"MSNBC’s Chris Matthews goes WW2 on Bernie after Nevada win (Video)"
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 480 (February 25, 2020)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss MSNBC’s Chris Matthews comparison of Bernie Sanders’ Nevada win to France’s fall to Germany in WW2. Matthews statement enraged Bernie supporters who are now calling for his firing.

Trump blasted the fake news saying this is ‘2016 all over again for Bernie’, while the US president pointed the finger at Adam Schiff for the ‘Russiagate’ Sanders leaks.

Sanders meanwhile agreed with the intel report and media stories, calling Putin a “thug”, and warning Russia to stop meddling.

Alex Christoforou: "So that's Chris Matthews comparing Sanders' Nevada win to France's fall to Nazi Germany in World War Two, and needless to say, Alexander, the Bernie Bros went crazy on twitter Let me play you the video so our viewers can see Chris Matthews making an absolute fool of himself.

Brian Williams: ""What is going on here and is this any way to pick a nominee?"

Chris Matthews: "Well, I don't think so but it is the way we're picking this one. It looks like Bernie Sanders is hard to beat right now. I'm with Carville all the way in terms of the danger that lies ahead in November. I'm very much aware of them. They're sitting on so much oppo research on Bernie. What he said in the past about world affairs. How far left he is. I'm not sure how far left he is but they're going to make the most of that in terms of world politics. They're going to kill him. But I think it's a little late to stop him. And I think that's the problem. By the way, if you look at the pattern, it's dynamic. Bernie won the popular vote in Iowa. He won it again in New Hampshire. It looks like he's going to win it here when they finally get a vote. Bernie's been winning consistently. And I think it's mathematically understandable. Every time we poll. Every time Steve and everybody polls, 2/3 of the Democratic vote, 2/3 of the people calling themselves Democrats are either liberal or very liberal. All Bernie ever had to do, and he's done it beautifully, is get a majority of that and he's up to the mid-30s. If you get half of 67 you're into the mid-30s and that's where he's goten a little better. Biden, his only prayer was to consolidate the third of the vote that's moderate and conservative. And he got nowhere near clearing that field. That's split up four ways now. And so with new people coming in -- Deval Patrick came in, he didn't make it -- Bloomberg is in, he's probably going to survive a bit longer because of his money. But that field wasn't cleared. The only way Biden could win in that one-third of the vote that's either moderate or conservative, is to sweep it, and he got nowhere near. Bernie, on the other hand, did his job. He got more than a majority of that 67 percent. That is the name of the game. It is pretty much over unless that changes. I was reading last night, Brian, and ... [goes into WW2 digression above] ... I can't be as wild as Carville, but he is damned smart, and I think he's damn right on this one."

[3:01] Alex Christoforou reads Bernie Sanders' tweet after Nevada victory:

"That's Bernie's tweet and now Trump's tweet:

"So, Alexander. Trump's comment. Bernie's comment. But, of course, Chris Matthews and his World War Two comedy."

[3:39] Alexander Mercouris: "I have a feeling, by the way, I know which book he's been reading ... stuff about the book ... but the idea of Bernie's Panzer divisions sweeping across Nevada as they march relentlessly, I think it is toward Milwaukee where the Democratic convention is going to be, I mean, it's so fantastical. It's so crazy. It just goes to show how completely bonkers these people really are."

"The Bernie Bros are all angry ... but something like this is so crass and stupid, I'd be laughing. I wouldn't be angry. It's so absurd. Admittedly, comparing Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, to the Nazis, to a Nazi victory, it's insensitive to the point of lunacy. ... It reminds me of that extraordinary film, you know, "Springtime for Hitler," or whatever it is. It's just so bad. It's almost comic at the end of the day. It is comical. It's just ludicrous."

[5:48] "But it does show how mainstream commentators in the United States, the people on MSNBC, on CNN, wherever, they are absolutely focused on being loyal to the Democratic Party's establishment, the DNC. They don't like a challenge to the DNC, from the Left, and they certainly don't like it from the Right. Now I also have to say something else about this. Compare the generosity of Trump's tweet with the way in which Bernie Sanders speaks, which is that the left and the right should be trembling. At this moment in time, the people who need to be trembling, who Bernie Sanders needs to be focused on, is the DNC. They are his real enemy. You can deal with Donald Trump later. But what Donald Trump is saying to him is: It's the DNC you need to keep an eye on. And he's absolutely right. He is showing a degree of understanding of the politics of this which Bernie is not. And that does make me concerned about Bernie, actually. Bernie is not, I think, always his own best counselor. And that's putting it mildly."

[7:19] Alex Christoforou: "Very tood point. I was going to say the same thing. Trump gives Bernie a warning. Don't let them steal this from you. He gives him a very clear warning there. No one. No one, has told Bernie the truth about what's going on. Trump is telling him the truth. They are going to steal this from you. Be careful. Will Bernie heed TRump's warning? I seriously doubt it."

[7:43] Alexander Mercouris: "Can I just make a point? It's not Donald Trump who's caught engaging in this incendiary language, who's comparing Bernie to Nazi tank divisions. It's people on the mainstream left. It's people on MSNBC who are talking in this way. THEY are making these kinds of comparisons. THEY are Bernie's real enemy. It's them he should be watching and being mad about. At this moment in time, if he gets through the primaries, if he gets the conventions, if he becomes the Democratic Party's nominee, Then he can start worrying about Donald Trump. He doesn't seem to be understanding this. And that tells me he's not going to get the nomination, even though he has just won in Nevada. Because, at the end of the day, if he's not fighting these people now, if he's not fighing the DNC now, they will come after him later. Of that I have no doubut."

[8:50] Alex Christoforou: "I wonder where all this outrage was, now that you have the progressive left, they have all this outrage, that they're comparing Bernie's Nevada win to World War Two and the Nazis and what they did to France. And there's all this outrage. Where was the outrage when they were doing the same thing to Trump? And Trump's family. Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Like you said, Bernie Sanders is Jewish. Trump has family members who are Jewish. They compared Trump to be a dictator and an autocrat and totalitiarian and a fascist. Which is complete nonsense and stupid. And I've heard many progressive commenters say that as well. Perhaps 99.9% of them say that. Which couldn't be further from the truth. Where are they, now that they're going after Bernie with the same line of attack? And, finally, Aleander, to wrap up the video, where are they when they do the same thing to Russia, which shows their lack of [understanding of] history. They say Putin is a Nazi sympathizer. And Russia, they're all Nazi sympathizers. And they're autocrats. And they're thugs. And they're fascist. And all this stuff. It shows their lack of history there, as well, but they don't speak out in outrage about that, either."

[10:03] Alexander Mercouris: "What they do, is they misrepresent history. We shouldn't talk about Donald Trump as any kind of fascist." It's the mainstream. It's the orthodox thing. They're always talking about Donald Trump as this supposed threat to Democracy...

Alex Christoforou: "The Progressives do it, too. The Bernie Bro progressives."

Alexander Mercouris: "Absolutely. And Bernie himself has spoken in this deranged fashion. And on the contrary, it is these enemies in the Democratic Party and in the intelligence community -- I've said this so many times -- who are the real threat to Democracy in the United States. Where were all these ["liberal"] people? They were nowhere. They were joining in the attacks on Donald Trump. And I'm glad you referenced the fact that Donald Trump has Jewish members of his family. His son-in-law is Jewish. His daughter is converted to Judaism. And he has done nothing. Donald Trump has done nothing that has violated his oath to the Constitution of the United States or has seriously threatened Democracy in the United States."

[11:32] "They try to argue that he had, in Ukraine-gate, and the best they could come up with was a telephone call with the President of Ukraine. I mean, it's just stupid to use that kind of language against Donald Trump. Now, that same lanugage is being turned against Bernie Sandiers, and I predict it will be escalated. And you're absolutely right, by the way. They say the same thing about Russia, when it was the Russians who actually sacrificed the most, in defeating the Nazis, is completely whitewashed out of contemporary discussion. Putin is regularly referred to as a fascist. His regime [government?] is called fascist. He's called an autocrat. Bernie has called him an "autocratic thug," which is so hopelessly inappropriate and wrong. And I should say, I was recently in Berlin, I'm a historically minded man. I studied history. My first degree was a history degree, and I'm very familiar with the battle of Berlin. And I was touring all the various places where it happened. Who was it who brought the end to the war, who, you know, surrounded Hitler in his bunker, causing him to kill himself? The Russians. It was the Russians who liberated Auschwitz. It was the Russians who brought the Holocaust to an end. And all of this is being completely erased. And we have all of these insane analogies and comparisons used against Trump. And they're now being used against Bernie, as well."

[13:20] "But Trump has consistently opposed them. Bernie, I'm sorry to say, this very sorry to say this, has run with them. He has run with them. And so have his Bernie Bros, so many of his followers, done also."

[13:34] Alex Christoforou: "That's why they're going to go after him with more stuff like this.

[13:37] Alexander Mercouris: "Absolutely. Of course they are."

Alex Christoforou:"They should have defended what they were saying about Russia, what they were saying about Trump. Yes, you can not like Trump. You may be against his policies, but don't sit there and take that stuff where they call him a fascist. Don't go along with that. Because the minute that your candidate is going to rise and that your candidate has a shot, he becomes "a divisive" candidate, and they'll turn against him."

[14:03] Alexander Mercouris: "Exactly. He has legitimized this. And he was perhaps in the strongest position as a person on the Left, as a socialist, as a civil rights fighter, and as a Jewish person, he was perhaps the best person to smoke this all out. To say, 'Let's stop talking and using this terrible language. Let's argue out our issues in a proper, civilized, democratic way. And I totally disagree with Donald Trump's policies, but I'm certainly not going to go around and start calling him a fascist when he clearly isn't one, and because he's Presdident because he won a democratic election, and has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. I may disagree with him completely. But I'm not going to use that sort of language."

[15:00] "And if Bernie, back in 2016 and 2017 had stood up and talked in that way, he would have established a clear red line. And maybe, maybe we wouldn't be seeing this language used so much in the way it is being used now. And whom is it being used against now? It is being used against him. He brought it on himself.

[15:25] Alex Christoforou: "Very well put. If he had stood up in 2016, you wouldn't have had comments like this coming out of Chris Matthews."