"Tulsi Bucks Party & Votes Present On Partisan Impeachment with Tulsi Gabbard"
The Jimmy Dore Show (December 20, 2019)

[shows tweet by Elazui]

“There are over 13K tweets attacking Tulsi in JUST the #TulsiCoward hashtag (not counting the others). There are less than 5K last time I checked even mentioning Colin Peterson or Jeff Van Drew.

Jimmy Dore: [The last two Democrats named above] actually voted AGAINST impeachment. What does that tell you? Well, I’ll tell you what it tells me. It tells me that you’re an actual threat to the establishment. And they have to make sure that they can distract everybody because their impeachment trial was a sham. It helped Trump. It’s going to help his poll numbers. The American people are going against their impeachment. And what the Democrats are actually doing once again is helping Trump get re-elected by doing this instead of opposing him on his judges; opposing him on his Wall Street de-regulation; opposing him on his war budget. They won’t even oppose him on his war budget [while] they say he’s working for Putin. That’s why they’re doing this. So it shows real courage to do what you’re doing. I can’t say it enough.”

Representative Tulsi Gabbard: Thank you, Jimmy. It is, throughout my life, both through my service in the military and in Congress, my interests, my goal, the way I make my decisions, is trying to do my best to serve the best interests of our country. In this town, in Washington, people have a hard time figuring it out, where, What is actually driving my decision-making, why am I not falling in line. I must have some other ulterior motives. There are all these other things, when it’s really very, very simple. Even when it is detrimental to my own politics or to the politics of my party, that’s not what I’m weighing as I’m making these decisions. I’m really thinking about what actually serves the best interest of the people of our country. How can we work to bridge these divides, to heal our nation, to find that common ground so that we can move forward together, working side by side for a better and brighter future.”