"The U.S. Doesn't Have the Forces Ready to Fight With Russia"
by Douglas Macgregor
Straight Calls July 14, 2023)

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[7:51] Douglas Macgregor: “... we are led by this enfeebled person who has trouble finding his way off the stage. So, who is really in charge? I don’t think it’s President Biden. Who is running the government? Who really controls everything in Washington and the United States? I think it’s a combination of wealthy oligarchs, big donors to the Left, Wall Street. But clearly the American people don’t have much to say about any of it. ... We are much closer than we have been in decades to war with Russia.

[9:38 “You’re striking the salient target out there. This is the real question because I can tell you that behind the scenes, the Germans want this whole thing to end, as do most of the Europeans. They don’t want this perpetual war going on in Ukraine. Their economy is in total ruins. The country is being industrialized. Germany is going to be Pasteurized. Then they’re overwhelmed by millions of Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East that they don’t want in their country. Let’s be frank. We can pretend otherwise, but those are the facts. The same thing that is happening in France could happen in Germany. There’s already some evidence of it breaking out. So I don’t think that the Germans want to see Russia destroyed and dismembered, which is the real Wall Street-London-banking / Washington-London-government cabal’s goal and objective. Bring down Putin. Bring down the government. Dismember Russia. Strip it of its resources. That’s not going to happen. And they know that. So, if they’re not signing on for that, the question is why are they doing something stupid on a scale that you’re suggesting? Because, they continue to drink the Kool-Aid which is ‘Well, you know, the Ukrainians could still win.’ No, they can’t. ‘Well, the Russians haven’t done anything yet.’ Well, that’s true but that doesn’t mean they can’t and they won’t. It’s a trap, I think. Politicians never really want to be pregnant and bring the child to term. They always want to be a little bit pregnant. Because they never know when they want to abort. And as soon as things get really, really bad they’ll abort. That’s what’s going on in Europe.”

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[11:24] “I just don’t know how much longer those governments will last. I’m surprised that Scholtz is still there. His approval ratings are worse than Biden’s. They have a parliamentary regime. They can have a no-confidence and replace him and put in a new government. But for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened. I think a lot of this has to do with a lingering hope and wish that they can remain a vassal of the United States without the consequences of subordinating themselves to us. And the consequences of subordinating themselves to us militarily, politically, and financially is the disaster in Ukraine which could get a lot worse.”

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19:35 “We bring to every discussion the same thing: Arrogance and Ignorance. .. Wag the Dog. The Poles and the Lithuanians they want desperately to drag us in. Then you have the fools in London that think they sit in splendid isolation on that island and that island could suddenly become a death trap for them if they continue down the road they’re headed with Russia. We don’t have the forces ready to fight. That’s a huge problem. You just heard we don’t have any more ammunition left. What are we going to do if we have to fight on the conventional level. This all brings you back to the issue of nuclear weapons. Russians will not use those. People want to use nuclear weapons because they’re losing. Because they’re weak. Guess who that description fits. Us.”

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22:36 “The Uni-Party is of one voice. ‘We want to destroy Russia!’ without any understanding whatsoever what the hell they’re talking about; without understanding the consequences for the United States. They push this thing too far, they’ll find out that we’ve got problems all over the world, long before we go to nuclear weapons. The Russians can escalate horizontally.

26:05 “... you have to disable satellites. So you’ll get into a war in space. We haven’t even begun to talk about that . . . and then there’s the war at sea. Our troops in Poland. How do you reinforce them. You know you can’t. What if the Russians decide to embargo Western Europe? How do they get food? What happens? ... We’re not ready for anything.”

[28:22] end of program