"Dylan Ratigan: The Super Rich Have No Country."
The Jimmy Dore Show (November 11, 2019)

Jimmy Dore:

Jimmy Dore: [shows tweet by Mark Ames]:

Don't expect Anglo-American media to ask why ISIS leader hiding out in Idlib, the Al Qaeda stronghold armed by NATO & protected by western media/think-tank propagandists these past few years.

Dylan Ratigan: "The layers of conflict are impossible to unwind. So, when you look at all these things, you have to find yourself asking yourself: What you are doing in your own life to absorb narratives that are not true.

[15:47] "... in terms of religious affiliationswe're dealing with an extremely small group of people who are leveraging this. And the primary recruiting mechanism into the terrorist network, anyway, by the way, is not even religion. You're dealing with water scarcity, food scarcity, they've watched their brother, their motherhave no jobs. Sick. Crying in the kitchen. And, eventually, you're the younger brother, somebody rolls up and says, 'Are you irritated with the way you've seen your mother and your brotherand your father suffer? Well, guess whose fault it is and they create a story about who to blame, typically it's Ameica's fault, whatever it may be. And if you want you can do something about it. And if you do something about it, I'll deal you in for some money and some food. And all you've got to do is take this AK and do a little wet work for me, and we're off to the races. And now it's Global Islamic Terror. But really it's resource deprived oppressed human jammed into the corner where they're extremely vulnerable and ripe for recruitment to violence, period. Which really, I think, is the fundamental problem on earth much more than anything that has to do with religion or political conflict. ... when I listen to you talk about the imperative for Medicare for All, or anything like that, you're observing the obvious truth, which is there is a floor of basic resources that must be maintained in order to have a stable, functioning society. And when you pull that floor away, you open up the field for all sorts of violent and destructive forces to enter any society, whether it'd the fears that drive the promotion of somebody like Trump. ...

Jimmy Dore: "You're explaining that when people become desperate then anything is possible and bad things can happen. And people can go to a right-wing despot, which is happening all over the place. In Italy, I was just in Italy. They start with the back end of the problem. They say: 'We've got all these imigrants coming into Europe. What are we going to do?'It starts with our bombing of Iraq, which displaced millions of people. Then we moved on to Lybia. Did the same goddamn thing.We're doing it from Tunisia to Egypt. We're doing it everywhere. ...

Dylan Ratigan: "Which gets back to the need to control fossil fuels which then layers back into the profitablity of military system. Which then layers into those systems with control over policy and government, budgets ..."

[18:06] Jimmy Dore: "You're allowed to say that on Morning Joe. You were allowed. Why does no one else say that? By the way, I know the answer. You weren't looking to get another job. But most people are.

Dylan Ratigan: "Obviously, we all wonder about that question to a certain extent.And everybody's got their own answer. There are actually very few people who actually even understand what you're talking about or what I'm talking about. There obviously are people who avoid it because 'Who needs it?' and 'How is this going to affect my career?' But I actually think the larger population has no idea what we're even talking about."

[18:52] Jimmy Dore: "Of course, because people on the news don't even tell them what we're talking about."

Dylan Ratigan: "I'm saying the people on the news don't know what we're talking about. If you did a survey of all the anchors at all the networks in America and you asked them "What is a Wahabi?" No idea. That's not a conspiracy of malice. It's a conspiracy of ignorance. Same consequence."

[19:25] Jimmy Dore:"So, two things. To prove your point, We just showed a video where a CBS reporter asked Tulsi Gabbard 'What do you mean when you say 'a regime-change war'? That was a question and Tusli laughed to her face. And the second point to that, I was at this symposium, whatever, with a bunch of journalists, Emmy Award winning people from NBC, CSB, the New York Times, and I got invited by mistake. And so I'm on this panel and [I said to one person]: "You're all pro-war and that's why you work at these places." And he said: "Have you ever been in an editorial meeting? That's not how we think. That's not how we talk." and I go" No, I've never been in one of those editorial meetings. And you know why? Because you've been groomed since you were in Kindergarten to sit in that editorial meeting, and I've been weeded out. Because I don't think like you. You think like everyone else who gets hired at these news organizations. I think differently, so I'm not hired at those news organizations." Did those people not read Manufacturing Consent?

Dylan Ratigan: "Definitely not. ... of course not."

[20:39] Jimmy Dore: "You mean people who make millions of dollars doing the news and they never read Manufacturing Consent?

[20:42] Dylan Ratigan: "I'm not going to say every one of them, but largely, no. Remember, television, and there are some notable exceptions, but television as a general platform attracts people who want to be on it. And people who want to be on television, when the priority is to be good on television, to look good, that's what that means. To be pretty. To be handsome. To be funny. To be attractive. At its most superficial level. When the bias is to be attractive, whatever that is, then the selection process for the people who are to be the face of that information is not prioritizing any sense of awareness. There are a lot of interns that come in. They're twenty-two years old. They have the access.And some percentage of those interns end up as reporters on television and some reporters on television end up as anchors on television. And some of those people who find themselves anchors on television find themselves with huge platforms like CBS asking Tulsi Gabbard what does she mean when she says 'regime change.' And nothing about the entire progression of the career was predicated on any familiarity with anything in the economic system or root of the political or social system. The entire thing is predicated on a skill addressing a camera, looking attractive, and in speaking in a way that is well enunciated with a good vocabulary. And so when that ... It's the same way with our politicians. We have a system for politicians that selects for the person who is the best at raising money and assassinating other people's character."

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