"Ukraine Targets Elon Musk, US Aid Dwindles, Ukraine's Offensive Increasingly Depleted"
Brian Berletic
The New Atlas (October 15, 2022)

Transcript as time allows]

14:36 Elon Musk getting involved in Ukraine was a huge mistake. Sending Star-Link terminals to the the Ukrainian military was a huge mistake, especially since a number of them went to literal Nazi military formations such as Azov who are Nazis. They have a flag that is a Nazi symbol that they operate under. And that in itself was a huge mistake. It’s just fundamentally wrong. But it’s also unwise for another reason. You are getting involved in a U.S. proxy war against Russia. It is a proxy war the West is losing. And the people involved in this proxy war in Ukraine are extremists. They will turn on you in a second. They’re like a rabid dog. It’s like training a rabid dog and then walk it around the neighborhood. It’s not a matter of if you’ll get bit. It’s a matter of when you’ll get bit. So Elon Musk’s hand is right now in the teeth of this rabid dog that he was associating with.

15:39 I also said that it was a big mistake for another reason. This U.S. proxy war against Russia, whichever way it goes, we can clearly see that the next step is doing the same to China. Elon Musk has actually a very enlightened view of China. He sees them as human beings which is something you can’t say about many prominent people in the United States. And he has significant investments there. He believes in working with China, competing with China but in a constructive way. And he does not go along with this zero-sum, winner-takes-all approach that the deeply entrenched unelected special interests driving U.S. foreign policy are pushing America toward.

16:26 But, look at what’s going on with Russia. Look at how companies doing business in Russia are being forced to stop, to withdraw from those markets no matter what the cost is to themselves or to the collective economy of the West. The exact same thing is going to happen in regards to China. I many ways it already is. And I would say that Elon Musk’s investments in China, those days are numbered. Unless he can do something to wake people up and to stop this collision course the US is on right now.

16:56 It might have seemed like a good idea to jump on the pro-Ukrainian bandwagon if you’re ill-informed or if you’re busy and you don’t have the time to look into these things yourself. It might have seemed like a good idea to jump on the pro-Ukrainian bandwagon. But it is hurtling over a cliff. Assuming that Elon Musk and everyone else on this bandwagon survives the fall, what they’re going to find themselves doing is rolling towards an even steeper cliff: this is the collision course the U.S. in on with China.

17:32 And I have said that this is going to continue until these special interests driving U.S. foreign policy now collapse and a different circle of U.S. special interests take over and fill the void. And these would be interests that see America working with the rest of the world, among other nations rather than imposing itself upon all other nations. I would like to think that Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla represent that. But I still saw him, you know, with the Ukrainian flag and a heart and acting as if he’s going to continue supporting Ukraine. So, maybe not. Maybe he’s just going to go over the cliff with them and then he’s going to roll off the cliff when it’s time for all of this to start turning toward China’s direction next. So that’s the story with Elon Musk.

18:28 And it just goes to show you the true nature of the Ukrainian government and all of these people supporting it. The fact that they would see a blatantly toxic kill list and write entire articles trying to lie about it, defend it, and cover it up. It just goes to show you the true nature of the western interests supporting Ukraine and the interests in Ukraine that the U.S. itself installed into power to fight this proxy war for them. That is their true nature and it is exposed over and over again and this whole episode with Elon Musk is just the most recent example. And I hope that, if nothing else is waking people up, maybe this will wake people up.

19:10 [promised military aid to come gets less and less…]

. . . 26:45 “Now let’s talk about the situation on the battlefields in Ukraine or between Ukraine now that Russia has this newly acquired territory. “Russian missile and drone attacks continue. I think that this has gone beyond a retaliation for the attack on the Crimean bridge. It really looks like a sustained campaign meant to completely destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure ahead of what will likely be a significant ground campaign.”

27:16 It’s interesting how the West is portraying this things as terrorism when this is exactly how the United States and its allies, all of NATO essentially, this is how they go into other countries and dismember them in the process of taking them over. So, the shoe is on the other foot now that it is terrorism. Why isn’t it terrorism when the United States and its allies do it? I just wonder what the explanation is for that.

If we go to this live uamap.com, very pro Ukrainian, and we look, we can see that the front lines again are more or less stabilized. I have heard reports, just as I was putting this together, that another push by Ukraine toward Kherson has begun. So, we need to keep a real close eye on that. Elsewhere you see all these red rifle icons. This means that Russia is on the attack now. The front lines were stabilized at the end of Ukraine’s push around Kherson and Kharkov and now Russia is pushing back against this. And I said this was going to happen. I don’t think that Ukraine’s offensive is quite over yet. There are continuous rumblings of a Ukrainian offensive launched towards Zaporosia that has yet to be executed. And I don’t think that Ukraine is done attempting to push toward Kherson or northern Donbas.

28:44 But what is going to happen because Ukraine is suffering irreplaceable losses in terms of manpower and equipment, there is going to come a point where they cannot push any further. And Russia continuously fell back. Yes, losing territory but maintaining their manpower and equipment plus reinforcing it with 300,000 additional Russian troops and associated equipment. There is going to be a turning point where Russia begins an irreversible push back toward Ukrainian positions. Ukraine is not going to be able to stop them because

when Russia is ready to attack, Ukraine is going to have nothing to stop them from doing so This reminds me of an exhibition match between an amateur boxer and a professional boxer. In the first couple of rounds, the amateur is going to throw everything they have at the pro boxer, trying to somehow knock them out, do something spectacular, something unexpected.

33:44 conserving your fighting capacity while whittling down your enemy’s fighting capacity, because no matter how much territory the enemy has, if they have no fighting capacity to defend it, you are ultimately going to win.