"Nobody Wants To See BERNIE Campaign For BIDEN!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 9, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: So you want to know why people don't vote, Michelle Obama? You want to know why people aren't voting? Because you're not offering them anything. Do you want to know why you guys are in a neck-and-neck race with Donald Trump, a game-show host?

[shows picture of Bernie Sanders speaking before a crowd of thousands earlier in the year]

"Here's when Bernie Sanders visits Ann Arbor. That was from March 8, 2020. Do you see all the people? That's him in Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 8th. Why? Because he has something to offer people."

[shows picture of Bernie Sanders recently before nearly empty parking lot with perhaps an audience of six]:

"There he is today."

[shows picture of Bernie Sanders before crowd of thousands]: "There's Bernie when he's offering people something. That's how you get people to vote."

[shows picture of Bernie Sanders before handful of seated, socially-distanced spectators in a near-deserted parking lot]: "Here's when he's offering them Joe Biden's agenda. He had 10,000 people in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the last time he was there. This is what he has now. Pretty awesome, huh?"

[1:19] Jimmy Dore: "Bernie Sanders does not care how weak, feckless, spineless he looks, ever. And it's almost like he should just put "CUCK" on his forehead. Because here just one person stands up in front of him and blocks [the camera's view of him] with a flag, a Trump supporter, it seems and they don't know what to do. Watch this. This is the most pathetic thing. And Bernie just keeps talking like a jackass:

[Bernie Sander's voice while obscured by woman holding up a Trump 2020 campaign flag]: "They need a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and that's what Joe Biden is proposing."

Jimmy Dore: "He's giving a speech to nobody. One woman stands up with a Trump flag, and they don't know what to do with her. And Bernie just keeps talking as if nothing is happening. He can't talk to the woman. He can't say anything. Just keeps telling you what a great guy Joe Biden is>."

Steph Zamorano: "He's phoning it in."

[2:36] Jimmy Dore: "And you know why Bernie's there campaigning? Because Bernie's the only guy campaigning for Joe Biden who isn't in on those phone calls where they all admit that it doesn't matter if they fucking win or not. Joe Biden's not in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bernie is. You know why? Because they told him to go and Bernie was like, "OK. I'm a CUCK." Could there be a more pathetic, could you see how pathetic that was? First of all he goes from this [again shows crowd of thousands] to this [shows Trump flag obscuring Bernie Sanders continuing to speak.] And he just keeps talking. Someone is literally covering your face, Bernie. Maybe you acknowledge the moment? Or did you have to take a numbing drug so you could go bullshit people about Joe Biden? I think you could stab Bernie in the side with a sald fork while he's giving a Joe Biden speech and he wouldn't feel it. He's just numb. Three is literally one person standing right in front of you and you don't know what to do. And nobody knows how to stop ... Look."

[4:00] Jimmy Dore: "Bernie chooses bad staff. He chooses bad campaign people. He chooses bad candidates. He chooses bad strategy. And he does it all willfully. This is the real Bernie. This is Bernie the CUCK. He's out there telling you how your life is going to get better under Biden. Nobody believes him because nobody's there.

[4:27] "And it's not true because [shows graphic and reads from headline]:

"Sorry, Bernie. You're gaslighting people on behalf of Biden. And that's why no one shows up to see you. [shows nearly empty parking-lot audience again] "That's from yesterday, October 5th. ... That's his crowd