"DNC launches Shadow App to screw Bernie again in Iowa caucus (Video)"
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 455 (February 4, 2020)

Alex Christoforou: "I don't think this is a software glitch. That's just my opinion. We're looking at 'scam Bernie - cheat Bernie' 2.0. They did it in 2016, it looks like they're trying to figure out a way to scam him in 2020. Of course, that's just my opinion. You're going to chime in, Alexander..." [show's screen shot of Shadow App]

"The New York Times is already running cover, Alexander, saying that because of human error ... [shows screen shot of Tweets ] ...

"... the people working and tallying up the votes working with this app weren't trained properly. ..." [shows another screen shot of Tweets] ...

[1:08] Alex Christoforou: "... and so on and so forth, the New York Times is already running cover for Shadow, Inc. But, the Shadow, Inc. app that the DNC paid a little over $50-60,000 for it to get developed so that it could calculate the Iowa Caucus voting, it was a technology firm that was created in January of last year, and it was after a data and messaging service called Groundbase was acquired by a Democrat non-profit called Acronym." [shows screen shot of Tweet]

"Now the interesting part about these two companies, is that you had the non-profit which added the business side to it, and this Groundbase which added the technology side of it. So once these two companies came together, they were able to launch this Shadow, Inc. app. And Shadow's CEO Gerard Niemira, producd manager Ahna Rao, and COO James Hickey, they all worked on the Hillary for America campaign. They also worked in the Obama campaign [shows screen shot of headline reporting caucus chaos -- omitted] ...

[2:10]"And to make matters even worse, or make it even more murky at least, Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg's campaign contributed $50,000 to the creation of this app. And to make it even worse, Alexander, Pete Buttigieg actually claimed victory. [shows Tweet from Buttigieg]

"As all this chaos is going on, he jumped on the opportunity that zero votes were tallied to come out and say that he believes he had won the Iowa Caucus. Get in to the story ...

[2:43] Alexander Mercouris: First of all, before anybody comes to answer to us that we're being fanciful and far-fetched, I would remind our viewers, that in 2016, when there were the Iowa Caucuses then, it is now widely believed that actually won more votes than Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucuses, and that the results were distorted to give the contrary impression. In other words, the actual vote count was not published, only the delegate count which was made to look more favorable to Hillary Clinton. So, lots of people are going to be joining up the dots in exactly the way that you have done. They will be saying that this is a repeat of 2016, that we've now got this being done all over again, and that the target is the same person, it's Bernie Sanders, all of the opinion polls, or some of the oppinion polls were showing that he was in the lead just before the caucuses. One particular opinion poll, apparently, was not published: the so-called "Golden Poll," so I've heard, and again there are suspicions that Bernie Sanders was leading in that poll. And we see that the people who were in control of this app are Bernie Sanders' opponents."

[4:15 "Now, it could be human error. I mean, I don't know. I'm not the investigator. I'm not monitoring all this. But given what happened last time. Given what happened in 2016, lots and lots of people -- and I am one of those people, I should make that very clear -- find it very remarkable, yet again, that the same problems that we are beset with in Iowa, when all the indications were prior to the poll that Bernie Sanders, who the Democratic party, or rather the Democratic National Committee does not want to see as the party's leader and candidate in the 2020 election, when all the indications are that he has come out on top. And as you correctly said, we have mister Buttigieg coming forward and saying that he's actually won. And more to the point, there are many well-sourced rumors that Joe Biden, who was the party's favorite or who was the establishment's favorite has come fourth. And, of course, that fact is not being published so at the very least.

[5:38] "The optics of this are disastrous. And I have to say, I can't help but think that there's more than just optics. I'm not saying this definitely. I'm just stating an opinion. Anyone who wishes can come forward and argue with that opinion. They can try to persuade me. I'm always open to persuasion. That it was some entirely different cause, some accident or other. But, I look at the past history. I look at the attitudes of the DNC towards Bernie Sanders. I note that the impeachment proceedings which we have just been through, seem to have been in part timed to keep Bernie Sanders away from Iowa so that he couldn't actually go there and campaign a he might have done had this extraordinary impeachment never happened. And I am drawing the same sort of conclusions that millions of other people, including millions of Americans and millions of Democrats are also concluding."

. . .

[12:00] Alex Christoforou: “Where is Bernie? Everyone says that he’s this non-establishment guy and that’s what makes him similar to Trump. OK. Tump is really non-establishment in that he wasn’t a politician. Bernie has been a politician for forty-plus years. He knows the System, but the System obviously doesn’t want him. There’s no doubt about it. The Democrats don’t want him. Wall Street doesn’t want him. Everyone is scared to death of having him be President because of his platform. Good for him that he’s probably the only candidate who has expressed his platform in a coherent way. People know what he stands for.

But saying that, the difference between Bernie and Trump is that Bernie is part of, and has worked for, the establishment for forty-plus years. He knows how it works. He’s been getting screwed by it over and over and over again. And yet he does nothing. He decides to remain part of this DNC machine, this Democrat machine. In 2016, he campaigned on behalf of [She’s-With-Her] hard. He worked hard and tirelessly for her. And here he is, once again getting screwed by the Democrats. The difference is, that if this had happened in 2016 to Trump, Trump would have crucified them. He would have been on Twitter destroying everyone who was coming after him. Bernie has remained silent. Maybe he’s going to say something. Maybe he’s going to come out swinging. But this is the problem I have with Bernie’s tone. He doesn’t seem to fight. He just sits there, and it seems like he’s just taking it.

[13:40] Alexander Mercouris: “Well, exactly. This reminds me very much, from a British angle, of Jeremy Corbyn who was the target of all sorts of allegations. He was supposed to be the non-system candidate and was constantly trying to appease the system which never accepted him. I have to say that I am very skeptical of the extent to which Bernie Sanders actually is the anti-establishment candidate. As you absolutely, rightly said: He supported [She-s-With-Her] in 2016 after he failed to get the nomination, or was cheated out of the nomination. … And he also supported the whole Russia-gate hoax. He was an active supporter of that ludicrous and ridiculous hoax. And I have to say, if he doesn’t come out swinging very soon and say this is absolutely unacceptable and I’m clearly getting screwed all over again, because that’s how it looks to me, then all I can say is he’s not fit for the presidency. He’s going to have all these people against him, who will be working to undermine him.

“Talk about Donald Trump. Let’s never forget that Donald Trump was very unpopular with the establishment of the Republican party. In 2016, they were all against him. Now, they all have realized that they have no choice but to support him. That didn’t happen by chance. It happened because Donald Trump does exactly the kind of things that you say. He comes out fighting. He actually takes the battle to his opponents within the Republican party. And the result is he beats them, because he has the Republican electoral base behind them. And the result is that he has completely won over the party, the party he leads.”

Bernie doesn’t do that. So, inevitably, unavoidably, the party is still working against him.”

“I don’t pretend to read into Bernie’s mind. I do just wonder how anti-establishment he really is. Either he’s not anti-establishment at all, as I rather am starting to suspect, or he is very weak, as Jeremy Corbin was. Either way, it seems to me, even if he becomes the Democratic party’s candidate, he’s going to be steam-rolled over by Donald Trump come the election. Because if he can’t fight people within his party doing these sorts of things what chance does he have against Donald Trump?”

[16:40] Alex Christoforou: “I agree. He let [She’s-With-Her] walk all over him. Recently he let Elizabeth Warren walk all over him. He’s letting the DNC screw him twice. I’m pulling my hair, wondering ‘Where is Bernie’s fight?’ I know he fights for certain things, certain policy issues. That’s great. But outside of the policy issues, you also have to fight the people who are coming after you. And you have to be vocal about it. They’re coming after you. They’re looking to destroy you. Come on, man. Get out there and start calling these people out. These people in your party.”

[17:15 “Can I just say that there are never any votes for nice-ness in politics. If you try to be nice, you will lose. That is the iron law of politics. It’s the Iron Law of Politics in Britain. It’s the Iron Law of Politics in the United States. Even more, dare I say, in the United States, it strikes me, than in Britain. If you won’t fight your own corner, you will lose. And you deserve to lose. Because the whole point about politics is doing what you said: you come out fighting. You can say all sorts of wonderful things about trade, about worker’s rights, about health care, about student debt, and all of that. But if you’re not prepared to fight for yourself, at the end of the day, what will you fight for? Will you really go against the Democratic party on an issue like student debt or trade? ...”

[18:13] Alex Christoforou: “How will you fight the Pentagon? The War Machine. How will you fight the neocons? How will you fight all these people if you become President? And we know how strong, how deep, how pervasive the Swamp is. So, how?"

[18:26] Alexander Mercouris: “He won’t. I’m sorry to say, there is no benefit in nice-ness. We mustn’t confuse nice people with good people. You can be good and strong and you can fight your corner. But being nice and trying to appease an un-appeasable monster is hopeless. There is no compromise with the Swamp."

Alex Christoforou: “I always said it. In 2016, Bernie had a real chance to create his own party, a viable third progressive party. He had that opportunity, and he folded into the [HRC] orb, the H. R. Clinton blob. And [She’s-With-Her] screwed him over and over and over. And she even made fun of him two weeks ago. She made fun of him again."

[19:15] Alexander Mercouris: “She was absolutely horrible about him, saying that nobody liked him, and he was a useless Senator. And again, he sits back and let’s it all happen. He doesn’t take the battle back to her. He lets Elizabeth Warren say the most appalling things about him. Just a made-up story that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. Completely made up. Instead of coming, and not just going after Elizabeth Warren but also CNN and the media, he just sits back and lets it all happen. And especially if you’re running an insurgency, which is what he is supposedly doing, that will fail. So, if I may say, this point I’ve got to make, the one person who must be laughing is Donald Trump. He is laughing. And it seems to me like the Democrats once more are doing everything in their power to get Donald Trump re-elected.

[20:25] Alex Christoforou: “I think this incident will hurt Buttigieg, actually, if you want to know the truth. He made a mistake by coming out and claiming victory. But that’s beside the point.