"The #1 Structural Problem with U.S. Governance"
by Jacob Dreizin, The Dreizin Report (May 20, 2022)

Ukraine war exposes EVERYTHING wrong with American governance

About the $40 billion in fresh U.S. aid to the Ukraine…

I laugh—like a big, condescending jerk—at people who complain now about it. Hahaha. This is so silly. Like Mr. T, “I pity the fool.”

What’s in the $40 billion? Of course, no one’s going to give that much cash to the Ukrainian funny farm, directly.

I have not read the bill, but intuitively, I know it’s mostly to compensate the U.S. Department of Defense for weapons donated to the Ukraine, as well as the cost of delivering them to the Ukraine (up to 14 NATO cargo flights per day into Poland), as well as compensating certain (mostly east European) NATO countries for their own donations, so they can buy new (mostly American) stuff as replacement.

It’s a big bonanza for the arms manufacturers.

Any direct economic assistance to the Ukraine will be just enough to barely hold up its pants, same as every year since 2014, when they began showing this donkey just enough carrot to keep it on its feet and shuffling in their direction, nothing more.

(We’ve seen the same with Dick Cheney’s lookalike son, Liz.)

For as long as an other-party challenger can raise money the same way, Wyoming’s incumbent senator(s) will always hear nationwide (or out-of-state) lobbies and interests, AT LEAST AS MUCH as they hear their own voters.

Surely, our Founding Slave-owners did not intend the peoples’ representatives from X state or district to merely hold down a seat for the national oligarchy, or for rich ideological donors on the coasts (but I repeat myself.)

But, that’s where we are.

Of course, Barrasso will vote for giveaways for Wyoming. But on any question where it’s not actually taking money out of their pockets…..

…..he will always ignore the wishes and moral interests of his constituents, if the price is right.

I’m sure most Wyoming republican voters (i.e. most Wyoming adults) would rather he say something about the 1/6 prisoners who are still rotting in jail without a court date, for mere trespassing (when the doors were open, anyway.)

But, you know, Barrasso must be “respectable” to national donors. He has a campaign to fund!

Texas senator John Cornyn also flew to Kiev, what a clown. In his time off from Washington, he should be camping on the Mexican border!

How does it look to his conservative voters, that this big bozo spends his “recess” flying to Kiev to shake hands with Saint Zelensky, instead?

The solution has to come from the states, because it won’t ever come from Congress—not to mention, Citizens United would likely prohibit such an act by Congress.

Donbass update

Russian VDV mobile infantry and Wagner mercenaries have advanced up to 15 kilometers west of Popasnaya…..

…..and have taken several towns or villages just east of Soledar, which sits on the one paved, continuous, Ukrainian-controlled main road into Lisichansk.

The writing is on the wall. You now see why Uncle Sam was calling Russia for a ceasefire. Send more Javelins!!!