"What BIDEN tells WALL STREET Behind Closed Doors!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 11, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "So Joe Biden -- again -- is neck-and-neck with Donald Trump. Everything looks like he will win because no one in America will pressure Joe Biden to actually represent anyone. Or do anything for anyone. All he has to do is say [that] he's not Trump. And that's it, apparently. Joe Biden can be a racist. He could be a puppet of Wall Street. He could kick people out of their houses. He can foreclose on them. He can bomb brown people till they run out of bombs. He can take fracking money. He can open the arctic to drilling. He could put immigrants in cages. All these things Joe Biden has done. He can make it harder for bankrupted people to get rid of their medical debt. He's done that. So that's where we're at. And guess what? [shows screen shot]

[0:57] Jimmy Dore: "Now, I don't know if you remember when Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders put up, started, these task forces to work on these problems. I immediately said, Uh, this was bullshit that Bernie was doing this. How dare he. Shame on you for bullshitting us like this. Why are you pretending that we don't know what the problems are in this country? And why are you pretending like we don't already know what the solutions are? And why are you pretending like we have to get people together in a room to figure out the problems and the solutions to our problems? We all know what the problems and solutions are. And the only reason you're doing this, Bernie, is this is window dressing to fool people into thinking that Joe Biden gives a shit about them. And Bernie's willingly going along with that. Bermoe is willingly gaslighting his own followers, you and anybody else who will listen to him. Bernie is willing to lie to them. That Joe Biden is somehow FDR. He said this."

[1:51] "This is lies. Those task forces were lies. I said they were lies when they were announced. They were lies. Bernie Sanders and anybody who participated in them are liars, and are participating in fucking lying to you." [reads screenshot TMI headline above by David Sirota.]

[2:21] "So he was lying about his task force recommendations. Just like the Sunrise Movement. They gave their imprimatur to Joe Biden's campaign. They were completely used. I said they were being used. They were used. They willingly were used because people want to be part of the club. The woman who runs Sunshine Foundation completely sold out to Joe Biden. Sunshine Foundation completely sold out to the Democratic party and corporate America. And the gas lobby. And the fracking lobby. They completely sold out to them. That's what those task forces were. And now we know for sure that now the evidence is here again."

[3:05] Jimmy Dore: "Jimmy, why are you being so negative? What was Bernie supposed to do? Could you be fucking dumber? On purpose? Could you get out of commenting on politics if that's what you're saying?" [shows screen shot of Washingon Post article lead]:

[3:32] "So this is Joe Biden pissing directly in Bernie Sanders' face. And yours. And what does Bernie Sanders say? 'Thank you, sir. Piss on me again.' And it's not just pissing in his face, it's 'Let's fuck over people, hard. 'Yes, sir. I'm going to help Joe Biden fuck people over.' [shows screen shot]

[4:12] Jimmy Dore: "How do you feel now? 'I'm still voting for Joe Biden. And I'm going to proclaim it two months ahead of time. And you're a bad person if you won't.' [end snark] What kind of a child are you? It sounds like you're the child. And you cling to your authoritarian childhood. You want a daddy to tell you what to do, how to vote, how to be a good boy. You're so afraid of not being a good boy."

[4:56] Jimmy Dore: "And all that stuff that Elizabeth Warren did for them, That's them, and they have contempt for her. After all the shit she did to help screw over Bernie Sanders for Joe Biden. Of course, when you bend to them, they never respect you. They ONLY have contempt for you. They ONLY look down their nose at you and piss right in your face. This is Joe Biden pissing right in Elizabeth Warren's face. Now I don't mean to denigrate people who are into golden showers. Everybody has their own sexual proclivities. And everyone knows that urine is, uh, sterile. " [shows screen shot]

[5:55] Jimmy Dore: "So it sounds like Joe Biden -- just like Hillary Cliton . . ." [shows screen shot]:

[6:04] Jimmy Dore: And how do we know that? Julian Assange let us know that Hillary Clinton had a public and private position. Now it's the Washington Post doing that. Are they going to prosecute the Washington Post? No? It's OK when they do it? She also admitted that she was 'kind of far removed from the middle class.' I like what Andrew Perez said about this story being revealed in the Washington Post. [shows screen shot]:

[7:11] "Getting ready to kick 27 million freaking families out of their homes. Wall Street. As they get a trillion dollars at the drop of a hat any time they need it from the government. Socialism for Wall Street. Rugged Individualism for everyone else. [shows screen shot]

[7:32] Jimmy Dore: "Andrew Perez is correct. Bernie did not get rolled, by the way. He did not get blindsided by the machine. Bernie Sanders called up the machine, invited it over, and jumped underneath it. He did not get rolled. Bernie Sanders is doing this to himself, his movement, every progressive, every poor person. He's doing this to everyone. He's doing it. And why is he doing it? To save his own ass. Because Bernie Sanders isn't the guy we all hoped he was. At all. Even a little. He's the opposite. He was the guy set there to make sure we didn't have a third party over the last five years. That was his job. And he fucking did it perfectly. And now you've got no choice." [shows screen shot]

[8:34] Jimmy Dore: "Why? Why would you make this public? Why would they let this leak? Well . . .

[8:58] Jimmy Dore: "This is the same strategy they have . . . there is never going to be a Democratic party whose presidential candidate cares about the people. This is two right-wing conservative oligarch rapacious fucking parties. You have no choice. If you vote for Joe Biden, he's going to punch you with his left hand. If you vote for Donald Trump, he's going to punch you with his right hand. You're fucked. And all those people on Twitter and Facebook virtue signalling that they're voting Biden and that makes them a better person are willing tools of a rapacious oligarchy. And they're the enemies of their own selves. And I guess they're pretty rich. Because they don't have a problem they need Joe Biden to solve. Because if you had a problem you wanted Joe Biden to address, you'd be screaming about it instead of telling everybody else to shut up." [9:57] ". . . Rich white guys, and lots of them, I've seen rich white comedians, left and right. And my latest one, you know: those rich white comedians with diabetes who are on Medicare, Joe Biden is their favorite presidential candidate [snickers]. If you're a rich white comedian on Medicare, Joe Biden is you're favorite candidate. You're not going to scream at him to get you Medicare, because you've already got it. . . . [shows screen shots of tweets]:

"That's why. That's why they let all this leak. [shows screen shot] '

[10:50] Jimmy Dore: "Could you be a bigger ass wipe pledging your votes to this guy? The answer is no. And the fact that everybody's doing it just goes to show you that George Orwell was right Steph Zamorano: ". . . [on abusive relationships] . . .

[11:34] Jimmy Dore: "So if you don't pay a private insurance company money for insurance that you're never going to be able to use because your deductable's too high, Joe Biden will fine you. He won't give you health care but he will fine you if you don't give money to a health insurance company which whose insurance you're buying is never going to be used on you because you can't afford deductables. Because you've got a $10,000 decuctible. So can you see how Obamacare didn't help poor people, the working poor. So if you're the working poor and Obamacare comes around, you have a $10,000 deductible, you still don't go to the doctor. Ever."