"Wikileaks releases OPCW e-mail exchange exposing Syria false flag cover-up (Video)"
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 418 (December 30, 2019)

[10:20] Alexander Mercouris: "... So, we have a situation where the inspection team is saying one thing and the officials at the OPCW headquarters in Vienna are publishing completely contrary findings, contary to those that the inspectors provided and that the officials, apparently, are trying to suppress: the information that was coming from the inspectors. So I'm afraid [we have] a manipulation, or total distortion of the actual findings and a cover-up -- there is no other word for it -- to conceal the fact. A cover-up that goes to the extent of destroying the information from the inspectors which contradicts the official story. It can't ge more serious than this. One wonders what we are going to discover, but already it seems to me, it looks like we are seeing an organization in deep crisis."

[11:22] Alex Christoforou: "You took the words right out of my mouth. This is the definition of a cover-up. Remove this information from the documents so the picture presented to the people, to the world, to be pushed out by the mainstream media was to go to war in Syria. To attack Syria because Assad, once again [allegedly] gassed his own people. That was the narrative they were trying to push and the OPCW tried to push us to all-out war. You cannot describe it any other way."

[11:43] Alex Christoforou: You have, once again, Wikileaks doing great work. Assange is rotting in prison in the UK right now. But Wikileaks once again shows us the truth. The OPCW was also involved in the Skrypal case, amongst many other investigations that they did.So I think the Skrypal case is completely called into question, as well. And there is another part of this release from Wikileaks:

[shows report sourced to Al Masdar News]


[24:00] Alexander Mercouris: "... that will expose the story which, at the moment is being suppressed. The British are not going to apologize. The French are not going to apologize. The OPCW itself, the Secretariat, isn't going to apologize either. None of those people are going to apologize. And maybe apologies is not what we should be looking for. What we should be looking for is a final admission that this war in Syria has been an utter disaster. It has been massively manipulated in propaganda terms. You can't assume that any reporting you get on Syria, on any subject, is true. I mean you simply can't. We repeatedly see this in Syria and the war there, that when you drill down to the bottom, things do not correspond to what we can see ourselves in the facts and the information we are being provided access to. But perhaps, even beyond Syriawhere things are said about Syria this does bring back the subject of arms control treaties and the international organizations which administer them. If the OPCW is now being taken control of in this way, and is being used in this fashion, that is an incredibly serious thing.

And I think there needs to be a full investigation done of what is going on with the OPCW. People like Mr Arias, who is its Secretary General; Mr Braha, who is this French diplomat, the Chief du Cabinet who essentially runs it. Mr Fairweather who is the previous Chief du Cabinet who also previously ran it. All of these people need to be asked very severe questions. And we really need to clean this organization out so that it can work properly and transparently. [26:15] All this secrecy is unnecessary. We need to have full reports. When we have reports, we need to have all the dissident opinions. We need to have all the information provided so that people can form their views. We can't have a situation where only one side of a story is being presented.

And I come back to what I said: Based on the information which has been provided up to now, that story which has been provided, the official one is a false one. The United States, Britain, and France launched a missile attack on a sovereign country. The Russian military was there. It was an extremely dangerous situation. It could have gone horribly and disastrously wrong. And you talk about a cover-up, of course there is a cover-up within the OPCW, because what the OPCW is trying to do, is cover up for the fact that the Americans, the British, and the French did by launching that missile attack was an act of aggression. Unwarranted. Illegal. And contrary to international law, and based on a story of a chemical attack which was untrue."

[27:51] Alex Christoforou: "They need to go to prison, these people who almost got us into a massive world war. We would have seen hundreds of thousands of people dying if conflict broke out between Russia and the United States. And that's how close we were. "