The Jimmy Dore Show (November 19, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Well, I got invited to go on the Tucker Carlson show again last week, Thursday. And again, it's my pet issue which is war and stopping the wars. It's nuts what's going on. So, I got invited to go on Tucker Carlson. And there's a real chance that Trump -- there's a real chance. I'm not saying there's a real possibility. I'm saying there's a real chance. Which is different than a certainty or probability. There's a chance -- that Trump could pull troops out of Afghanistan and the Middle East. There's a chance. So this is what I said on Tucker Carlson."

[1:05] Tucker Carlson: "Jimmy Dore is the host of the Jimmy Dore Show. This is something he's followed very carefully for a while. Jimmy Dore, thanks so much for coming on. Are we ever getting out of Afghanistan, do you think?"

Jimmy Dore: "Well, if we ever are going to get out of it, it's got to happen before the end of the year before Biden and his military-industrial-complex goons take over. Because they're never going to get us out of there. But Donald Trump has a chance right now, Mr "Art of the Deal." Don't be afraid of Mitch McConnell. What he's go to do is order those troops home right now and then have them fight it out in Congress. Have them reveal -- if he has to blow up the GOP to do it, do it. He can be a man right now who goes into the history books if he does that. Or does he want to go down being a big shot on Twitter? He can do it right now.

[1:51] "He's been Commander-in-Chief for four years now. I know he's head-faked and said he said he wanted to take people out before. He's drawn down troops here and there and then he's ramped them back up in the Gulf and done other things. Now is the time for Donald Trump. Everybody is sick and tired of these wars. You know it, I know it, left, right, in the center. Everybody wants these wars over. Donald Trump can do it. He can be a man of consequence. He didn't give everybody health care. He didn't drain the swamp. He didn't bring out troops home. He can still do that. He can pull this off. It's not too late. Is Trump for real? Because if he brings our troops back home and [invests] that money back here, he will be remembered as a historically consequential president instead of an aberration and a Reality TV host who got lucky."

"Trump he's forgetting what got him elected in 2016. He didn't fulfill any of those promises. [Now is] a chance for him to do it. Bring those troops home. Show Mitch McConnell you're the boss, not him. Expose the warmongers in Washington and in the military-industrial-complex, like he said, and do it now. If he doesn't bring the troops home by Christmas, then Donald Trump is not The Art of the Deal. Donald Trump is weak. Donald Trump doesn't follow through on his own promises. So he's got to bring those troops home by Christmas and then you'll know Donald Trump is The Art of the Deal. And then you'll know he means business. But if he doesn't, you'll know he just rolled over again for the intelligence community and the military-industrial-complex."

[3:17] "Because it's been four years. I get it. Hey, he's appointing Magregor. That's fantastic. It's a little late, right?"

Tucker Carlson: What does it tell you? You said it a second ago that the public supports this, left, right, and center. And I think all the polls show that. No one can explain why we're in Afghanistan. And yet we're still there. What does it tell you about our system, about the democracy and the health of the democracy that the public wants something and has wanted something for a long time, yet it doesn't happen under any administration. What does that reveal?"

[3:44] Jimmy Dore: "Resist the undue influence of the Military Industrial Complex is what it tells me. That was another president who told us that. What it also tells us is that vote doesn't really matter when it comes to foreign policy one bit, right? Because what the people want, what even a president wanted: to bring people home, and who really is pulling the levers? It's the Military Industrial Complex and their toadies in the Senate and Congress. Donald Trump is the Commander-in-Chief. He can do this."

[4:08] Tucker Carlson: "I agree with that. Jimmy Dore, thanks so much for coming on tonight. Good to see you."

Jimmy Dore: "Thanks."

[End of Fox News program video clip and resumption of Jimmy Dore Show]

[4:15] Jimmy Dore: "I't's nice to see I'm wearing the exact same thing. This is a gray t-shirt, I had a black t-shirt on there. So that is different. But that's what I had to say. That's what I went on Tucker Carlson on the outside, outside chance that the President watched. I know the President watches that show. That's not an outside chance. But on the outside chance he sees that segment. And who knows? Well, guess what [shows screen shot and reads headline]

Jimmy Dore: "If I had known it was that easy, I would just said it and went on [to add]: 'Hey, give everybody health care and a UBI.' I should have just said that. Hey how about giving everybody a Green New Deal and a Living Wage? A weak president would make -- you'd be strong if you did that. Anyway, he had four years to do all this. You know, he ramped out in certain places, then he put troops back in in other places. So it's six and one half a dozen. He hasn't started any new wars. He has ramped up the drone war like nuts. [shows screen shot of news article]:

[5:30] Jimmy Dore: "And many Democrats, too."

Jimmy Dore: "So I'm going to show you what happened. We already covered the story of Magregor. He [Trump] appointed Magregor, got rid of Esper, the guy strait from Raytheon. So now, does Trump mean it? We'll see. But watch this..."

[Shows screen shot of three female talking heads over the banner headline]:

Jimmy Dore: "This is CNN. Watch how they talk about this. You want to see some -- we already showed you CNN doing pro-war propaganda in print. Here they are with their on-air hosts. Watch:

[6:26] Abby Phillip | CNN Political Correspondent: "There is probably an element of this that is about weakening Joe Biden as much as possible for purely . . ."

Jimmy Dore: "Just so you know what she's saying: Trump is going to draw down the troop levels in the Middle East -- something he ran on, something everybody wants done, left, right, and in the middle -- and this person on CNN says he's doing that to hurt Joe Biden. What? That's a grown-up person who said that. And those other two people are like, 'Yeah, that makes sense.' This is what you get on CNN. Watch this:"

Abby Phillip | CNN Political Correspondent: [completing prior sentence]: ". . . political reasons, because this is a president who is going to be leaving the White House while also seeding the ground for a potential second run for office. And he's also trying to build a foundation upon which Republicans can continue to succeed with Trumpism. And in order to do that, he has to be able to say, you know, 'I promised to get us out of these foreign wars and the Democrats want to keep us in these foreign wars. A lot of this is about being able to have a rhetorical platform for the President. But again, as you point out, there are obviously real life consequences. And I think the most important part of this that sticks out to me that we can't forget is that the President just . . ."

[7:38] Jimmy Dore: "Could we just stop it there? She just said there are real-life consequences, to endless war. There's real-life consequences to endless war, not real-life consequences to ending a war. Not real-life consequences to endless war, talking head on CNN. And if the troops come home, I frankly don't care who does it. Obama, Biden, Trump. Or Mickey Mouse. I don't care who does it. And I certainly don't care if it hurts a war-hawk president. Like Joe Biden. 'Hey, we may be de-escalating troops. Hmm, I don't know how I feel. How will this affect Joe Biden in 2024?'"

[resumes interrupted CNN talking-head comment]:

[8:30] Abby Phillip | CNN Political Correspondent: ". . . rhetorical, uh, platform for the President. But again as you point out, there are obviously real life consequences. And I think the most important part of this that sticks out to me that we can't forget is that the President just spent the last two weeks purging the civilian leadership of the Pentagon. We have to ask real questions about why that happened. And what was the end game? Why would the President try to do that was the question that we had all along, and maybe now we're seeing one of the main reasons why. And that should really be an alarming thing for a lot of people in Washington."

[9:03] Jimmy Dore: "So Trump just cleaned house at the Pentagon and got in some people who he wants -- he seems to be signalling to get us out of these wars and draw down the troops, and she just said that's dangerous. Now we see. This is dangerous. Did you hear what she said? I'll back it up. " [repeats last part of Abby Phillip comment]:

". . . was the question that we had all along, and maybe now we're seeing one of the main reasons why. And that should really be an alarming thing for a lot of people in Washington."

Jimmy Dore: "You should be alarmed at Trump trying to end one of the eight wars we're in, that Trump is trying to de-escalate a war. You should be alarmed that he is trying to do that. And why is he? Because it might hurt Joe Biden. That's why you should be alarmed. I'm not making that up. That's what she said, right? I wish there was another person here. Because I often think I'm crazy when I'm watching CNN. And it turns out, no, that's exactly what they said. They're just crazy."

[10:02] [second female talking head]: "And, Gloria, I mean, if he's doing this to weaken Joe Biden, he's doing this at the expense of the safety of American troops."

Gloria Borger: "Absolutely. Absolutey."

[second female talking head]: "To do somethinhg this quickly. I mean, not that we should be particular . . ."

[10:20] Jimmy Dore: "OK. This is what's called attacking Trump from the right. Do you understand? So Trump is trying to de-escalate a war, bring our troops home, and they're going 'Wait a minute. There's something wrong with Trump doing that. He should ramp up. So what they're wanting is for Trump to keep the wars going. That's attacking him from the right. He needs to be more war-hawkey. And look at how serious her [Gloria Borger's] face is. It's a serious face. Her lips are pursed. Look at her [Abby Phillip], she's over it. Yeah. We gotta keep the wars going. Got to keep them going. You just do. 'I've never fought in a war and never will fight in a war. Never had my kids murdered in a war. But we've got to stay there. Uh huh."

[second female talking head continuing interrupted comment]: ". . . regularly suprised. We're also watching him stand idly by while Americans die and he doesn't really seem to give a damn . . ."

[11:21] Jimmy Dore: "So here is Trump trying to bring the troops back home and they're saying he's standing by while people die. But you like them to die in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, right? You'd like that? Iraq? The Sudan? Somalia? You'd like them to die there. You just don't want them to die at home from Covid? It's a squiggly line of morality you have. Covid dead, that's bad. War death good. Isn't that something?

[second female talking head continuing interrupted comment]: ". . . that they're dying of Corona-virus. He hasn't changed his tune. He just pretends it doesn't exist."

"So she's pretending to care about the people who die in America by Corona-virus, and what you're revealing is that you don't give a damn about the troops, soldiers or anybody else who dies in our foreign wars. That's what you're saying. Screw those people. Jesus. Talk about Trump -- this isn't Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is just what CNN does. They're pro-war all the time."

[second female talking head continuing interrupted comment]: ". . . and here he is doing something that really could put at risk American troops."

Gloria Borger: "Right. Absolutely. And I think . . ."

Jimmy Dore: "Black is White. Up is Down. He could be risking troops by bringing them home. Because everyone knows that they could slip off the plane when they land in the United States. What? He is risking the lives of troops by taking them out of a war? And by the way, that will never be censored on Twitter. But they'll censor President Trump. But they'll never censor that. Ever. But they'll censor you if you try to tell the truth about Joe Biden. But pro-war, advocating for death, will never be censored on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else."

[13:22] Gloria Borger: "I think what he wants to do as Abby is saying is drop a problem in Joe Biden's lap. And if you know the history of Joe Biden he has not been one who is for robust military intervention. [!!!]"

Jimmy Dore: "Tell that to the people of Iraq, Serbia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria. Tell that to those people. Tell that to those people, that he's not one for military intervention. She is just straight up lying. That's as big a lie as I've ever seen on television, and that's really saying something. That's as big a lie as Trump has ever told. What she just said is a bigger lie than anything Trump has ever said. Joe Biden isn't for military intervention? What are you, nuts? No, you're not nuts. You're just a paid liar. You're a paid propagandist. Joe Biden was for the Iraq war before the war, during the war, after the war, after it was clear it was wrong, he was still for it. He shamed the Democrats who were against the Iraq war. And that's why she's paid to come on and lie. Because that's what she does. That's what they do. They're paid liars. Isn't it nice. You can get women to lie just as much as men. Isn't that great? She wanted to show you, it's not just Trump. We can all do it."

[15:06] "Crazy warmongers. They don't give a damn about the troops. They care less about the troops than Trump does. They don't give a shit. They'll have your kid killed, somebody else's kid killed, as long as they can keep coming on television. Whatever CNN wants me to say, I'm: 'Is Trump for bringing home the troops, well then, we're against it. Is Trump for clean water? Then we're against it."