.

In the case of Bucha, internet sleuths quickly pointed out that the Russians vacated Bucha on the 30th of March; the Mayor of Bucha declared the city free on the 31st without one mention of slaughter; and the bodies on the street did not start showing up until the 2nd of April.

But there is one other big piece of evidence that did not appear–Social Media. I have yet to see a single reference to a social media post from Bucha dated between 30 March and 1 April that had a worried parent, spouse or sibling agonizing over a disappeared relative. Not one post about people being gunned down in the street by fleeing Russians. Not a word.

Give the Russians a pat on the back for keeping the power systems and internet intact in Ukraine. In the normal NATO invasion, destroying the power gird and taking down the internet is usually a top priority. Russia is not following a NATO script in Ukraine.

Whoops!! Looks like the masterminds overseeing this psyop forgot to paint the scenery with the appropriate social media background noise. There are some unconfirmed reports that Britain’s MI6 concocted this macabre theater with the Ukrainian service. If true, this oversight stands as a further indictment of their incompetence.

There is no sign that Russia has decided to curl up into a fetal position and sob brokenheartedly over the bad words the Western world is hurling its way. Nope. Russia continues to behave like a hungry boa constrictor and is slowly, methodically squeezing the life out of the Ukrainian military.