"Irish Politician EVISCERATES Pro-Ukraine Warmongers & NATO"
The Jimmy Dore Show (April 10, 2022)

Jimmy Dore: "What's happening in Ukraine is -- what we've told you -- is that NATO and the United States baited Russia, through many reasons, this is more about fossil fuels and controlling the economy than it is about anything else. So we overthrew the government in Ukraine in 2014 which has led to this. So we instigated this. Who did? NATO and the United States. And by the way, we're losing. I don't know -- I'm going to do a segment on this Monday -- but this idea that we can sanction Russia and it will only hurt Russia, it's not really hurting Russia. Russia's ruble is now back to pre-war rates. Why? Because they're making alliances with Saudi Arabia and China. They don't need the United States. And guess what? The dollar is tanking. Gas is eight dollars a gallon in Los Angeles. The United States dollar being the world's reserve currency is going away, which is going to tank our economy. And they're doing it on purpose."

[1:06] "So here is a member of the European parliament Nazis are officially in the government, Clare Daly and she's talking to this guy. By the way, this guy was once fined by the European parliament for doing a Nazi salute inside the Parliament. ... "

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[5:11] Max Blumenthal: "In other words, the people NATO brought to power after the collapse of Bulgaria's communist government who had always collaborated with Nazis."

[5:20] Jimmy Dore: "So we're in bed with Nazis and people refuse to realize this. They are accepted, and just because they're told by Ali Veshi and warmongers on MSNBC and CNN that that's just Putin propaganda. Sure there's Nazis in Ukraine just like there's Nazis in the United States. No. That's not how there's Nazis in Ukraine. Nazis are officially in the government. They have Nazi battalions officially integrated into their military. Officially. That's not -- and of course their slogan for their military is an old Nazi slogan."

[5:58] Max Blumenthal: "Yeah. NATO is a Nazi rehabilitation organization. Always has been. It has been directed at the highest levels by former members of the Third Reich's military and intelligence services. And Western Europe has been infiltrated by former Nazis in the intelligence services like Reinhardt Galen who took over the BND. Just took one of the, you know, chiefs of the Gestapo. He just took his files, moved them over to the West German intelligence service in order to prevent people like Clare Daly -- in other words, socialists, from risingto power in post-war western Europe. And so you see she was expelled from the Labor Party. Everyone's been expelled from the Labor Party. If you say Palestinians are not sub-humans, you get expelled from the Labor Party. So she and Mick Wallace who is sitting next to her, they represent the real Irish anti-colonial tradition and they are holding it down in the EU Parliament, completely beseiged on all sides by the far right and the center left representing a true anti-imperialist perspective. And that's why they are there in the EU, which itself is just like a banker's cartel that has been overtaken by NATO."

[7:18] "I mean, what is the point of the EU if it's going to be controlled by NATO because what is NATO? NATO is just the United States' trojan horse in Europe to keep the europeans weak and less independent. To keep Russia out; to keep the west at war with Russia. You see Europe suffering so much right now because of NATO and the EU subordinating its power and not representing Europeans to NATO. Germany. Look at the consumer prices. Just go into a German supermarket right now. Essential goods cost 50% more. They're going to face food shortages because the fertilizer isn't coming from Russia. The fuel isn't coming. They could have a very cold winter and Olaf Scholtz's government could collapse very soon all because he cast his lot with NATO."

[8:08] Jimmy Dore: "Why wouldn't the Germans stand up to NATO? What's happening is there's a pipeline called Nordstream II that comes directely from Russia into Germany. And Joe Biden bullied them into stopping that pipeline. And I don't need to go into it, but that pipeline has stopped. So what's in it for Germany to do this to themselves?

[8:32] Max Blumenthal: "Because they're showing "resolve" against Putin. They've been showing so much resolve that they've pushed Ukraine and Russia into this catastrophic war where Ukraine is just a staging ground for a proxy war for NATO. And one German government after another especially after the end of the Cold War and this trans-Atlanticist ideology was adopted in Berlin after they moved the capitol to there has been just a tool of the United States. Merkel actually would have stood up more to the U.S. over this. She was demanding that Nordstream II be authorized and filled with natural gas because it's so much cheaper to do so. And she has an obligation to her own citizens to heat their homes. Now what are they going to do? Get liquified natural gas from the U.S.? Germany just announced that they can't possibly do so until 2028. They won't have the infrastructure. It's hard to get LNG from here to Germany. They don't have the off-loading docks. You have to convert it to get it into the boats. And then you have to re-convert it.

[9:40] "So German leadership has forsaken their constituents. And German people are not rising up at this point. Where are the Americans rising up against NATO. I mean, record gas prices at the pump which cause food prices to spike. That is what Biden is blaming on Putin. Biden is calling it the "Putin Tax", or something. OK. Most people here do not believe that, but they don't have the context to understand that this is the result of a deliberate decision, that Biden made an imperial decision: make life worse for his own constituents. And where are the anti-war groups? I don't see any massive anti-war rallied right now. I feel like they're cowering.

[10:21] Jimmy Dore: "Which anti-war groups? ..."

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