"Mike Bloomberg is paying & paving the way for Hillary Clinton (Video)"
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 470 (February 15, 2020)

[0.29] Alex Christoforou: "I recommend everyone check out this article entitled, 'Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse for Clintonista Revival.' Let me pick out and read a few paragraphs and you can comment on it, Alexander."

[2:15] Alex Christoforou: "Alexander: ..."

Alexander Mercouris: "Well, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not into Bloomberg's mind, but it makes complete sense. There are a lot of things there that need to be unpacked."

"Firstly, I think that Tom Luongo is absolutely right that there is a great animus between Bloomberg and Trump. A reminder: they're both New Yorkers and there is that general antipathy."

"The other thing is Bloomberg's base, his background, is in the financial world. Trump is not part of the financial oligarchy. He came from construction, from building things, which makes him a completely different kind of billionaire, if you like, to the kind of billionaire that Bloomberg is. And, if we go back to the Clintons, if you go all that way back to the origins of the Clintion campaign, they were clearly, way back in the 1990s, very very close to the financial oligarchy in New York and in Wall Street. And that connection has always been a strong one."

[3:29] "And, of course, we've had these strange rumors which I do not think have been completely denied, that Bloomberg was considering making Hillary Clinton his Vice Presidential nominee. So it makes sense. Bloomberg is not a radical Democrat. He would look upon a Democratic Party led by Bernie Sanders with horror. I don't think there's any question about that. He doesn't like Donald Trump. I don't see why he wants to be President given how immensely rich he is. And he is not, it seems to me, a natural politician at all. He was Mayor of New York for a time. But Mayors of New York don't generally become presidents. That has been my experience. And, anyway, that's a very different sort of role. So is he keeping the seat warm for Hillary. Is he preparing the ground for Hillary Clinton to step in whilst all the other candidates are eliminated. It's entirely possible. It would make complete sense. It's exactly the kind of thing that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest because all of the other candidates that the Democrats have been putting up: people like Buttigieg, and Biden and all the others. None of them look remotely convincing. And anybody who has been following Hillary Clinton and the things she's been saying would come away with the view that this person has not lost her ambitions to become President, at all. And, besides -- and this is where I think Tom Luongo is spot on -- she's also got lots of things to be concerned about to want to hide.

[5:20] "So, all of these reasons coming together make it entirely possible, it seems to me, that there is a kind of Bloomberg/Clinton axis emerging. Certainly, the kind of people that Bloomberg is pitching to are the sort of people who would have supported Hillary in 2016 within the Democratic Party. So there is clearly an overlap there. Whether he is actually preparing the ground for her, or not, we shall see. It doesn't look like a very real campaign to me. I'm talking about Bloomberg now."

[5:54] Alex Christoforou: "I agree with you. Let me read you some more from Tom's piece here. [shows screen shot and reads] - [bold font for emphasis added]

[7:08] "So, Alexander, he's trying to finance the defeat of Donald Trump and pave the way for Hillary Clinton."

Alexander Mercouris: "I think that is a very insightful commentary. And I think this is exactly the way the Bloomberg campaign looks to me also. If I could just say something. I agree with Tom Luongo. I don't think he wants Bernie Sanders. And I don't think he wants Donald Trump. If he doesn't want to become President himself, whom does he want? Logically, that leaves Hillary Clinton as the only person left standing once people like Buttigieg and Joe Biden and all those people are eliminated. Because that would make a kind of logical sense."

"The only thing I would say is that he is a man of incredible vanity. And one does wonder if such a vain man, if he sees that his campaign is gaining some kind of traction, would want to actually step aside and allow Hillary to take his place. We will see."

"The one thing that I would say about all of this is that I think that it is a fundamental fallacy that you can win elections in the United States simply and only by spending money. I want to make it very clear that, obviously, if you are able to spend lots and lots of money, as Bloomberg can, that will take you a very long way. And you cannot realistically hope to win a campaign in the United States unless you spend a lot of money. But, it seems to me that the United States is a complicated country, and a sophisticated one. And I think there comes a point beyond which the more money you throw, the less effect it has. It's like you're investing in the same thing again and again and again and the return on your investment starts beyond a certain point not to be very good. And I think that trying to do this to outspend and outvote, if you like, someone like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigeig, I think it can work. Pitched against those sorts of people, Bloomberg can probably bury them under the mountain of cash that he's pouring into this."

[9:46] "I think against Bernie Sanders it might be able to work because the Democratic Party establishment is also working for him [Bloomberg] and I think the combination of Bloomberg's money and the DNC, together, might be more than enough to stop Bernie Sanders."

10:09] "Against Donald Trump who has the Republican Party working for him, I think this is a completely different story. I think that Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he is able to dominate the media. All he has to do is tweet and he gets all the headlines. He has this skill for speaking in a way that attracts attention and wins over middle America, which Bloomberg doesn't have in any shape or form. And I think in that kind of contest, if it comes down to a contest between Bloomberg's money and Donald Trump's skills in campaigning and public relations and in exercising the common touch, I'm not an investor in Bloomberg's brilliance, but I would still put my money on Trump, frankly. And if the idea is, that Bloomberg knocks out Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders and leverages Hillary Clinton, then I wouldn't just put my money on Donald Trump, I'd double that money even more because I don't think there is any doubt at all in that kind of situation. I mean, just picture it. Combination, Crooked Hillary and -- what's he calling him? -- Mini Mike and all his billions, Trump will have them for breakfast. That's my own personal view."

[11:45] Alex Christoforou: "Let me read you the last couple of paragraphs -- 3 or 4 or 5 paragraphs -- from Tom's piece because it's so good. But he actually focuses in on not a Bloomberg/Hillary combination, but perhaps, once Bloomberg does his work and knocks out everybody else, Hillary steps in and she dispatches with Bloomberg and puts in Buttigieg, and then you have the Bernie dynamic where we're going to find out if Bernie really is a revolutionary or if, once again, he is going to fold and fall in line like he did in 2016. Let me read you the last couple of paragraphs and you can close out the video:"

[12:30 Alex Christoforou: [shows screen shot and reads from Tom Luongo article]:

[15:48] Alex Christoforou: "Thank you for your patience, Alecander. What do you make of that?"

Alexander Mercouris: "I think it's extremely astute. I should say by the way that I'm reading in the mainstream media talking about brokered conventions. And what is Bloomberg's policy? What is his program? What is his intention? It's clearly leading up to a brokered convention. Because note: He's not really campaigning. He's not going out and asking people to vote for him. Nothing so simple as that. He's buyin votes, essentially. He's buying delegates. So he's trying to stop anyone else going into that convention with enough delegages to come out as the Democratic Party's choice. And that, presumably, gives him great leverage. And who would be the person to come in: the Unity Candidate, it might indeed by Hillary and people like that. And I'm pretty sure that if it came to it, if it came to push, I could very well imagine that Hillary Clinton would say to Bloomberg: "Look. You're not going to win. You don't have the skills or the interest. It's not what you're about. Let ME be the candidate and you can be Vice President." I could envisage all of this."

[17:08] "I'm going to say this: I think that Tom Luongo is absolutely correct, absolutely right. If this is the scenario, if Bernie Sanders stands back and simply lets it happen -- again -- then frankly, he will be exposed as the Pied Piper of American politics who pulls the people of America -- the young people of Amercia especially -- to the Left and then hands them over again to Hillary Clinton. If he does that then I don't think he will just be a discredited figure. He will be a terminally discredited figure and he will do huge damage to the American political system. If the Democratic Party carries out that kind of stitch-up -- which is clearly directed at him -- then the only honorable thing for him to do is for him to stand for President as an independent and take on the discredited Democrats with Hillary Clinton, and [the Republicans with] Donald Trump. And that would offer the American people a real choice.

[18:23] "I've said this so often on our programs, far beyond any questions of who is right and who is wrong in elections, especially American elections wherein I don't vote, what I want to see in democracies are genuine political choices. The point that Tom Luongo is making. That means a choice between a real Left and a real Right. Not this constant, militant, aggressive center that controls the political process by being so ruthless and conniving and manipulative. And if this kind of scenario that Tom is talking about is the one that plays out, that would not just be conniving and manipulative, it would also be beyond corrupt. Because we would have money used, first, to buy the Democratic Party's nomination, and ultimately, in an attempt to buy the Presidency of the United States. I said I don't think it would work, but that's what it would be. Using money to deprive the American people of a choice. And it seems to me that in that kind of situation, it is absolutely Bernie Sanders' duty to give the American people a choice by standing for President of the United States as an independent even if the price of that is splitting the Democratic Party. But it would be a split out of which something good might eventually happen.

"Because I predict that in that kind of situation despite all the so-called inherited strenth that the Democratic Party machine has, I suspect that in that kind of situation the American people would prefer the real alternative to Donald Trump, who is Bernie Sanders, to the phony one which is this stitch-up Democratic Party which we would have seen. And, of course, if an independent standing on a Left-wing platform out-polls, in a presidential election the official candidate of the Democratic Party, we would then have a genuine political revolution in America. And that would finally, once and for all, break this awful system that has been created in the United States ever since Bill Clinton came from Arkansas and established "triangulation" and all of that as the mechanism whereby presidents get elected in the United States. Donald Trump would have opened the door and Bernie Sanders would have pushed it even further open. That, it seems to me, is Bernie Sanders' duty. It he doesn't see it, if he doesn't understand it, then I think he will live, he will not just have destroyed everything he has ever stood for, but I think that he will be remembered in America as, frankly, somebody who not just let the American people down, but somebody who shamefully let them down.

[22:05] Alex Christoforou: "Well said, Alexander. Well said, Tom, in your article as well. ... Come the Convention in Milwaukee, the Democrats, I think, a lot of masks will come off and a big curtain will be pulled [back]. I'm excited to see what happens."

[22:25] Alexander Mercouris: "I think so. One thing I would say about all of this, sitting and watching this from a distance in London is the most extraordinary theater. It really is. But, if I'm an American, If I was an American, I would care. I would be very concerned at seeing the way in which billions are being thrown at this election in a way that seems to be intended to deny the American people a proper choice.

[22:57] Alex Christoforou: "There's a purpose in everything, Alexander, and I think that soon, all will be revealed. It's going to be revealed at the convention."

Alexander Mercouris: "I agree."