"Rolling Stone LIES To Its Readers With BIDEN Endorsement!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 21, 2020)

" . . . They've got a walking demented death rattle on the cover and then they're also touting another guy who's eighty years old" [referring to Bob Dylan]. This is rock and roll, baby. That's kind of funny."

Jimmy Dore: "So, here's the thing: You don't have to write this article, Rolling Stone. But they did. And so, if you're going to endorse Joe Biden, the way to do it, because Donald Trump is such a horrible thing, the way to do it isn't by lying. So, Rolling Stone decides to lie. For Joe Biden. Proving that we're better than Donald Trump by completely lying and gaslighting. You think I'm kidding?"

Jimmy Dore: "So that's why we're endorsing Joe Biden. Why stop now, right? By the way, remember when getting on the cover of Rolling Stone used to be cool? I do."

[1:30] Jimmy Dore: "That is not true. Rolling Stone is just another garbage publication. Do they have an editorial board? I guess they do."

Steph Zamorano: "You can see it's not written by one person. It's written by the Rolling Stone, this article. Not one person put their name to this."

Jimmy Dore: "I'm sure Matt Taibbi did not have his hand in writing this. You know, the actual journalist [formerly] at Rolling Stone. I'm sure he did not have anything to do with it. So, "fortunately for America," listen to this garbage."

[reads Rolling Stone quote again listing Joe Biden's sterling qualities]:

[2:23] Jimmy Dore: "Every one of those is a lie. They're not fudging, just lying. They're just gaslighting. Rolling Stone is trying to say this is a better candidate than that liar Donald Trump by lying about Joe Biden. Come on, Jimmy. That's a little strong. OK. So when you say he "evinces competence" . . . Come on. You mean like when he wrote the crime bill? Or competence when he voted to deregulate Wall Stree? Or competence when he voted for the Iraq War? Or the competence when he did Libya, turned it into a failed slave state? Or the competence when he kicked 5.1 million families out of their homes during the last economic downturn? That kind of competence? Or the competence when he made it harder for people who were under a mountain of medical bills debt to declare bankruptcy? That kind of competence? What kind of competence does Joe Biden evince? What kind of competence are you talking about?

[3:51] Jimmy Dore: "At what point was Joe Biden ever competent in his career? I'm going to tell you. At no point. Ever. And that's a straight-up lie. What is the point? Who the fuck reads this shit? What is the point of this? This is like the Lawrence Welk Stone, not Rolling Stone. So the first one [item] . . . "

[4:32] "Compassion? Here is a Hispanic gegging Joe Biden to help people who are being deported, because Barack Obama and Joe Biden deported more Hispanics than all the other presidents combined. They put immigrants in cages and they gassed them at the border. And they bombed Muslims for eight straight years. This guy's asking [Biden] 'Can you do something for immigrants?' and here's what Joe Biden tells him:

Joe Biden: "You should vote for Trump."

". . ."

[18:04] Jimmy Dore: “There’s your checks and balances. He’s not even a check on Nixon. That’s what Donald Trump says now: ‘Law and Order.’ And what does Joe Biden say? ‘Lock the S.O.B.s up.’ There’s your checks and balances. They’re both trying to out-check each other who can be more right-wing authoritarian fascist. So that’s what Rolling Stone means by ‘checks and balances.’ He’s bragging that he’s more right wing than Nixon. This is your ‘check and balance’ guy.”

[19:35] Jimmy Dore: “Biden recognizes America’s systemic racism and he knows it’s nothing but a good old shot in the leg that’s going to fix it.”

[quotes Rolling Stone]: “Biden has won a diverse backing. Think of it as a coalition of the decent, ranging from Bernie Sanders, Barbara Lee, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; to ‘Never Trumpers’ John Kasich, Cindy McCain, and Bill Kristol”

Jimmy Dore: “I swear to God. This is really in there. It’s a coalition of the decent. … If you’re supporting Biden, you’re in the coalition of the decent. . . .

[20:20] A magazine built on Rock and Roll celebrating the people on the right who would have banned it if they could have. John Kasich, Cindy McCain, and Bill Kristol would have banned rock and roll if they could have. These are the people you’re touting: as ‘decent.’ John Kasich. Anti-Union, take away the right of women [to choose abortion, should they wish]. . . . architects of the Iraq War. . . . That’s a big net of decent there. Is Charlie Manson in that group? Because it sounds like you’re using a big wide net. How did Charlie Manson not make it into the coalition of the decent?”

[22:49] Reads Tweet from Gizmodo: “Democrats quietly cut opposition to fossil fuel subsidies from DNC platform

[23:43] Here’s Joe Biden believing the science. Want to here Joe Biden believe the science?”

Joe Biden: “I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again. I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.”

Jimmy Dore: “Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump’s lies about him were true? That Joe Biden was going to ban fracking and he was going to give everybody health care. Wouldn’t that be fun? Could you imagine vehemently denying that? ‘I’m not going to give people health care and I’m certainly not going to ban fracking. Those are lies.’ Do you see how he doesn’t have a ‘shame’ button in his demented head. By the way, at no point in this do they mention that he’s demented.

[25:04] “. . .The danger of climate change is not a future concern. It’s our deadly present. So support the guy who gives us the timetable of going to 2050. It’s not a ‘future thing, but Joe Biden until 2050. It’s not a future thing? So Joe Biden is not going to fix climate change until 2050. So Rolling Stone is contradicting themselves.

And by the way, ‘Biden also has foreign policy chops honed over decades of service. Not only to reverse Trump’s course of America as a rogue nation, but to also reassert U.S. leadership. Joe Biden’s ‘foreign policy chops’ are being for the Iraq War, turning Libya into a failed state with open slave markets, wanting to invade Syria, keeping us in Afghanistan for 18 years. That’s his foreign policy bona fides. Who reads this? Who reads Rolling Stone? A bunch of people who are head-trauma victims? Is this for the comatose? And of course they won’t put their names on it, the fucking cowards.

[27:32] The Obama/Biden administration ran out of bombs . . . his foreign policy chops. . . . so we’ll wave the rainbow flag as we invade, bomb, and incinerate other countries. Isn’t that nice? Have you read the testimony of actual people who’ve been in the military, Rolling Stone? Why spirit transgenders, the depression ptsd and suicide rates, right?

“The CIA is your friend. Don’t believe me? They celebrate Pride Day. So they can be trusted. It doesn’t matter what the country actually does, just so long as we all get to be a part of it. Hey, we’re illegally invading other brown countries, killing their people and stealing their natural resources. Can the gays help? Yes. Victory!”

[31:21] “. . . Trump’s ICE has deported half of the hispanics that Joe Biden [and Barack Obama] deported in his first four years.

Biden vows to bring back Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty for not having insurance. – CNBC

“That’s just a giveaway to health insurance companies. It doesn’t help. That’s what he is willing to do. He’s will to tax you and send that tax to a corporation.

Steph Zamorano: “In the middle of people losing their jobs, losing their health care, losing access to shelter.”

87% of Democrats Support ‘Medicare for All,’ Though Joe Biden Doesn’t – Newsweek

Joe Biden Not Opposed to Amy Coney Barrett. Says She ‘Seems Like a Very Fine Person’ – Newsweek

Joe Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots Progressives fret as Joe Biden’s transition team vets a handful of Republicans for his potential administration – Politico

[34:21] “He’s going to staff his cabinet with a bunch of Republicans anyway. No progressives.”

But if Trump gets another four years, the America as we know it will grow dark and unrecognizable. Corruption at our essential public agencies could take root, and our democracy might never truly recover. – Rolling Stone

“Corruption could take root? This is, again, corruption started on January 2017. Corruption could take place. Well, Joe Biden went and campaigned in a swing state for a Republican over a Democrat for two hundred thousand dollars.

Of Course Joe Biden Supported a Republican in a $200K Speech Biden is a different kind of Democrat: the kind who lavishly praises Republicans who are fighting for reelection – Vice

[35:30] “So, if you’re worrying about our democracy under Trump, this guy will sell you out for 200 grand. Joe Biden supported a Republican for two hundred thousand dollars. By the way, that guy he was praising in that speech for two hundred thousand dollars was trying to dismantle Obamacare. That Republican. That’s Joe Biden. That’s his integrity. He doesn’t have any. Joe Biden is your enemy. And when he gets elected, you have another big problem. I’m going to say, it’s a bigger problem. He’s going to deport more hispanics than Trump.

As much as any specific policy, this election is a referendum on character – the character of the president and the character of the nation. America doesn’t need a saint in the Oval Office. But the country has been reeling with a broken man at the Resolute Desk. – Rolling Stone

Steph Zamorano: “Barack Obama came out and said ‘We Tortured Some Folks.” So I don’t understand what they’re talking about ‘character.’

Joe Biden’s Plagiarism Problem – Real Clear Politics

[36:37] Jimmy Dore: “Character? He’s a pathological liar, Joe Biden. That’s not exaggeration. That’s not hyperbole. That’s a pathological liar. I’ve showed you in this segment already that he’s a pathological liar. They knew it forty years ago when he ran for president the first time. He had to step down from the campaign in shame.”

Biden’s lived experience and expansive empathy make him not just a good, but an outsanding candidate. – Rolling Stone

Jimmy Dore: “His expansive empathy. So the big problem for the Democrats is getting Bernie’s voters to vote for the Democratic candidate. And those are young people. So let’s see his expansive empathy.

[shows video clip] Joe Biden: “And so the younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break. [sound of audience laughing]. I have no empathy for it.”

Jimmy Dore: “He literally used the word that Rolling Stone pretended he has. ‘Empathy.’ He literally said: No. No. I have no empathy.’ Rolling Stone is such a garbage publication, they literally used that word to say he has it. But a jagoff comedian pothead in his garage knew that he actually used that word. I knew that. But the smarty-pants ass-wipe tools at Rolling Stone did not know this. Did they have Matt Taibbi? That’s how I literally got ‘fact-checked’ when I was last on their podcast. They literally cut out words inside of my fucking paragraphs at Rolling Stone. But this shit’s OK? Rolling Stone literally edited out words I said inside of paragraphs. Because they said they had to fact-check it. You fucking garbage liars. You guys don’t fact-check a fucking thing. ”

[38:40] Biden’s opposition to marijuana legalization is at odds with most Americans’ views. – Vox

Jimmy Dore: “That’s his expansive empathy? Joe wants to keep people locked up for pot, right? That’s his empathy. The guy who engineered the prison population explosion in America.”

The contrast between the 2020 candidates could not be clearer. This is a fight between light and darkness. Rolling Stone is proud to stand in the light and endorse Joe Biden for president – Rolling Stone

Steph Zamorano: “Stand in the light? That just makes me want to puke.”

Jimmy Dore: “There is no ‘light’ or ‘dark’ in this election, Rolling Stone, you garbage liars. There is Dark and Darker, and I don’t know which one is which.

Joe Biden has killed more people than Donald Trump. Biden has hurt more poor people than Donald Trump. He has deported more Hispanics than Donald Trump. Joe Biden militarized the police more than Donald Trump. Joe Biden ordered more fracking pipes under this country than Donald Trump. Joe Biden opened up the Arctic to drilling more than Donald Trump. Joe Biden created more wars than Donald Trump. But they’re going to stand in the light with Joe Biden.”

[40:00] There is no light at the – f.y.i, assholes at Rolling Stone – There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Both parties have the same destination. Only one offers you cum for your seats. Both Biden and Harris represent corporations that have contempt for this planet and all living beings on it. Notice this article did not highlight his foreign policy. Did you notice that? I’m sure it’s just an oversight and not a dishonest omission. I’m sure it was just an oversight at Rolling Stone and not a complete bullshit, dishonest, bad faith article. So, folks, listen to the Penske corporation and vote against your interests. It’s the only decent thing to do.

[video clip of Joe Biden addressing supporters]: “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the … go … you know … the thing.”

Jimmy Dore: “Steadiness. Competence.”