"The Oldest Trick In The Book."
by Andrei Martyanov
Reminiscence of the Future (August 1, 2022)

POLITICO laments, via RT:

The reason Pelosi adventurism with the "visit" to Taiwan is so in focus--we don't know yet if she will get there--is simple. Anything, up to the escalation to the brink of the conflict with China, but to cover up these two things:

1. The economic catastrophe unfolding in the US;

2. The desperate attempt to turn attention away from the lost cause in 404.

The oldest trick in the book, especially with contemporary US "elites" who are good only at two things: reelecting themselves and PR. As Bernhard of MoA quotes Cynthia Chung:

At that time Sullivan taught... at Yale Law School (good Lord!) and you can read the whole interview here. Being a consummate neocon, it is only natural to expect from his ilk the PR-driven solutions to inevitable clusterfucks neocons create in everything they touch due to their sheer incompetence and malice.

The other clear signal that Washington begins to feel the burn is the fact that Biden (and those puppeteers who have their hand up his ass) in a typical thuggish manner declared:

I have news for Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and the rest: Russia is "not ready" for two reasons:

1. Russia is not going to squander a dramatic and increasing advantage over the US in strategic (and non-strategic) weapon systems, because there are no Gorbachevs in Kremlin anymore;

2. Russia is not going to talk to this Administration other than engaging in the substance of the Act of Capitulation by the combined West, because the United States is non-agreement capable and are, essentially, ungovernable.

There are many more factors, but these two are the most important. In fact, Russia will continue to strangle EU, thus denying the US its only collection of the lapdogs and the market where the US can theoretically compete with China. Theoretically, that is. Poor French now cannot even take it, that Russia 1 Channel openly mocks Europe when discussing methods of "saving" energy such as, but not limited to, urinating while taking a shower.


Yes, they have boo-boo in France. How about they wake up and look around and recognize that overwhelming majority of Russians have neither respect nor admiration for the combined West (especially Europeans) anymore. Only contempt. Rephrasing Mikhail Kutuzov reacting to Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812, who stated that "I will make them (French) eat horse meat", the task he fully succeeded at, Russians either say or think today: "we will make you urinate in your showers".