"ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Iran's Spam Emails! War Mongering At Final Debate"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 25, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Hey! Joe Biden's tough on China! Trump's tough on China!"

"Hey! Joe Biden's going to deny you healthcare. Hey! Joe Biden loves for-profit health care.!Trump loves it more!"

"Joe Biden's for fracking! Trump's for fracking even harder!"

"Trump's against a Green New Deal! So's Joe Biden!"

"It's like: Who could be a bigger right-winger? And everyone is giving kudos to the woman who was moderating. Again that's how a corproate news-journalist is going to frame all those questions. Did she do a good job in, like, getting this thing moving? Yeah. Anyway, here's what Joe Biden has to say about being more of a warmonger."

[shows video clip of Joe Biden speaking at the last presidential debate of 2020)

[1:20] Jimmy Dore: "For anybody keeping score at home during the debate, they spent more time repeating CIA talking points than they did talking about climate change. The whole debate was a big game of 'Who would you bomb more?' Here's Aaron Mate" [shows screenshot of tweet]:

Jimmy Dore: "To Iran. [and] We're already doing that to ourselves. That's what neoliberals do, Aaron. And here we go. Here is the "intelligence community," the corrupt, evil, warmongering "intelligence community" doing it again. Here's the head of the DNI. Watch this:

Jimmy Dore: "They took specific actions like, I don't know, what did they do? Did they hire a million people to come infiltrate organizations in America and brainwash them? What did they do? How are they influencing American elections? Iran! You'd think if they had any influence they would try to influence us to stop bombing them and sanctioning them. But, here, listen to what they're doing:"

Jimmy Dore: "They're trying to influence public opinion. That's what they say. Which could mean literally anything. But that's how these guys like to do it."

Jimmy Dore: "Some voter registration information which anybody can get if they walk into the Registrar's office. It isn't secret, the voting rolls. And what are they doing with that information? By the way, this is the exact playbook they did during the last election. The 'intelligence community' was saying the exact same things and we were debunking it in real time in the studio at The Young Turks. We were debunking this kind of garbage at The Aggressive Progressives, not on the main show. We were debunking this kind of garbage on the regular. Every week. In the studio at The Young Turks."

[4:23] Jimmy Dore: "They're going to brainwash us! Iran is brainwashing us!"

Steph Zamorano: "Sowing chaos."

Jimmy Dore: "They're going to sow chaos."

Jimmy Dore: "They're sending emails! That's how they're controlling our election! They're sending emails! Like: 'Hey. Do you need a bigger hard-on?' From Iran. That was one of my spam emails. I click on it, because I want a bigger hard-on and it turns out, it's this guy [points to screen shot of DNI John Ratcliff]

Jimmy Dore: "Wait a minute. Foreign actors? I thought foreign actors were trying to help President Trump. These guys can't keep their story straight. So now the 'intelligence community' is saying it's Iran and Russia trying to hurt Trump. Boy. Whatever they're saying, I'm sure it's true and real. And I'm sure it will be repeated on MSNBC and CNN, almost uncritically. And half the Youtube channels, too. Hey, I found out some newwwwwwwwwwwwwws! ". . . some reporting on this in the last 24 hours" [6:01] Jimmy Dore: "So, there you go. Do you know how Iran is messing with our elections? They send spam emails. So that's enough for this guy [DNI Ratcliff] to come out and give a press conference. So why is he giving that press conference? Because this is all propaganda so we can have a war with Iran, have a war with Russia so we can spend even more money on the Military Industrial Complex like we do every year. That's what this game is about. Oh, also China>."

Jimmy Dore: "Oh, my god! Yes! Iran is launching a super specific email campaign. That sounds more plausible than 'Proud Boys are being assholes.' Makes sense."

Jimmy Dore: "Not Iran and Russia? Isn't that weird? It's so well organized and planned and extensive that they sent -- wait for it -- dozens of emails. By the way, Saudi Arabia is our ally. How come he [Ratcliff] didn't mention Saudi Arabia? Isn't that weird that he didn't mention Saudi Arabia? [7:48] This is all garbage. This is all made up. Do you know who interferes in other people's elections? The United States. Do you know who overthrew Iran's democratically elected President Mosaddeg? Eisenhower. And the CIA. They overthrew him. Because he wouldn't give [the country's] oil to the United States. We did that. That's not what Iran does to us. That's what we did to Iran. And that's why Iran has a right-wing government right now. Because we installed a puppet called The Shah who was an oppressive leader. And then they revolted. And then what happens when you take away the democratically elected populist? People run to a right wing demagogue. So they went to the Ayatollah. And now that's what they have in Iran.

"That's exactly what's happening in the United States. The Democrats block progressive politicians and people go to a demagogue. They get desperate and they go to Trump. People are even more desperate today. They're thinking of voting for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. That's even more desperate. Joe Biden is worse than Trump, in case you didn't know. I know nobody's going to tell you that, except here. I'll fucking debate anybody on it. We'll just go with body count. We'll just go with the number incarcerated. How about that? Just that. Here's what Andrew Yang tweeted:"

[9:09] Jimmy Dore: "This is sad. That's sexist, by the way, that he referred to him by his first name. Very sexist. 'Vice President Biden.'

"And that's Andrew Yang whom I had such hopes for coming on our show. He seemed so sincere and earnest. Spotlight got on him and he does stuff like this. This is really disappointing, Andrew. Because foreign interference in our elections is a big problem, really? Well. here's the real truth, Andrew:

"Right now the United States government is killing its own people. Along with lots of people around the world. It's denying them health care. It's denying them mortgage relief, rent relief as they close down their businesses. It's denying them food, shelter, unemployment [insurance]. It's denying them a UBI. All that stuff. But it's giving 5 trillion dollars to the richest people in the country. Andrew. Our government is doing that to us. It's not a foreign government. That's not the problem. That's propaganda, Andrew. And now that you're on CNN, you're doing a lot of propaganda. And it's sad We're going to need you going forward. Because people trust you for some reason. I think it was the Steve Oh affect. You can just trust Asians.

"What if we just offered all the foreign interference a thousand dollars a month to stop making memes? Because that's what you're talking about, Andrew. You're talking about memes. Why don't we just pay them a thousand dollars a month to make them stop? Here's what Andrew said when he was on our show."

Jimmy Dore: "Not only did it come to that, but he's doing straight-up red-baiting propaganda for Joe Biden. Not only did it come to that, but he went and crossed the line, and now is doing straight-up propaganda."