"The Correct Response To “Give Biden A Chance”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix"
Caitlin Johnstone, caitlinjohnstone.com (November 25, 2020)

Hi welcome to the timeline where people call you a crazy radical extremist for saying your government should stop committing acts of mass murder.

When they say a withdrawal from Afghanistan should be contingent on certain conditions being met, the “conditions” they really mean are puppet regimes in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran. [emphasis added]

Think of the mental contortions you’d have to do in order to see a 19-year military occupation as normal and attempts to end it as abnormal. Now look how many people in the political/media class have done those mental contortions. That’s the power of imperial narrative control. [emphasis added]

Western propaganda works to decouple imperialism-targeted nations and people from their governments. It’s not Syria’s government, it’s “the Assad regime” with the Syrian people held as separate. It’s not China’s government, it’s “the CCP” with the Chinese people held as separate. They always work to spin governments the empire doesn’t like as these hostile, alien invaders of a nation which has nothing to do with them. They point at it like it’s an ugly growth [emphasis added]. “Uh-oh, what’s that MADURO REGIME doing in Venezuela?? We can lance that for you.”

And of course the self-described “anarchists” who suck at thinking always fall for it, because they regard all governments as illegitimate. So they wind up clapping along with CIA/CNN narratives, cheering for the downfall of a government in unwitting service of a much bigger government [emphasis added].

Meanwhile the actual people of the targeted nation are generally supportive of b>Meanwhile>their government and find it vastly preferable to the empire’s campaign to “free” them. Their government that they support is spun as an alien invader, by alien invaders [emphasis added].

Hating on China doesn’t make you a “populist”, it makes you a tool of the US State Department.


Trump’s horrible horrifying horrific assault on democracy that everyone’s spent weeks freaking out about is infinitely less destructive to democracy than (A) the status quo US policy of interfering in elections and toppling governments around the world, and (B) the basic US electoral system.

The only real difference between Democrats’ denial of the 2016 election results and Republicans’ denial of the 2020 election results is that Democrats’ claims were backed by sociopathic intelligence agencies with a known history of lying and by their mass media stenographers. One got an authoritative-looking seal of approval, the other did not, but that seal of approval is just as worthless as the say-so of Rudolph Giuliani. [emphasis added]

There’s never been a better time to be a woman, minority or member of the LGBT community who works in the DC establishment and enjoys dropping cluster munitions on children.

FYI the correct response to “Give Biden a chance” is “Fuck the whole entire way off you moron. You mindless automaton. You foam-brained human livestock. You bootlicking, oligarch-coddling, mass murder-enabling shitbag.” [emphasis added]

You live in a world full of birds, music, moonlight and miracles, where we dance on a microscopic island in an infinite ocean of mystery while beauty erupts from the core of every moment. It would be a shame to spend any of your time here defending Joe Biden.

All the conspiratorial fantasies about a Marxist Orwellian dystopia happening under Biden are far less horrific than the garden variety American imperialist mass slaughter that will actually be happening under Biden.

Being happy when a Democrat is in the White House is like a boxer celebrating every time he gets hit with a left hook instead of a right cross.

Everyone talks about how racist and misogynistic Australia is, but what they all too often forget is that it also routinely commits acts of mass murder and war crimes.

“Boot camp” is a hazing ritual for the grossest fraternity that ever existed.

Qassem Soleimani was assassinated because his successful military campaigns against ISIS and al Qaeda were the best argument against the US needing to remain in the Middle East to fight terrorists. An actual stabilizing force could not be tolerated.

Fun fact: if you ever want to chat with an American conservative you can just quietly whisper to yourself “the US is supposed to be a democracy” and one will come crashing through your wall like the Kool-Aid man yelling “ACTUALLY IT’S A REPUBLIC”.

Remember when they found a new mutation of covid at a Danish mink farm and everyone got super racist against white people and talked about how uncivilized their disgusting mink markets are?

The word “entitlement” has been (deliberately) made into a dirty word, but that’s exactly what people need right now. They need to feel entitled to dignified lives, to having their basic needs met, and to taking back what was stolen from them by the ruling class.

I talk all the time about how things are just going to keep getting worse as long as human behavior is driven by profit and then people are like “Caitlin why aren’t you talking about the Great Reset?” and I’m like “I AM!” People keep acting like a move to funnel wealth and power upward is some sort of freakish anomaly and not the entirely predictable and utterly inevitable result of leaving human behavior to be driven by profit. We were always headed in this exact direction [emphasis added].

When I started this gig I learned very early on that the articles which get the most shares are ones which are appealing to one of America’s two mainstream political factions. Everyone who gets into any kind of media related to US politics receives this same message. Most don’t reject the temptation [emphasis added].

I was given a natural incentive to go mainstream partisan; no plutocratic funding or CIA infiltration required. The partisan dynamic is just that strong, which is why so many media figures become Dem shills or doofy Trumpers instead of nonpartisan free thinkers. There’s so much energy feeding into the partisan dynamic that people can float whole media careers on it very easily. A lot of the information distortion you see is no more complex or conspiratorial than that [emphasis added].

Every mistake I’ve ever made at this job was due to following the lead of other people and covering the stuff others thought I should cover. Every success I’ve ever had was due to following my own insight and intuition. Now I just dismiss people who try to cajole me into writing what they want [emphasis added].

Which is actually a good way to live life in general.