"Glenn Greenwald: Why American Journalism Sucks"
The Jimmy Dore Show (April 8, 2021)

Jimmy Dore: " ... "

[11:12] Glenn Greenwald: "If you dissect what media propaganda is and you show why it's propagandisitic and deceitful and baseless and manipulative and wrong, that is reporting. That's real reporting. You're showing the public why and how the dominant messaging that they're receiving, that's being transmitted to them by the most powerful institutions is misleading them, because you're showing them what the actual truth is, or at least what there is no evidence to believe."

"And that's what you do. I watch your segments. There's a lot of preparation that goes into them. You dissect individual paragraphs. You show where the propaganda is. And for me, your show really does do more journalism than 90 percent of the people who work in these digital media outlets who call themselve journalists. I learn more watching a segment of your show about some news item than I do reading the bullshit they spew out. Half the time they're not even talking about news anyway. But even when they are, it's just regurgitation of what all their friends and media are saying without a molecule of critical thought being devoted to it."

[12:25] Jimmy Dore: "I appreciate the compliment. But I just try to point out to people that: Look how bad MSNBC and CNN are. They won't even have Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald on to push back against the dominant narrative of Russia-gate. Why they stopped having him on in 2016, I think, was the last time. Wasn't it something like that? And I try to point out to people that if they were interested in getting the truth, wouldn't they bring on Glenn Greenwald? Wouldn't they bring on Aaron Maté? And if I'm so wrong, why wouldn't they want to expose me as the crazy kook that I am? But they'll never touch it. They'll never bring you on. Which is why we have to go on other shows. And it's scary to me how well propaganda works."