"WEIRD Kamala Harris Interview!”"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 29, 2020)

So Kamala Harris went on 60 Minutes and it was a gas. She laughed at nothing. She ran away from real issues and she gaslighted. So let's watch

60 Minutes Interviewer: "You're considered the most liberal United States Senator."

Jimmy Dore: "And what does that tell you? She's the most liberal United States Senator? A tool of wall street. And a cop. Who had to be sued to let people out of prison [who had completed their sentences].

Senator Kamala Harris: "Somebody said that, and it actually was Mike Pence on the debate stage. [bursts out laughing]

Jimmy Dore: "She just cackles for absolutely no reason whatsoever."

60 Minutes Interviewer: "... you supported the Greeen New Deal. You supported Medicare For All. You've supported legalizing Marijuana. Joe Biden doesn't support those things. So are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported as Senator into a Biden Administration?

Jimmy Dore: "So what this news person is saying is You and Joe Biden are really different. I mean, he wrote the crime bill. You implemented it. See how different you guys are? This is fake controversy.

[1:54] Steph Zamorano: "And I also thought the reason why she had to tell Kamala all the things that she was progressive on, otherwise Kamala couldn't come up with a list anyway. . . . You're the most progressive? Unbelievable."

You're the most liberal United States Senator. They didn't include low-level drug offenders in that assessment, I bet.

Senator Kamala Harris: "What I will do, and I promise you this, and this is what Joe wants me to do, this was part of our deal, I will always share with him my lived experience as it relates to any issue that we confront"

Jimmy Dore: I will relate my lived experience. That's the new buzzword; 'My lived experience.' That's the new buzzword, or term. You know who else has a lived experience, Kamala? I know a guy who has a lived experience having Steve Mnuchin steal his house from him illegally and then you not prosecuting him. Because you're a tool of Wall Street. What about that lived experience? Is that the lived experience you're going to tell Joe? About how to screw over homeowners and old people in favor of the banks? Is that, because that's your real lived experience. Your lived experience of growing up privileged. "

Senator Kamala Harris: "And I promised Joe that will give him that perspective and always be honest with him."

60 Minutes Interviewer: "And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?

Senator Kamala Harris: "No" [bursts out laughing hysterically] No. It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America . . ."

Jimmy Dore: "I'll be honest. When she compared here to a socialist, I laughed pretty hard, too. So that's a solid laugh."

Senator Kamala Harris: "So, a prosecutor who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India who also likes hip-hop. [burst out laughing]. Like, What do you want to know?"

Jimmy Dore: "I don't know what she's laughing about, but she likes hip-hop so much she can tavel in the future to hear stuff that hasn't been released yet. Did you know that?" [shows screen shot of tweet]

[4:43] Jimmy Dore: "I'm surprised she didn't show us her cool shoes." [shows screen shot of tweet]

Jimmy Dore: "Remember when she did that? Not doing that. But here she is trying to win an Emmy. Watch this. [shows video clip from Democratic party primary debate]

Senator Kamala Harris addressing former Vice President Joe Biden: "It was personal. It was hurtful. To hear you talk about the reputations of two United States Senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country. And it was not only that but you also worked with them to oppose bussing. And you know there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate he public schools. And she was bussed to school every day. And that little girl was me. So I will tell you that on this subject. ... Do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in America?"

Former Vice President Joe Biden. "I did not oppose bussing in America. What I opposed was bussing ordered by the Department of Education. That's what I opposed."

[6:11] Jimmy Dore: "So that's her trying to get an Emmy. And then she goes here and says . . . Beause in those debates.