"Democrats Still Using Russia-Gate As Excuse For Losing!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (August 16, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: “So the failed Democratic party has been getting away without doing any self-reflection, or an autopsy on how they could lose to a political novice game show host who wasn’t even trying to win, Donald Trump. And they’ve done none of it. What they’ve done is an evidence-free conspiracy theory called Russia-gate and their narrators on the left have become McCarthy-ists and doing McCarthy-like smears of anybody who is their political opponent. And I thought it would end after the Mueller report came out that said there was no evidence to show “collusion” or a conspiracy – a criminal conspiracy – between Trump, his campaign, and/or the Russians. Then it didn’t. And then I thought it would end after Crowdstrike – which is the one [outfit hired to say that] Russia [did something] – and they admitted they didn’t have any evidence that that actually happened, that Russia was responsible for anything. I thought it would end. It’s not ending. It’s just like the long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama. Remember? It never ended. It’s not ending. So his isn’t ending.

[0:57] It has nothing to do with fact. It has to do with people who don’t like Donald Trump. And so instead of actually talking about issues and holding the Democratic party responsible for losing to them, they just go on a crazy hysteria about Russia and Russia-gate. And why? Becuase it makes them feel good. It doesn’t actually do anything. They’re children. Again, we’re adult children of alcoholics in this country. So here’s Nancy Pelosi. She went on the news and here she is on CNN and she’s still doing it. Still Doing it.

[shows screen shot of #CNNSOTU with headline:

[1:23] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

[2:11] Jimmy Dore: “Now who is undermining the trust in our elections? Is it Donald Trump, or is it Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and the establishment media. You remember in 2016 it was all: ‘Oh, Trump. Isn’t he undermining the integrity of our elections. He’s not going to respect the election. He won’t respect it decision.’ Do you remember that? Guess who didn’t respect it. Nancy Pelosi. The Media. Hillary Clinton. And the entire Democratic party. That’s who didn’t respect [the election]. They went right into McCarthyism. They went right into telling Americans that their elections aren’t safe; that their elections are easily rigged by another country. That’s what she’s doing. She’s making it up. Is Snopes [the “fact-checking” site] going to do a thing on her? No. Snopes is not going to do a thing on her.”

[2:56] Steph Zamorano: “You know, Jimmy, I just want to point out that all along she can’t say anything that the Democrats stand for. . . . Right now, she has no, she wants to just talk about Russia. She wants to talk about Putin because she doesn’t have any policies that would help the regular American citizen.”

[3:21] Jimmy Dore: “You’re a 100 % right. And the polls are starting to move the other way. The race is tightening, and they’re getting ready for their next excuse why the Democrats lost twice to Donald Trump. So that’s her scaring the hell out of the American people. Making them think that their elections are rigged by a foreign power. Because they can’t beat a game show host. Because they’re so corrupt. It doesn’t help. Here’s Kamala Harris.

[shows video clip from The Breakfast Club]

[4:01] Senator Kamala Harris:

[4:28] Jimmy Dore: “It was the Russian bots. Was it the Russian bots who told every owner of an NFL team not to hire Colin Kaepernick? What does she mean ‘It wasn’t actually a thing’? Like Colin Kaepernick wasn’t even kneeling down or that people weren’t actually over-reacting to it? It was the Russians. It was Putin who reached out to all those coaches and said: ‘Don’t sign a mobile quarterback. It was Putin who did that.

Steph Zamorano: “I have no evidence.”

[5:10] : Jimmy Dore: “We already know. Yeah. Russia’s doing everything. You know the way to solve our country’s prejudices is to blame it on another country. If Russia is so against Kamala Harris, like she just said, why did Trump make campaign donations to Kamala Harris. Talk about your 4-D chess, huh? So that was just Russian bots. The Colin Kaepernick thing was all Russian bots, according to her. So I guess all those people burning Colin Kaepernick’s jerseys, that all was happening in Moscow. I had no idea there were so many 49er’s fans in Moscow. So blaming Russia for everything is the DNC’s version of speaking in tongues. And by the way, just so I can let the Democrats know, if you’re not a regular viewer of this show, here’s from Forbes.

[shows screenshot of Forbes article headline]

[6:29 Jimmy Dore: “What? I thought he was in bed with Putin. Putin is controlling the American president and everything, and our elections. And all our protest movements are all Russian. And everything is Russia. It turns out, America is conducting cyber attacks against Russia on the order of Donald Trump. [reads from article]

[7:04] Jimmy Dore: “So, CIA, go attack anybody you want, including Russia.” [reads from article]

[7:21] Jimmy Dore: “So the CIA got their new Cold War, baby. We got our new Cold War. They’ve got it with all these countries: Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. They got it."

[8:07] Jimmy Dore: So you know why the rest of the world laughs at us over this Russia stuff? I hope you do. I remember a writer, was it Amanda Marcot – is that her name? – for the Huffington Post. She went to some kind of a journalism symposium in Europe in 2017 and she was like: ‘Yeah. They all think the Russia stuff is crazy here. That was it. I don’t think she wrote an article. Just kind of tweeted it. She didn’t actually put it in an article. No one is going to go against, you can’t go against the establishment narrative and keep a job in journalism in America, which is why journalism in America is horrible. Journalism in America is horrible. Which is why I can do a better job than them. Every time. Without a doubt.

[8:55] “So there you go. They are not stopping. [points to a screenshot of Nancy Pelosi] She’s not stopping. They are not stopping. I hope you’re happy. Hope you’re “f***ing happy.