"New York Times' Paul Krugman is DELUSIONAL!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 14, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Integrity is in just as short a supply on the left as it is on the right. I can tell you that, for a fact. You think you're a better person because you're on the left and you vote Democrat. You are sadly mistaken. Barack Obama, the most insidious, sinister mother fucker I have ever seen. Way worse than George Bush. That sinister mother fucker convinced you he was doing something. At least when George Bush was president we knew he wasn't. We knew he was working against us."

"Barack Obama. You can't protest under Barack Obama because it's Barack Obama, remember. We can't do that because it's Brack Obama. And then after Barack Obama's not president anymore, you cam't protest under Trmp because Barack Obama will come out of retirement to end that protest. He didn't come out of retirement to help workers. Barack Obama came out of retirement to end civil rights protests by professional basketball. He ended civil rights protests. He didn't come out to help people. He came out to help stop people from helping people.That's who Barack Obama is. The most sinister mother fucker that you've ever seen. And you're a dupe if you think he's anything but your enemy. What a chump. A pot-head comedian in his fucking garage can see through it and you can't? Why? 'Cause you've got a million dollars? Is it because you've got a million dollars?"

"Hey, here's a great one." [shows screen shot of Paul Krugman quote]

[1:48] Jimmy Dore: "He's such a great predictor. That was a guy looking for a spot in an administration."

Jimmy Dore: "So this is why we're bringing him up. He tweeted this out today. Isn't it weird in America we never have a memorial for March 20th. You know what March 20th is? March 20th is the day we decided to kill a bunch of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq for oil or money. In an elegal war. An aggressive war for natural resources. And we killed a bunch of Iraqis to do it. That would be March 20th. We're never going to have a memorial for that.

We have a memorial every 9/11 so we can all get together and hate on other bad people. We get together every 9/11 so we can project all of our murderous rage that we actually have inside of ourselves as we're murdering people in eight different countries right now. Occupying Afghanistan for 20 years. Murdering people there. Committing a genocide in Yemen. Turning Libya into a failed state with open slave markets. Dropping so many bombs on Syria that they ran out of bombs. So we take all that murderous rage that's actually in us as Americans and we project it onto the terrorists. We do that every 9/11. And that would be OK if we also had a memorial on March 20th. That's the day we started murdering [people] in Iraq for no reason. And we were all for it and we never [apologized] or never atoned for it. Ever. In fact, we're still out there blowing shit up all over the place. Because we're still looking for the bad guys. The bad guys is us. We're the bad guys."

[3:57] "I don't care whatever Sam Harris says. We're the bad guys. Sam Harris is a bloodthirsty maniac who talks softly. He's an apologist for murderers. That's what Sam Harris is. We're the terrorists. We are. We're the torturers. We don't even give health care to our own people."

Jimmy Dore: [reads again from the Paul Krugman tweet above and adds:]

[5:00] "Says the rich white guy. Says the rich, non-Iraqi white guy." [shows more tweet responses]

Jimmy Dore: "And by the way, hate crime incidents against Muslims spiked after 9/11. [shows illustrative graph] That's what happened. That's where they were before, that's right after 9/11. You propagandist."

[6:26] Jimmy Dore: "And Paul Krugman is a lying sack of shit. And why does he lie? He lies for the establishment. That's who Paul Krugman is."

[6:52] Jimmy Dore: "Jesus Christ. You've really got to see the economic upside to all this. The Virgin Islands are lovelty that time of year."

[7:18] Jimmy Dore: "Sorry about your mosque. Want to see my vacation pictures?"

Jimmy Dore: "Because that's what's happening. Sadly we know tht the anwer to this question is yes. They should be allowed to run for president as a Democrat. They can run for president as a Democrat. They can be crowned the resistance heroes by MSNBC. And why shouldn't they be rehabilitated since we rehabilitaed George W. Bush, too. Now shut up and look at this shitty painting."

"I could do this all day. I hate doing this. I'm getting tired of doing this. I have a pain in my chest right now. This does not bring me joy. It's the same shit. It gets worse actually. And the people who are supposed to do something about it get worse. It's ridiculous. I saw a guy on twitter today say he was proud to vote Democrat. Now I don't know what kind of mental illness that is, but holy shit is that one.