"Pelosi Applauds Trump's Imperialism/Militarism At SOTU"
The Jimmy Dore Show (February 7, 2020)

[Shows tweet by Margaret Kimberley]

[0:54] Jimmy Dore: [shows screenshot of tweet and reads]:

“I’m playing this for Republicans and Democrats, for people who consider themselves Trump supporters and people who consider themselves Nancy Pelosi Democrat supporters: ‘vote blue no matter who,’ those people. I’m playing this for both of you, because you’re going to get a good look at how both parties – now Nancy Pelosi is going to even side with a guy who won’t shake her hand; she’s going to rip up his speech; but what is she going to agree with him on? She’s going to agree with him on Imperialism and killing other people and stealing their natural resources for oil companies. They agree on imperialism, the thing we have go to stop the most. The thing the Left and the Right agree on the most, which is stopping these stupid regime change wars for capitalism, so that we can steal their natural resources, which is what this is again in Venezuela, you’re going to see how they’re both in on it. The worst thing possible, they’re both in on it. They’re for terrorizing, doing terrorism on other countries so we can steal their natural resources for American corporations.

[Shows video clip of Trump blowing his own horn about “our hemisphere”]

“… a m...f...-er who wants to knock off a democratically elected president of a country so that their corporation buddies can steal their f...-ing natural resources. And that’s what’s going on in Venezuela. And if you don’t know what’s going on, go and look at the other videos and segments we’ve done on this, and reports we’ve done on this from people inside, from people reporting , independent reporters inside Venezuela. Not hacks who work for ABC News or Univision. Real, actual reporters, paid by nobody, who are just there reporting. We’ve done that stuff. So if you think – so what Trump is doing here is he’s lying to you so that Shell Oil can use our Marines to knock off a democratically elected president in another country. So, you know, Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia. Right? OK. Now you know why they give a shit about Venezuela. And there he is. There’s your guy whom you voted for because he was a non-interventionist. He’s the worst of them. Here he is,. And Nancy Pelosi goes right along with him.

Trump: “… We’ve reversed the failed policies of the previous administration on Cuba.”

[4:14] Jimmy Dore: “Who is happy about him doing that? Is there a big movement in America to make it go back to us isolating Cuba again? Castro’s dead.

Ron Placone: “Yeah. I don’t think so. People were actually happy when it started going back the other way.”

Jimmy Dore: “We have trade with China. They’re a one-party outright, frikkin that’s it. But Cuba, somehow we still can’t – So, again. Here’s your buddy. You voted for Trump and you think he’s a straight shooter. He’s a fucking piece of shit imperialist. Just like the rest of them, war-crime-ing all over the place and lying to you to get it done. While he cuts aid from people here in the United States. 750,000 people kicked off food stamps. “

Ron Placone”. Yeah. He mentioned rebuilding our country. I was like: Where’s that happening? Where are you doing that?

Jimmy Dore: “Where is the rebuilding of this country happening?

[5:10] Ron Placone: “I don’t think rebuilding an unnecessary wall is rebuilding our country. I don’t think that counts.

[12:44] Jimmy Dore [shows screenshot of tweet and reads]:

Jimmy Dore: "So why is that important? Because that's Bernie's foreign policy advisor. And, apparently, he would be cool if the regime-change policy was not failed, but was actually successful. Is that what he's saying there? It sounds like 'pathetic that Pelosi is standing to applaud a year of [failure]. So, he's upset that Trump has not achieved the fucking regime change."

Steph Zamorano: "That Guaido isn't in office."

Jimmy Dore: "Isn't that what this is saying? How else could you read this, Ron? I'm going to ask you."

Ron Placone: "Yeah. I mean, I wish the word 'failed' wasn't in there. That Pelosi is standing to applaud regime change."

Jimmy Dore: "It gets worse. So Alex Rubinstein says [shows tweet and reads]:

Jimmy Dore: "So, I guess there is another way to read this. OK. To me, that's a generous reading, so I'll grant it. ... These are the things we have complained about at this show. And you wonder where Bernie gets that stuff from. And now we know where he's getting it from. [shows screen shot of tweet from Matt Duss]:

"And we wonder where he [Bernie]'s getting it from. He's getting it from this guy. Because look what this guy says [reads tweet above]:"

"Holy f...-ing mother. Are you -- now the call's coming from inside the house. This is the cancer inside Bernie's [campaign]. This guy's your foreign policy advisor? Why don't you just get Neera Tanden? This guy? Seriously. I could wake up drunk and have better foreign policy analysis than this guy does. Here's Aaron Mate to make that point:

Jimmy Dore: "What the hell does that mean?

Ron Placone: "I wish I knew. I have no idea what that means

"So there you go. This is the problem with Bernie's foreign policy. Why is he always repeating CIA talking points? Because this is who he hired.

[16:05] Stef Zamorano: "Duss worked for the Center for American Progress until 2014, blogging prolifically on Think Progress, according to Business Insider. Duss broke into the political world as a blogger...

Jimmy Dore: "Matt Duss, this is what you do for a living? And you don't know your asshole from a hole in the ground when it comes to South America? Venezuela? What the fuck is wrong with

Stef Zamorano: "Jimmy, it continues: Duss is credited with being quote The principal reason that Senator Sanders introduced the resolution to end military support for Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen.

Jimmy Dore: "So that's great. So he's schizophrenic. He needs a little medicine. What do they give [you] for schizophrenia? I know what they give you for bi-polar. So he's promoting middle east peace while he promotes carnage over in "our hemisphere?" Why he promotes CIA talking points in our hemisphere.

Ron Placone: "That's a pretty bad tweet."

Jimmy Dore: "That's horrible, Ron."

Ron Placone: "First of all, I thought all of Russia's stuff, that there is just "cyber," right? Like they're hacking things and they're spreading misinformkation. Why would it matter what hemisphere they're in. Like, it's just weird."

Jimmy Dore: "It's not clear thinking is what it is. And it just goes to show you that theese guys are no smarter than anybody else, like a dumb jaggoff nightclub comedian who smokes pot when he gets up in the morning. These guys are not smarter than us. They're not. And they spend all fucking day doing this. All day. This is all they do. He's hired by the guy who wants to run the world. This is a guy, hired by Bernie Sanders. And I tell you that guy's got a bad fucking picker.

Jimmy Dore: "Jesus Christ. Can you fucking believe this, Ron? Come on. It's pretty ..."

Ron Placone: "... disappointing. I mean, it's not that hard. Reach out to Greg Palast. Be like 'Hey, what did you see over there?'"

Jimmy Dore: It's not that hard. Why don't you call Max Blumenthal. He was down there. Why don't you call me? I've interviewed reporters that are in Venezuela. Hey. Why don't you go there? Russia. Now you know why Bernie's a Russiagate-er. This is where it comes from.

Stef Zamorano: I don't understand. There's nobody that could be his foreign policy adviser that didn't work at The Center? Really? There's nobody you could find?

Jimmy Dore: "So, anybody would be better almost. By the way, I would be better. Ron would be better. Stef would be better. Brownie would be better. Anybody would be better than this. This is what is wrong with your fucking foreign policy. You've got a jaggoff like this advising you? And no one in your campaign goes: 'You know. Duss is a fucking moron when it comes to this stuff.' Nobody says that. But me in my fucking garage knows that? You guys are stupid on fucking purpose. Jesus Christ. 'Oh, Jimmy. Why are you attacking Bernie? Jimmy why are you .... And if this doesn't make you pissed off then I'll give you the go ahead to vote for Joe Biden.

That doesn't piss you off? Then, you're not really up on things. How about that? You're not really good at seeing impending doom"