"Dmitry Orlov: Russia's Incursion Into Ukraine Necessary for Security"
by Dmitry Orlov
Geopolitics & Empire (February 28, 2022)

Dmitry Orlov discusses the Ukraine situation and Russia undoing 30 years worth of accumulated damage, while the West punishes itself attempting to thwart Moscow. He discusses the legality of Russia's military incursion which is absolutely necessary in terms of its security. Putin's goals are to militarily neutralize Ukraine, get rid of the Nazi extremists, and form a new legal structure. Regarding energy, the U.S. can't go without Russia for more than a few months, Russia can go without the U.S. practically forever. Western hysteria threatens escalation of the conflict. Dmitry reveals the mystery of why Putin sits at the far end of the table. He feels the U.S. is destroying the dollar which will destroy American living standards. Western leaders are losing their electorate and he's concerned of the mental damage that has occurred throughout the West and thinks living in a place of social cohesion will be important.

Interviewer: "Have we crossed the Rubicon uni-polar moment?"

Dmitry Olov: "Yes. We're basically dealing with a lot of denial in the West. They're still in the mode of thinking 'Russia isn't doing what we want it to do, therefore we must punish ourselves. Because that's what the logic is at this point, whether they want it or not. So what we're seeing is Russia very hesitatingly undoing 30 years worth of accumulated damage while the West is busy punishing itself by trying to thwart Russia in ways that make Russia stronger. That's what I see happening. That's like the really quick overview."

Interviewer: "Maybe for listeners who don't quite get it when you speak of the West punishing itself, could you elaborate on that. I'm sure you would mean economically and especially energywise."

Dmitry Olov: "Yes. Mostly in terms of energy but also socially because unbeknownst to them, western leaders are losing their electorate. There electorate is wandering off looking for greener pastures, culturally speaking, somewhere else. Because what they're dealing with back home their people are pretty much Sodom and Gomorrah 24/7 and they don't want any more of it. And they look toward Russia and other countries see something that they consider normal and that they see as attractive."