"Jimmy's Prophecy of TRUMP and OBAMA Comes TRUE!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 23, 2020)

". . . Our solutions. Ranked choice voting, a strong third party, which we are starting. Also direct action. Strong unions. We've got lots of solutions.

". . . we were right about Russiagate when the entire news media was wrong. Remember when everybody said you had to vote for Hillary Clinton becaue of the the immigrations? . . . well here we go. I predicted this. I predicted [November, 2016]:

"Donald Trump will deport less Mexicans than Barack Obama. That was my prediction in 2016. So, it wasn't like I was a Johnny come lately. In 2016 I was saying that. And I was saying that what Donald Trump does, the silver lining of what a guy like Donald Trump being elected president is that we're now going to see the horrible stuff that our government has been doing all along. So, Barack Obama had been caging immigrants. Now everybody knows about it because Donald Trump is doing it. Before, they didn't care. So that theory has been proven right again and again."

[2:32] ". . . that's because of a lack of cooperation with local law enforcement including in places like right here in Los Angeles ". . . "

Jimmy Dore: "So now the local cops are aware of Donald Trump's nefarious immigration and oppressive immigration policies, very much like Obama's. And so now they're stopping it. Isn't that interesting? Donald Trump was basically not doing anything different than Barack Obama except now everybody is aware of it. And as I predicted, he didn't deport as many as Barack Obama. Not even close.

[shows and reads from screen shot of graph illustrating the comparison between President Obama's deportation numbers and President Trump's.]

Steph Zamorano: "Are you telling me that Barack Obama was worse on this policy about immigrants than Donald Trump?"

Jimmy Dore: "And Joe Biden. Al Gore would call this an inconvenient truth. Trump's deporation did not reach 'Yes we can' numbers. Isn't that kind of amazing?" " . . . so when a black guy with a Muslim name turns into an authoritarian fascist right winger nobody notices, because he's a black guy with a Muslim name." "