"Why War Mongers Hate TRUMP!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 11, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: ". . . A gaffe, in Washington D.C. is when you accidentally tell the truth. You think they get upset when Donald Trump says something wrong on purpose, the only thing that makes them more angry at Donald Trump than when Donald Trump is lying, is when Donald Trump accidentally tells the truth. That drives them fucking crazy. What do you mean? OK." [shows screen shot of tweet by Ryan Browne]

[051] Jimmy Dore: "First of all, the President is the leader of the US military. And the other people in the US military are hired killers. [reads the above tweet] See what I mean? The only time they get really angry at Donald Trump is when he accidentally tells the truth." [shows video clip of interview with President Trump]

[2:58] Jimmy Dore: "Unlike what we did in Yemen, which was not terrorism. Unlike what we did in Iraq, which was not terrorism. Unlike what we did in Libya, which was not terrorism. Unlike what we're doing in Syria, that's not . . . We're the terrorists. So Trump accidentally told the truth there about the Military Industrial Complex and that they want to start wars. But apparently, according to this guy Ryan Brown, that's a bad thing to tell that truth. So he's paid to lie to you, whoever that guy is, Ryan Browne (got almost 5,000 "likes," just so you know)."

[3:35] "So now, because of Trump, the Miltiary Industrial Complex doesn't exiat? It's not a real thing? Our wars aren't all bullshit? For fucking corporate profit? Well, guess who disagrees with you." [shows video clip of President Dwight D. Eisenhower making his speech about the Military Industrial Complex]

[4:49] Jimmy Dore: "Well, it has. They completely control our government. The Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, gave Donald Trump, a guy who they say is working for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin an extra 132 billion dollars for bombs. Billions. Extra. On top. That's not one year. That's every year in perpetuity. So in ten years it will be over an extra trillion dollars. In just ten years. That they just decided to. Here's what Aaron Maté said:

"That's what they object to. There it is [shows screen shot of Business Insider headline]:

[6:06] Jimmy Dore: "That's why I went on Tucker Carlson's show. To tell everybody that there is no two parties in this country. That is a mistake. As Nancy Pelosi is ripping up his speech and saying he's working for Putin, they're passing his legislative agenda. Including Adam Schiff. That lying psychopath, Adam Schiff."

[shows screen shot of Democrats putting boot on their own heads]

[6:37] "That's really the Democrats putting their own boot on their own head." [shows screen shot of NPR article]

"Here's Joe Biden"

[another screenshot]

[another screenshot]

"This is the guy who's better for the troops than Donald Trump. Because he doesn't insult them? He just forgets what illegal war he sent them to."

[8:11] Jimmy Dore: "So there you go. There's your Joe Biden. There's your alternative to Donald Trump's bad military stuff. Donald Trump told the truth about the military. Accidentally, or purposefully. And they [the DC "elites"] just won't stand for that. You're supposd to shut up. You know Barack Obama dropped more bombs than George Bush. Did you know that? Joe Biden and Barack Obama dropped more bombs than George Bush. Think about that. They dropped so many bombs [that] they ran out of bombs. You think I'm making that up? Google it. 'Barack Obama - Air Force runs out of bombs'. But you should go on Twitter and tell everybody you're voting for Joe Biden. Because that will signal that you're a better person than all the other people who are voting for Donald Trump. You're a better person. You're voting for someone who is going to shoot you with his left hand instead of someone who is going to shoot you with his right hand. You're a chump and an idiot on purpose. And shame on you. And shame on Michael Moore. And shame on all those fucking people who are pledging their vote to Joe Biden two months before the election. Shame on you. Beause I know you know better. If you didn't know better, that would just mean that you're wrong. But doing something you know is wrong, and then claiming that you're doing it virtuously, means that you should be shamed. And you have no shame."