"Ukraine SitRep: The War By Numbers Of Humans"
by b
Moon of Alabama (September 22, 2023)

When I was much younger and still lived in my hometown I was training two local female volleyball teams.

There was also a local team for men with disabilities. We had some friendly matches. Most of the men, then in their 50s to 60s, had had amputations. Some due to accidents but most due to the second world war. But even with only one leg or one arm they beat my teenage girl teams without much problems.

After such matches I often sat down with the men and talked about the war and the consequences it had for them. They had all done well and were living more or less normal lives. But many more who had been wounded like them had killed themselves or died young due to the long term consequences of their wounds.

The numbers further down remind me of those men.

Yves Smith looks at Ukraine's future:

Its economic prospects are terrible and all the talk about 'rebuilding' it is mostly nonsense:

When the war is over Ukraine will be a bankrupt and largely empty country [emphasis added]. Yves quotes Michael Vlahos who mentions a piece by the intel-connected Jamestown Foundation about Ukraine's population numbers.

I searched for and found it:

The piece was published two months ago and its numbers are grueling. Here are some snippets:

Twenty million minus the pensioners minus women and children leaves maybe some 6 million men that can potentially be mobilized. But many are still needed to run the economy and keep the trains rolling. The Minister of Veteran Affairs expects that there will be, in the end, some 4 million war veterans.

The war will likely end before that number is reached.

Since at least May the mobilization campaign has reached less than half the expected number (machine translation):

That lack of forces is the background of the recent mobilization corruption scandals. People had bribed the recruiters and doctors to get exempted. They will continue to do so.

Two million have already entered the Ukrainian army. Many of those have been wounded or killed.

Due to the war the number of people with disabilities in Ukraine has sharply increased (machine translation):

We can safely assume that a similar number of soldiers were killed.

Ukraine is running out of money and the minister wants to decrease social spending:

Some 20,000 of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers have had amputations:

The lack of medical doctors in Ukraine was already serious when the war began. The war made it worse. It will now worsen even more. Starting October 1 female doctors and pharmacist will have to register for potential mobilization with the military enlistment office. Many are now fleeing the country as they fear that their travel will soon be restricted [emphasis added](machine translation):

The Ukrainian army will soon field body armor for female soldiers. There are currently some 5,000 female soldiers near the front lines. That could change if the Ukrainian military starts to mobilize more women.

As more Ukrainian soldiers defect to the Russian side the number of war prisoners has increased to about 9,000.

Civilian casualties have been low. The UN has registered less than 10,000 killed and less that 17,000 wounded.

The mobilization has serious consequences for Ukraine's economy. It lacks the labor force that is needed to keep it running.

As Yves writes:

To 'rebuild' from that is likely impossible [emphasis added].