"Joe Rogan with Jimmy Dore"
Joe Rogan Experience #1391 (August 10, 2018)

Joe Rogan: “Putin is a bad guy who kills journalists”

Joe Rogan: “Abby Martin on RT. The Empire Files and you’re working for Russia?

Jimmy Dore: “They’re all bad guys.”

[18:00] Jimmy Dore: “It’s all about money and you don’t want to disappoint people who want a lot of money thrown their way.”

Joe Rogan: “It’s also very likely that Putin had her killed.”

[24:48] Jimmy Dore: They now do Democracy shaming. I would not have voted in the 2016 elections if I had not had the Green party to vote for. “You don’t own those votes. The way electoral politics works, is that if you don’t have enough votes to win, you have to go get them. And you have to appeal to those voters. But they don’t have an appeal to voters, the Democratic Party, they have nothing. And so what they have left is fear and voter shaming. Now they’re actually shaming Democracy.”

Joe Rogan: [says some stuff about protest votes and actual votes]

Jimmy Dore: … You can’t vote for a third party candidate until a lot of other people vote for a third party candidate. … maybe if you spent a tenth of the energy trying to excite the half of the population that doesn’t vote as you do voter shaming progressive or Green party voters or environmentalists for not giving you their vote which you do not fucking own, .. maybe you’d get somewhere.”

[me: Take it or Take it]

[33:40] Jimmy Dore: [gives history of Bernie Sanders and his “independent” runs in Vermont but wouldn’t campaign outside Democratic part … do we want unelected spies running our government? We do not.

[35:00] Joe Rogan: (about Dick Cheney and Haliburton) He shot his friend in the face and his friend apologized.

[stuff about Alex Jones]

37:44 Jimmy Dore: Facebook bows to the government because they don’t want to be regulated

42:37 Jimmy Dore: “hate speech.” You mean I’m not allowed to hate anything? Like the KKK?

They have these blanket terms that they like to throw on problems. And there’s a million other fires to put out and so we don’t need to put any more consideration into this. This guys a problem. This is problematic. This is hate speech. Shut it down.