"The true importance of the Bucha false flag: a change of narrative"
The Saker
The Vineyard of the Saker (April 6, 2022)

So, as predicted by pretty much everybody, the long announced false flag has happened. Yes, it was very poorly executed, botched really, but in a way this makes it even MORE effective? Why? It conditions the public of Zone A to uncritically accept any fairy tale, no matter how stupid, illogical and otherwise going against both basic common sense and basic logic. In a way, Bucha is really MH-17 reloaded. Yes, they appear different, but in reality they are built exactly according to the same model. It goes something like this:

Those simple acts have proven that they are extremely effective in turning most of Zone A into a Russophobic lynch mob.

Check out this list of article titles I just saw a few minutes on RT: (no need to read them, I just list them to “set the mood”, so to speak)

That is only the already usual nonsense, but now there is even more truly crazy stuff, check those out:

I could continue the list, but you get it, the leaders of the Empire of Hate and Lies have fully opened the “Hate and Lies” valve and it appears that they are seriously “losing it”.

Remember how in the Skripal and MH-17 cases EU countries joined in the sanctions out of “solidarity”?

I personally would call that cowardice and submissiveness, but “solidarity” works too. Well, the Eurolemmings have solidarized themselves into their own grave and now there is no undoing what they did to themselves.

From the Russian point of view, it is rather straightforward: Russia tried to encourage EU countries to use their own judgment and act in their own interests. It is now quite clear that as long as they get to brown-nose Uncle Shmuel the Eurolemmings are quite content with their fate. Russia needs to flush the EU down her “mental toilet” and only deal with sovereign countries which have retained enough agency to defend their own interests. In the EU that means Hungary and, to a much lesser degree, Serbia (not the people, of course, but the government which remains subservient to the Eurolemmings).

The Bucha massacre itself will go down Zone A’s collective memory hole, that’s where all the previous false flags of the Empire of Hate and Lies have gone. Once a demonization operation has served its use, it can be forgotten.

So what are the purposes of the Bucha false flag:

If you think about it, I think that it is fair to say that these are all clear signs that the Empire of Hate and Lies has now declared total war on Russia, just short of overtly actually attacking Russian forces or Russia, of course. In fact, Russia and the Empire of Hate and Lies have been at war since at least 2013, and Russia had to make many concessions to the Empire simply because from 2013-2021 Russia did not have:

Interestingly, while the idiots in the West saw each Russian compromise and retreat as a sign of Russian weakness (including supposed well-wishers of Russia, who acted like typical 6th columnists), none of these wannabe armchair strategists had the intelligence to see that with each concession Russia APPEARED to be weaker and weaker while IN REALITY she was getting stronger and stronger right under the Empire of Hate and Lie’s collective nose :-)

Now that all which has been previously hidden or misunderstood is becoming clear for all to see, and in this context, Bucha is the Empire of Lies’ declaration of TOTAL war against Russia.

The leaders of the Empire of Hate and Lies know the real score, not only in Mariupol or the Donbass, but about this entire war whose scope and purpose have caught the West totally by surprise (and me too!), and now they are scrambling to retain a semblance of control. And, let me tell you, they are not.

The collective West has now fully adopted a strategy first invented by the Israelis: if you cannot win a real war, win an imaginary one. And just as the IDF bombing some border post between Syria and Iraq makes no military sense or even any difference whatsoever, it is great for the morale of the Israelis who, just like the folks in the West, feel a strong sense of racial superiority over their Arab neighbors so they *need* “victories” to boost their own egos and conceal the fact that Israel’s neighbors have lost any fear they might have had in the past. What has to remain the biggest secret of them all is that, in reality, it is Israel which fears its neighbors (and it should!). Hence all the Israeli hysterics about BDS, or the term “Apartheid”, and all the crap about anti-Semitism: they are all designed to hide the truth, and first and foremost from the Israelis themselves who all suffer from what Gilad Atzmon very accurately calls “the pre-traumatic stress disorder”.

Bombing a Russian border post, however, is not an option for the Empire of Hate and Lies – that would be waaaaaaaaay too dangerous. So, instead, the Empire scores political “victories”, stuff like sending old weapons to Lvov, threaten to take Putin to the ICC, or make noises about super-dooper hypersonic weapons the US is about to develop and deploy.

Sooner or later, the delusional and ignorant psychopaths which run the Empire of Hate and Lies will come to realize that far from breaking Russia, they committed collective economic, political, social, moral, spiritual, and, of course, military suicide and they will be left with *nothing* else to do that try a desperate military provocation. I hope that I am wrong, but I don’t see how the united West could de-escalate from the corner it painted itself into.

Both the USA and the EU are run not by individuals, but by a class (in the Marxist sense of the word) which we can conceptually call the “1%ers”. One percent seems small, but in the USA 1% is over 3 MILLION people, and in the EU this is almost 4,5 MILLION people. Throw in colonies like Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and others and we can see that it is reasonable to assume that there are about 10’000’000 very rich and very powerful people out there who want to see Russia dead and gone forever.

These people will NEVER be voted out of power. Oh sure, here and there, for a while, some will lose an election and an outsider might be voted in, but that is what economic sanctions are for: to punish those nations which vote for the “wrong” candidate (like Hungary just did).

Consider this: the leaders of the West have always preferred actual warfare to any risk of social warfare (inability, protests, riots, shortages, etc.). So the “wait, we just shot our economies, let’s send more weapons to the Ukraine” is the only kind of “logic” these folks are capable of. And just to make sure that the TV watching serfs “get it” “correctly”, they will either do a false flag at the UN (Powell), in their own country (9/11), or outside (Srebrenica, Gouta, etc.).

In other words, it is all going according to the script. Not because that is “the plan” but simply because that is what the Empire of Hate and Lies does. It is the ONLY thing that Empire knows to do very well: hate and lie.

It is not just Banderastan that needs to be denazified – it is the entire Empire of Hate and Lies. And I have no clue whatsoever how to denazify 10 MILLION Nazis from our entire planet without a major war.

The false flag in Bucha is not only a declaration of total war on Russia, it is also a rallying call for those 10 million who run Zone A and a good part of Zone B. The fact that it was botched really makes no difference. If you have a brain, you know who did it and why, and if you don’t, you know it was Russia, on Putin’s personal order, no less.

And I predicted exactly that when I wrote (many times) that as soon as the “the Ukies are kicking the Russkies’ ass” narrative becomes unsustainable, which it now has, it will be changed to “Russian atrocities”.

Next, I fully expect NATO weapon convoys to be camouflaged as civilian and when the Russians begin striking them, there will be even MORE cries about “atrocities”. To be clear, I do NOT believe that NATO is sending weapons to the Ukraine to make a military difference, and I believe that the NATO leaders know that.

My fear is that the 3B+PU will try to make the Russians attack those convoys: if the Russians do not, western armchair generals will resume their cries to high heaven about “Russia is letting NATO arm the Ukie, Putin is about to sell out!!!” and if Russia does strike these weapon convoys, then they will instantly become “trains of refugees” and “humanitarian safe zones” or whatever crap the Anglo PSYOPS will come up with.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Which might sound like an unsolvable dilemma, but that is simply not true. If you are going to get hated in either case – then, by all means, do “it”. And that seems to be the conclusion to which not only the Kremlin (and it’s Eurasian Sovereignists) have come to, but also the general public whose approval rating for both Putin and the Special Military Operation (SMO) has gone up. Even better, there are signs that the Russian society is bracing for a “long war”, lasting months for sure, maybe even into next year.

We are 41 days into this horror and the end is nowhere near in sight, and remember that the real objective of Russia and China is not “just” to disarm and denazify the Nazi-occupied Ukraine, it is to completely change the European collective security architecture which, in turn, is the cornerstone of the Empire of Lies worldwide. This will most probably take several years unless the coming economic crisis is even much worse than I expect it to be (in my total ignorance of economic topics).


The Empire of Lies already understands that it lost Banderastan, so it executed the Bucha massacre to change the narrative and trigger a TOTAL “Cancel Russia” war. The WWII Nazis used the term “final solution” and that is what the Bucha false flag signals: the decision by Uncle Shmuel to achieve a “final solution” to the “Russian problem”.

This is the West’s way to signal that it too is now entering into its own 2nd phase of the war.

Signal received, loud and clear.