"Democrats Prevent Democracy! Dems Kick Green Party Off Ballots!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 18, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Trump is killing Democracy, right?" [shows, and reads from, screen shot of tweet]:

Jimmy Dore:" "There's another corporation that will save us. Save our democracy, corporation, please. The thing that's killing it. Please save it. Manufacturing consent. Please save us, Maddow. Rachel Maddow. The millionaire from Comcast is going to save democracy. [laughs] The millionaire propagandist. Well, why do I bring this up? Because Trump is politicizing every institution until our democracy falls? Our democracy has already fallen, by the way. We don't live in a democracy. We live in an oligarchy. And if you think the Democrats care about democracy, [shows and reads from newspaper headine]:

Jimmy Dore: "That's from the Democratic Party. They're not about democracy. 'DNC' stands for 'Democracy? No, Chump,' that's what it stands for." [shows and reads from newspaper headine]:

[1:34] Jimmy Dore: "Yes. Joe Biden could lose a small share of his votes to a third party and a large share of his votes to him being an awful candidate. When you have a system where candidates feel they're entitled to votes, that might be why they won't support policies that 90% of the country actually supports. I don't know. I'm just guessing. Maybe that's why Joe Biden won't support a policy that 90 percent of the country supports, like Medicare For All. I'm sorry, 90 percent of his base, the majority of Americans."

[2:17] The Democrats are so weak, they're literally afraid of Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate who is polling at roughly zero percent. That's how corrupt and awful Joe Biden and the Democrats are. They're so horrible, they know they can't entice anybody to come vote for them, so they have to make sure that they take any of their alternatives off the ballot. And that's what the Democrats are doing. "

[3:09] Jimmy Dore: "Which judges made this happen? The "resistance" judges. They're resisting giving you a vote, your choice for a vote in November. That's what they're really doing. They're resisting you taking part in democracy."

Jimmy Dore: "Two addresses are frowmed upon. Two totally different policy positions, that's rewarded.

[4:06] Jimmy Dore: "Do you see how afraid they are of the Green Party? Do you see how afraid they are of you having a fucking choice? Pardon my language. She moved during the ballot signature process while they were qualifying for the ballot, so they said, 'Oh, sorry, you don't get to be on the ballot.' That's great because, you know, most members of congress get fake addresses so it looks like they actually live somewhere. Changing your real one can mean you lose ballot access."

"That's exactly right. He's right."

[5:36] Jimmy Dore: "So, you live in a lawless society. It's not Trump. It's not just Trump. The Democratic Party are every bit as craven as Donald Trump is. And that's a fact. Every bit as craven as Donald Trump is. They killed more people. They dropped more bombs. They created the Prison-Industrial Complex. They deregulated Wall Street. They kicked people out of their houses. The Democrats, I'm talking about. They're just as craven and just as horrible as Donald Trump."

[6:13] "Donald Trump is willing to give people lip service to get a vote. The Democrats are not. Joe Biden won't even pretend that he's going to give you healthcare. Donald Trump did. He pretended he was going to give you health care when he ran the first time. He pretended he was going to lose the wars and invest that money back home. He pretended he was going to do infrastructure. At least he was willing to pretend. That's how craven and corrupted the Democrats are, they won't even pretend. They won't even give you lip service.."

[6:43] "And, of course, they're going to call it the spoiler effect. I love how they [say] 'Stop spoiling my chance to choose between two unbelievably shitty candidates.'

[7:05] Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats are all upset about the Republicans' voter suppression. Democrats will voter suppress [just] like that. If it serves them. And they're doing it to the Green Party and Howie Hawkins. Say what you want about the Green Party, and I have, they get ballot access. This idea that they don't have ballot access is bullshit. They know how to get ballot access, even when they have to overcome odds like this."

Jimmy Dore: "So if you're a Democrat, you don't have any principles. If it serves you to suppress the vote, you will. If it doesn't, you won't. If it doesn't serve you to suppress the vote, you're going to stand up for the right to vote, if you're a Democrat. If it serves you to suppress the vote, you will shut up and suppress that vote. And that's what they're doing. Because they're better than Trump. They're stripping you of the right to express yourself at the ballot box because they're better than Trump. You fucking chumps."

[shows screen shot of tweet]

[8:48] Jimmy Dore: "The spoiler effect. You would spoil it for one of those fascist corporatist war-mongering maniacs. You would spoil it for them. They call it the 'spoiler' effect because only spoiled people think that's a thing. I mean, the Democratic party are democrats the same way donuts are a health food. If the Democratic party spent as much time trying to court Green Party voters as they did trying to keep them off the ballot, maybe they might win. Maybe they might have a better climate change plan than, hey, we're going to get around to doing something about it by 2050."

[9:44] "Remember, this is an assault on free and fair elections but you need to vote for the duopoly anyway and, mabybe, they'll be more fair in the future.

Jimmy Dore: "We have already surrendered to fascism. Barack Obama repealed habeas corpus, which is in the Magna Carta, which means that they can arrest you and put you in jail without a trial indefinitely. Barack Obama made that happen. That is fascism. They repealed the Magna Carta, the Democrats. Barack Obama. The most sinister mother fucker ever to be President of this country. Barack Obama. The most destructive, sinister, Barack Obama.

"So, literally, he [Ady Baran] is saying the choice is Democracy or Fascism. So when you're cheering for other political parties being removed from the election, isn't that already fascism? It is, Ady. You're already a fascist. Authoritarianism runs very strong on the [so-called] left. Very strong. I saw someone the other day, they didn't agree with someone, they said we should de-platform them. Just like that. And then, when they got called out for it, they doubled-down on it. Russia-gaters calling someone else a conspiracy theorist, that's rich.

[11:47] "It's something when activists get caught up being hacks inside of a party, like this:

Jimmy Dore: "If you're paying attention, it rings hollow. If you're not and you're rich, it sounds like you're a real ballsy person. When you say that Trump is taking away our Democracy.

[12:42] Jimmy Dore:[13:03] Jimmy Dore: "Just so you know, the Democrats did a very simiar thing to Ralph Nader in 2004 in Oregon. They contacted people who had signed petitions to get Ralph Nader on the ballot and they got them to recant their signatures. That's what the Democrats did. This isn't about winning votes for the Democrats. This is about suppressing the vote. 100 million people in this country don't vote. Democrats know who those people are. And they're not going after their vote. Democrats know that those who are disenfranchised, some of those 100 million people who don't vote, and they won't be able to vote Green now, they're either going to write in their candidate, support another third party, or abstain. Stay home. This is about disenfranchising an independent non-corporate party. That's what this is about. And Greens have to run nationally to maintain ballot access. And because of Bernie Sanders' sheepdogging over the last five years, there isn't a third party. The Greens didn't get built up. There's nothing. So now there's a Movement for a People's Party. There's the Greens this election. There's also the Socialist Party. There's also a Peace and Freedom Party. This really would have been . ... anyway, ..."

[14:57] "All candidates are flawed. But I'll just say this about Howie Hawkins. Howie Hawkins has been meeting once a month in the poorest section of Syracuse for the past 20 years. So he can be a vehicle for social uplift. And to have the community's concerns heard in Syracuse's political culture and budget, to give poor people political power. So that's who the Democrats are 'Hallelujah' about keeping off the ballot. Someone who has been meeting with the poorest section of Syracuse, New York for over 20 years.

[16:01] "Proud of yourselves? They are. You think you're better than Trump? You're not. Here's Krystal Ball. She nails it. She says:

[shows screen shot of tweet by Ben Spielberg]

[16:47] Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats are authoritarian, fascist, warmongering, corporatist tools. And you're a chump if you think they're going to help you."

[17:18] Jimmy Dore: "I know other shows aren't going to cover this. I know other shows aren't going to tell you this. That's why you watch this show. It's easy. I don't even have to try to do this. Every day the Democrats get up and ask: 'How can I be fucking horrible?' And they all go right along with it. Bernie goes along with it. AOC. Every member of The Squad. Ro Khanna. They all go along with it. They're all fucking politicians, man. Craven. Narcissistic."

This is the Democrats. Their name is 'Democrat.' They are not interested in democracy."

[18:22] Jimmy Dore: "It's almost like that."

"So there you go. Democrats suppress the vote so they can get a war-mongering psychopath, Joe Biden, who's demented, and likes killing people and kicking them out of their houses. That's what Joe Biden likes doing. And he likes raping the earth. He's a big fracker. Well, let's move on.