"Nancy Pelosi Profiteering Off Russia-Gate!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 12, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats alleged that Russia hacked into their server. They hired a private company called Crowdstrike and Crowdstrike said 'It was Russia. They did it.' Right?"

"But it turns out Crowdstrike was lying, as we've reported on [this show]. They didn't know that. And it turns out the Democrats are in bed financially with them. What are you talking about, Jimmy?

[shows and reads headline from article]

Jimmy Dore: "You guys remember that? It was the top comedy series of the year. You watched that, right? I watched it.

Stef Zamorano: "I couldn't get enough of it."

Jimmy Dore: "It was like the world's most boring writer's room making up excuses for why Hillary lost to a con artist. That's what it was."

Jimmy Dore: "Boy. This close to November, it's almost like they're betting in case there's another round of this stuff gonna happen."

[2:29] Jimmmy Dore: "What this tells you is that a bullshit [adjective] firm got another bullshit [adjective] firm to help it bullshit [verb] about its bullshit [noun]. That's for everybody following at home. So, bullshit Perkins Coie hired bullshit Fusion GPS to help them push their bullshit that this bullshit organization [DNC] was already bullshiting us about." I'm connecting the dots for you like Rachel Maddow does."

[3:06] Jimmy Dore: "But guess what? Here's where it gets super interesting-y."

Jimmy Dore: "I'll say that again. They didn't have any evidence. They had no evidence. 'Concrete'? Take 'concrete' [adjective] out. 'We did not have evidence.' This was completely made up. Like I said when I was still working at The Young Turks to everybody who would listen to me at The Young Turks, which were two people: Malcom and Steve Oh. Those were the only two peop0le who would listen to me. Everyone else at TYT were listening to this m_f_er who was lying and they didn't even know that he had already admitted they didn't have any evidence. None.

[4:16] "Did they go back and report that this guy admitted they didn't have any evidence? I don't know. That's what a responsible news organization would do. They would actually debunk this bullshit story instead of pushing it. I was able to debunk it in real time on Aggressive Progressives. I was able to do that. Inside The Young Turks studio. In real time I was debunking this. I guess nobody at the TYT watched my show. They watched it enough to not talk to me anymore and turn their back on me when I walked in the newsroom. But they didn't actually debunk this evidence-free conspiracy theory that the entire left pushed at the top of their lungs and can still, to this day."

[5:03] "And by the way, this whole thing went on to have a less underwhelming ending than The Game of Thrones. I'm sorry. More underwhelming. Less whelming. I'm not 'whelmed.' No one is ever 'whelmed.' People get overwhelmed. No one is ever: 'How are you?' 'I'm whelmed.' Just the right amount of 'whelming'.

[5:33] "So, did you ever hear that this has been reported on any of your other favorite youtube shows? It certainly hasn't been reported on CNN and MSNBC. Has it been reported on your other favorite youtube shows? If it hasn't, maybe you should ask them why."

[5:54] [shows and reads from another excerpt from the Real Clear Investigations article by Aaron Maté]

[6:36] Jimmy Dore: "So, this is Aaron Maté, friend of the show being diplomatic. I don't know why he's doing that. But I'm going to translate this for you. So, what this really says is: These guys are a bunch of fucking scam artists. That's what this says."

[shows and reads from another excerpt]

[7:09] Jimmy Dore: "I'll read that to you again. In early 2017, Crowdstrike was also lying in the same exact way about a Russian hack into the Ukrainian military. They were lying about them in the exact same way. For some reason, they were made to retract that one. So, a swing and a miss for Crowdstrike. Not once. But twice. Two strikes. '0 and 2' count."

[shows and reads from another excerpt featuring picture of Congressman Adam Schiff]

[8:06] Jimmy Dore: "'Exfiltration'. That's a word they like throwing around. By the way, there's Adam Schiff, the guy who's done and said nothing about his own home state of California being on fire but would walk across dead bodies to get in front of a camera to flap his gums about whatever CIA talking point is hot this week. That is Adam Schiff" [emphasis added]. This is what he said:

[9:17] Jimmy Dore: "'I mean, maybe. I mean, green's my favorite color and I enjoy pasta. Dogs make good pets. What was the question? Gee. I don't know.' That's how a liar answers that question. That's called someone lying."

[10:11] Jimmy Dore: "If I say 'exfiltrated' five more times, will you think I'm actually saying anything?. You will? 'Exfiltrated!.' So, no. 'We don't have any data. We have no evidence. None. And that's why I can't recollect the day that it was because there wasn't a day. It never ever happened.' It is a big scam that's going to be repeated by lefty news shows for four years straight and never retracted. Ever."

[11:05] Jimmy Dore: "So what that says is: they built an entire industry around bullshit. There's an entire industry now. Built up around this bullshit. They might as well start a church and then they won't even need to pay taxes on it. Just call themselves The Church of Exfiltration.

[11:50] Jimmy Dore: "Who's being naive, Kay? Now, I'm going to say this about Nancy Pelosi: that Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes know this and they on purpose lie to you. And they push Russiagate when they know it's bogus. Because, what are they going to do? Walk away from their life? Start telling you the truth about the Democrats and the fucking establishment? Is that what they're going to do? That's not happening. So they know. And anybody else still pushing Russiagate, they know this. And they're lying to you on purpose. Because they (a) lack integrity, and (b) lack integrity, and (c) lack real courage. Anyone who pushed Russiagate lacks actual courage. I didn't go to a fucking Ivy League school. I didn't go to law school. I didn't do shit. Except that I was somehow born with the internal fortitude it takes to look into a camera and tell you people who's actually lying and who's not. That's too hard of a job for Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes and anybody else with an MSNBC contract or wants one. They are unable to do this.

[13:22] "Which is why the country's in the situation we're in. Why don't you ask those shows why they don't report this? Why don't you ask those shows why they don't report on the fourth OPCW whistleblower? Why don't you ask those people why they don't have Aaron Maté on their show? To talk about Syria. Why don't you ask those people? I'll tell you why. Because they are fucking, career-climbing, integrity challenged cowards."

"By the way . . ." [shows screen shot from December 4, 2017]:

"No. They want you to keep investing in Russiagate. Making money off an evidence-free conspiracy theory that covers for the Democrats horribleness after they lost to a game-show host. Nancy Pelosi is a hundred millionaire. She didn't enter Congress as a hudred millionaire. She is now. Guess what Harry Truman said about those people? [shows and read from screen shot of President Truman]:

"Jimmy Dore: Nancy Pelosi is a crook. She's a war criminal. She's a crook. And she's your enemy. Who's being naive, Kay?"