"OBAMA Sells Out The People Again! Convinces NBA Players To End STRIKE!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 11, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "So, you know the NBA players went on strike." [shows screen shot]

"[reading from screenshot]: "NBA players decided not to take the court on Wenesday following police shooting Jacob Blake in Kenosha. That was great. That's exactly what we need. Muhammad Ali, remember said I'm not going to go fight a Vietnamese guy. A Vietnamese guy never did nothing to me. So, that's great. That's what we need. We need people like that. what we don't need is people like Barack Obama." [shows screen shot]:

[0:57] Jimmy Dore: "You know, Barack Obama always exerts his influence on important things. Like ending Bernie's chances in the primaries. Helping Dianne Feinstein win her re-election. Or to end basketball players striking to end racial justice. I wonder if Obama told LeBron James to pull up their pants, too. 'Hey, quit striking for racial justice. Quit bringing attention to a big problem. I'm the guy who's here to make people forget about that. And pull your pants up. Nobody wants a droopy pants out there on the court."

Jimmy Dore [imitating Barack Obama]: "When you play, people have hope. And they need that hope. Hope eventually something changes. I hope you don't. Play. Don't protest. Obama out."

[2:33] Jimmy Dore [imitating Barack Obama]: "Come on y'all. Let's all have a beer and get rid of this stupid idea of protesting against police brutality. I'm Barack Obama." [shows screenshot of remarks by Albert Lee for the People]:

[2:57] Jimmy Dore: "They were going to do a real unionized strike and Barack Obama stopped them. Barack Obama. The poster child for neoliberalism. Do you now understand that Barack Obama is not the best president in your lifetime? You fucking morons. Do you not realize that Barack Obama is not a good President. He's not even a good person. He's actually Darth Vader. Barack Obama is Darth Vader. I hope I'm using that right because I didn't see the movie. But he's a dark force for evil, right? ... Obama looks like he's pitching one of his Netflix deals, doesn't he? "

Jimmy Dore: "He isn't a sellout. He is the oligarchy. That's why he lives on a 40-acre estate on Martha's Vineyard. That's where Barack Obama lives. While people are getting shot in Kenosha. People are filling up hotels because they got evicted. Barack Obama is on a 40-acre estate on Martha's Vineyard. He didn't even have to leave that estate. Just picked up the phone to tell black playefs to stop striking."

[5:12] "Yes. But did you hear him talk about how much Joe Biden loves ice cream and pasta with red sauce? Come on. You've got to love him."

"That's from the Los Angeles Times, entitled: "Obama's Legacy."

[5:51] "A card check bill, all you need to know is that's what unions want. It helps workers form unions. So, instead of having an election, if you run a company and people want to join a union, you're supposed to do the card check measure. Which is much different than holding an election. Because with an election, the management can fucking pressure people a certain way to vote. That's why you don't do it that way. And if you did it that way, you're hostile to workers. Not really a progressive. The way you're supoosed to do unions is through card check, where if over 50% of the people sign a card saying that they want a union, that's it. Then you've got it. No fucking election. No pressure campaigns one way or another."

[7:10] Jimmy Dore: "That's Barack Obama's endless money for the banks. There was $29 billion for Bear Stearns, $345 billion for Citigroup. That's Barack Obama's endless money for the banks. The Federal Reserve put up $600 billion to guarantee money market deposits. And has aggressively driven down interest rates to essentially zero. Merry Christmas Wall Street. Main Street, you must have been bad this year. Here's a lump of coal. Literally. "

[7:43] Jimmy Dore: [reads from screenshot from MSNBC News]

"It was the hand that pulled the levers at MSNBC. All the other candidates, and then they extended its middle finger to all of America. That was Barack Obama's" [shows screen shot from New York Times]

[8:04] Jimmy Dore: "Accelerate the Endgame. That's how they refer to Barack Obama making sure Bernie lost the primary and we got Joe Biden, a demented war criminal criminal.'Accelerate the Endgame is also going to be the name of his new Netflix series about a guy who gets a job and then does the opposite of what he was hired to do so he gets replaced by a fascist demagogue. Based on a true story. That's a great joke by Ron [Placone]"

[shows screen shot of cartoon 'grim reaper' Obama killing off (1) the public option, (2) 2008 Economic Recovery, (3) Bernie's campaign, and (4) incipient NBA Strike]

[shows screen shot of Matt Stoller tweets]:

[9:40] Jimmy Dore: "Bernie would not critique Barack Obama. That's what gave us Donald Trump. Bernie was such a fucking coward that he would not critique Barack Obam. You wouldn't tell people how we got Donald Trump, so they didn't choose you to fucking replace him."

[shows video clip of Barack Obama asking for some water in Flynt Michigan stunt]

" . . ."