"EXPOSED! Mainstream Media Caught Using Fake Sources!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (August 18, 2020)

[8:42] Jimmy Dore: “The mainstream press is hoaxing its readers, its viewers, the people who turn to it for news. Just like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are hoaxing you about Russia-gate and about the real problems of America. It’s a hoax.”

[8:53] Max Blumenthal: “And now we’re being hoaxed about China in so many ways all because Trump decided to turn up the heat. But a lot of the hoaxing is coming from the liberal left sector which is doing Trump’s bidding. There’s very little separation between the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, and a lot of putatively left outlets on the issue of China because they fall for a lot of the human rights rhetoric that you were just explaining, kthat you were subjected to at the Human Rights Foundation, Olso Freedom Forum. And basically because The Gray Zone, my outlet, isn’t falling for this; we’re poking holes in a lot of these “humanitarian” deceptions and propaganda constructs. And because we’re doing so in a credible way, many people are reading our work, we’re starting to get attacked at a very high level. Today Axios which is this corporate outlet that, you know, that basically reports in like bullet points because they think that their readers are mentally infirm or really stupid, they publish this attack on us and the reporter, who is this complete neocon hack, actually went to the ranking Republican chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to denounce us. And there were other attacks. Once citation was an outlet called Coda Story which is part of the same network as Bellingcat, also funded by the US government through its regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy. And then, Hamilton 68, which you’re familiar with, you know, the German Marshall Fund, they do all the Russian bot hysteria, they’re funded by the US government. So every source in this attack on us, which is trying to paint us as some kind of Chinese secret information weapon was a US government source or a US government cut-out. Either an official source or a cut-out of the intelligence apparatus. And we’re the ones who aren’t the credible journalists? They called us ‘a blog,’ and they called us ‘fringe,’ and ‘conspiracists.’ Please. It’s because we’re doing credible, actual journalism and poking holes in official deceptions that these cold war kooks and spooks are coming after us. And they’re trying to make the rest of us into dupes.”

[11:12] Jimmy Dore: “That’s exactly right. . . .

[13:27] Jimmy Dore: “If you get a host job at MSNBC they’re going to make you Russia-gate immediately, the first thing out of your mouth. That’s awesome. . . .”

[14:44] Max Blumenthal: “… “Why do I need some British guy to spout conventional horse-race politics to me? What do yo even stand for? And then, in the end, he just goes on this tirade against China, comparing it to Nazi Germany. He says that Xi is the worst dictator in the world, apparently worse than, you know, Mohammed bin Salman who has actually caused a borderline genocide in Yemen. And those are the two perfect ingredients you need to get kicked upstairs in corporate media: signing up for the new cold war. He attacked Trump on China but his attacks on Trump were because Trump was not competent enough in turning up the heat on China. And he claimed that Trump secretly admires Xi after the Trump administration basically violates long-standing U.S. policy on the South China Sea; is running naval drills in the South China Sea; compels Australia to join; locks up the CFO of Huawei, compelling Canada to do that; implements a trade war costing something like a hundred and fifty billion dollars in tariffs on China; and then pushes one sanctions bill after another. Basically launches a cold war. He represents the most cynical corporate shill who still can’t get, after years and years of opportunism, to the place he wants to be, which is the chair where Chris Hayes, another figure who comes out of putatively progressive media now sits. Basically saying and doing nothing that makes any concrete progressive difference.”

[16:12] Jimmy Dore: “A hundred percent. . . . “ [shows video clip of former CIA operative]

[19:02] “And now you know the rest of the story. And now you know why you can’t believe anything you ever hear from the government and especially the intelligence community. Unless there is evidence and you can verify it. Just like, as Bill Binny said on this show, as soon as the NSA said they had high confidence that Russia had hacked into the DNC computers, he knew they had no evidence. Otherwise, they would say we have evidence. They don’t. They never did. And it has been revealed that was all bullshit. Made up. By Crowdstrike, who also revealed [that] they have no evidence. So this whole thing is based on nothing but no evidence. And still to this day there are prominent progressive hosts still asking for Donald Trump’s long-form birth certificate. Today. Still asking for Donald Trump’s long-form birth certificate. Which is what Russia-gate is. It is a hysterical reaction to the election of the President of another party that presses your lizard brain. A black guy with a Muslm [middle] name? Press the lizard brain of the people on the right who hate [Obama]. Donald Trump does the same thing to people like Keith Olberman and everybody on the left. Almost everybody. There’s only a handful of people who are able to report the news while Donald Trump is President. The rest of them are fucking worthless.”

[20:26 ] Max Blumenthal: “And there’s a deliberate program to suppress what we’re doing. . . ."

[31:31]“The real threat is censorship, not cancel culture. Official censorship. And you know so many liberals got out and they fought when William Bennett and C Delores Tucker proposed labeling rap records in the 90’s. But now all media faces the threat of the intelligence apparatus influencing Silicon Valley to label them. And I think that’s the next step. Not just going after the state-funded media but media that diverges from the hegemonic narrative, that challenges it. And they’ll call it disinformation. Disinformation is the new term for anything the CIA [. . . ].”

[32:06] Jimmy Dore: “So, Max. Just real quick. We’ve had CNN lie about us, saying that our Syria coverage was a conspiracy theory which turned out to be 100% correct. And they were the ones who sent a reporter over to sniff a backpack to say there was a chemical attack. That’s CNN. Then Facebook started doing “fact-checking” on our reporting about the Democrats cheating in the Iowa primary. They are completely fucking wrong. I did a video on them. Exposed it. We just had Snopes do some Democratic Nancy Pelosi apologetics trying to say that somehow Nancy Pelosi isn’t funding the Department of Homeland Security. Where the fuck did they get the money from? That’s Snopes. So Snopes should stick to debunking Big Foot sightings and leave politics to people like us because they’re manufacturing consent. And that wasn’t an accident that Snopes came after us. They’re giving an order. Snopes has been giving an order to come after us. Bellingcat has been given an order. CNN has been given an order. Half the jag-offs on MSNBC, youtube, have been given an order. And they fucking do it. This isn’t fantastical to think that this exactly what the fuck has been going on because only a few people are saying the shit I’m saying.”

[33:25] Max Blumenthal: “Yeah. The fact-checking."