"The Guardian admits spreading fake news about Russia smuggling Assange out of Ecuador Embassy (Video)"
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 414 (December 26, 2019)

Alexander Mercouris: The Scott Trust has upheld the Ecuadorian complaint against the Guardian regarding stories smearing Julian Assange. … “There is no connection between Julian Assange and Russia. They have no contacts, official or otherwise with each other.”

Alex Christoforou: “… For me the key one is Luke Harding who clearly has Russia on the brain. He’s got an absolutely paranoid view about the country, in my opinion. He is also a massive champion of Christopher Steele and is probably the last person on earth who still believes that there is a value to Christopher Steele’s bizarre dossier which we now know even the primary source that was responsible for it was just the work of a couple of guys chatting with each other over a couple of beers in a bar. He’s the last man on earth who believes in Christopher Steele …