"Democrats Performative Political Theater Will Be The End Of Us All!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 12, 2019)

[0:04] Jimmy Dore: "File this under Vote Blue No Matter Who. Now, I live in California, a super-majority Democrat state. They control the [Assembly] and the Senate. They have a Democrat governor. We don't have Medicare For All. We have homeless everywhere. We have student debt. We have wildfires. The governmor just permitted a bunch of fracking. My point is, there is almost no difference in California. Completely run by Democrats. And you're supposed to vote Democrat. And who's telling you that?" [shows and reads from screen shot]:

"Barack Obama is telling you this because there's wildfires ripping up the west coast right now. Right now my entire back yard, I haven't been able to see the sky this whole week. I come out and I feel like I'm living on Mars. Everything's orange. It feels a little bit like you're on another planet. I'm not making that up. That's how it feels."

[1:17] Jimmy Dore: "This is the mother fucker who opened the Arctic up to drilling twice. This is the guy who let it play out at Dapple. The reason why there's fracking pipes underneath this goddamn country is because of him. So he says protecting the planet is on the ballot. It's on the ballot? Because Joe Biden just said he is not ending fracking, at all. That it's a lie. A vicious rumor. So, Barack Obama. All we can do is vote? What if somebody makes a bunch of promises like they're going to put on a soft shoe and stand up for workers, or that they're going to end the wars and invest that money back here? Or how they're going to re-regulate Wall Street? What if someone runs for President, we vote for them, they make all those promises, and then they don't do any [of those things]? This is just a hypothetical. What do we do then? That's just a hypothetical."

[shows screen shot of tweet by Sarah Abdallah]:

[2:35] Jimmy Dore: "Well said, Sarah."

[shows screen shot of tweet by Emily]:

Jimmy Dore: "What the hell are we supposed to vote for, Barack? We already voted for every goddamn Democrat you could possibly vote for. It's total Democrat. What the hell are we supposed to do now? Is Joe Biden going to come out and shoot the fires in the leg? Is that what he's going to do? I vote for Joe Biden and he's going to shoot the fires in the leg? Emily has it exactly right. She has it exactly right. And [California Governor] Gavin Newsom is a friend of fracking. That's right."

[shows screen shot of headline from CNN BUSINESS]

[3:10] "Oh. And America's biggest oil boom came under Barack Obama. Mr He Cares About The Environment? The environment's on the ballot? He bragged about it. Remember I played that video of him bragging that the biggest oil boom happened under his presidency? Because it did."

[shows screen shot of chart of oil production increase after financial crisis]

[3:22] Jimmy Dore: "Remember, his energy policy was 'All of the above'? Well, he wasn't fucking around. It was really all of the above. Look at that. [points to chart] 'production hits 44-year high.' So, that's September 2008 [up] to April 2015. That's Barack Obama caring about the environment. 'Best president in my lifetime.' Anybody who says that, what they're really saying is: 'I don't pay attention to things and I'm easily manipulated. 'I think Wrigley's is pure chewing satisfaction.' 'Pringles. Once you pop, you can't, you can't, you can't stop.' 'I think Diet Pepsi's got the right one, baby. Uh-huh.' You can tell I don't watch TV. I can't think of a fucking current commercial to save my goddamn life. I don't watch the commercials."

[4:43] [shows screenshot of tweet]

Jimmy Dore: "Talk about a crumbling empire. We're out occupying other countries and, meanwhile, ours is crumbling. So let me just back this up [shows screen shot of tweet from Emily above]: When she [asks] 'What the hell are we supposed to do?' What we're supposed to do I guess, is, uh, ballot measures. Obama's answer is Hope and Netflix."

"Now, you're supposed to vote like your life depended on it, when Barack Obama drilled like his life depended on it. And I guess this is why Joe Biden wants to get off fossil fuels not until 2050. Beause he doesn't want to mess up Barack Obama's production legacy, I guess."

[5:46] Jimmy Dore: "There it is. We can't fight the fires because the helicopters that are supposed to fight fires are killing people in another country that we shouldn't be in. And both parties [i.e., right-wing factions] support it. That war. Both [factions]. Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic party. They support the Afghanistan war.

[shows screen shot of NPR headline and picture of Barack Obama before a crowd of troops and an enormous American flag]:

[6:21] Jimmy Dore: "Bipartisanship, baby."

[shows screen shot of Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- standing behind President Trump and beside Vice President Pence -- ostentatiously tearing up her copy of President Trump's speech at his State of the Union]:

[6:23] Jimmy Dore: "Oh, but they really don't like each other. Because there she is. She's resisting. And how much did Nancy Pelosi resist him? Because he can't spend any money unless he gets that money from Nancy Pelosi. Because she runs the House. That's called the Power of the Purse. And that's where she gets all her leverage. And so, how did she use that leverage?"

[6:49] Jimmy Dore: [shows and reads from screen shot]:

Jimmy Dore: "That is theater. This is professional wrestling. They both work for the same guy. And we already know what the outcome is."

[shows screen shot of tweet and reads]:

[7:29] Jimmy Dore: "I think maybe all of them pulled a Joe Kennedy, like how Joe Kennedy made the mistake when he voted for nuclear weapons when he meant to vote against them. He was like, 'Oh, I got confused. I voted wrong.' Maybe the Democrats were like that: 'Oh, you mean I voted to keep the troops in Afghanistan. I meant to keep them out.'

"Here's Nancy Pelosi" [shows screen shot of tweet]:

[7:56] Jimmy Dore: "She's talking about Covid. This is a metaphor for her actual opposition to Ttrump. Whispering in someone's ear, telling them to pass it on while not actually doing anything."

[shows screen shot fact-checking past lies from Speaker Pelosi]:

[8:17] Steph Zamorano: "Torture. She was told about torture."

Jimmy Dore: "So that means she's complicit in war crimes and Nancy Pelosi is a war criminal. Just like Trump. Just like Obama. Just like Bill Clinton. Just like George Herbert Walker Bush."

[8:37] [reads from POLITIFACT screen shot above] [Speaker Pelosi's denials] are false. That is a lie. Nancy Pelosi is a liar and a torturer. Can I say that on Youtube? Can I say the sitting Speaker of the House is a torturer and a war criminal? I don't know. I'm saying it. We'll see what happens. She is. Go feel good about voting for her. Go ahead."

[9:17] Jimmy Dore: There you go. 'Trump knew and kept quiet.' Well, talk about knowing things and lying about it, there's Nancy Pelosi doing it. Talking about knowing things and keeping quiet?"

[shows screen shot from USA TODAY]

[9:33] Jimmy Dore: "You know, those good old days when we just covered up war crimes. Together. Like respectable colleagues. You know those old days?"

[shows screen shot of -- and reads from -- tweet from Erica, the white trash socialist]:

Jimmy Dore: "After the even worse Republican gets elected in 2024. After an organized fascist gets elected instead of a con man and game show host who has no interest in governing. That's why we need a Blue Wave in 2026. Colin Powell is running as a Democrat. Gotta get that Blue Wave in 2026. What did the Blue Wave of 2018 get us? You know what it got us? It got us the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of human kind. Nancy Pelosi engineered it. The Squad and Bernie Sanders voted for it. And then they lied to you about it afterwards.

[10:43 jimmy Dore: "You're fucked. You don't get to vote, no matter whom you vote for, they're going to screw you. Nancy Pelosi is going to screw you. Chuck Schumer. Donald Trump is going to screw you. AOC is going to screw you. They all did it. They all voted for the largest upward transfer of wealth bill. They did not stand up to their own ledership. And why wouldn't they stand up to their own leadership? Because of their cowardness and who comes first? them. Narcisists are politicians. Don't make any fucking mistake about it. You've got to have a huge fucking ego to be a politician. And Bernie has a huge fucking ego, too, which is why he sucks the dick of the Democratic party. Because he wants to stay in his status inside the party. And he doesn't want to be Ralph Nader."

[shows screen shot of tweet from Gavin Newsom showning smoky orange skies over San Francisco]:

[11:38] Jimmy Dore: "This is Gavin Newsom. This is my governor. The Demnocratic governor presiding over a supermajority Democatic [Assembly] and Senate. [reads from quote of Governor Newsom above]ange. They keep acting as if you have a choice about the environment when you vote."

But you've gotta vote. You gotta vote. Take it from a guy who hands out fracking permits like candy. You gotta vote."

[12:49 Jimmy Dore: "So this guy [Ari Solomon] tweets out: 'The entire west coast is on fire. Please stop voting for Republicans'

[to which Jordan tweets in reply]: 'There's a solution but Democrats are also beholden to corporate interests and insist on telling people that its not poliically feasible. Instead, they offer hollow platitudes like 'just vote' when a wall of fire engulfs an entire coastline.'

"Sesame Street says, 'Sending hugs and safe wishes to all of our friends on the West Coast who have been affected by wildfires. Your friends on Sesame Street are here for you.' Gavin Newsom gives it a 'heart'."

[13:37] Jimmy Dore: "I'm just going to let you know this is a fact. This is said in a funny way but this is a fact."

[14:02] Steph Zamorano: "I feel better [when I see stuff like that]

Jimmy Dore: "Doesn't that make you feel better? They're going to fuck you, but they're going to put lube on while they do it. That's all that is. Someone made a joke. They said, a Democratic victory in 1860, if it was 1860, the Democrats would be bragging about their first transgendered slave owner."

[shows screen shot of news headline]:

[14:39] Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats taking nothing but fossil fuel money."

Steph Zamorano: "Jimmy, look at that image [of Golden Gate Bridge with hillside blazing in the background]. That's horrifying. Because we saw similar images here, what was that, five years ago, or whenever the fires were covering all of this area here in the San Gabriel Valley area."

Jimmy Dore: "Trey, you are correct. Is it OK to demand anything from our politicians? Or is it just OK, all you guys can do is point fingers at the bad ones. The ones you think are bad. They're all bad. There's no good ones.

"Johnny tweets 12 with a strong tweet"