"Democrats Deep Ties To Russia & Ukraine Corruption!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 12, 2019)

"I showed you this before, three years ago. I showed that Hillary Clintion did an internal poll before the election and they found out that her biggest vulnerability was her connection with Russia and that Uranium deal that she did with them because they got a hundred and forty two million dollars into the Clinton Foundation just like Dylan Ratigan just said. They do all these deals. They get all this money into their foundation. They got a hundred and forty-two million dollars over that Uranium One thing, and people say all that's been debunked. It hasn't been debunked, that F...-ing corruption of the highest order. A hundred and forty-two million dollars. So now [Jullian Assange] is going to tell you the same thing. Watch this: [shows video clip of Julian Assange interview]

[2:30] Jimmy Dore: "142 million dollars. Alright. I'll stop it there. And I just want to say, once I played a drinking game where we had to take a shot every time Wikileaks had to retract something they published. Well, we were all a hundred percent sober."

Jimmy Dore: "He's telling the truth. And so, again, they want to talk about corruption with the Ukraine and Trump and it's all over them." [shows screen shot from New York Times]:

[shows headline from Washington Post]:

[3:17] Jimmy Dore: "So Hillary Clinton's campaign manager's lobbying group was working with Paul Manafort who was Trump's campaign manager. Do you see this one-party shit corruption? Do you see what's happening?" [shows screen shot of Washington Post quote]:

"So Hillary Clinton's campaign manager working for the Kremlin, OK?" [shows screen shot of Washington Post quote]:

[4:03] Jimmy Dore: "They didn't. What they were doing, they were working for f...-ing Manafort. And who was Manafort working for?

[4:46] Jimmy Dore: "So Hillary Clinton's campaign managers founded a lobbying group that was lobbying for the Kremlin inside the United States. That is the ties that Julian Assange is talking about. Also the 142 miilion dollars. Also, you know the biggest payout Bill Clinton ever got for one speech was five hundred thousand dollars. And do you know who gave it to him? The Kremlin bank gave it to him. So that's what Julian Assange is talking about. And what do they teach you? What did Machiavelli say? Whatever your biggest weakness is, you throw it on your opponent. And That's exactly what they did. And she had the help of the intelligence community and the media which the CIA has infiltrated. They all go right along with it."

"So watch this. Here is John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, who works for Bill Clinton his whole time in the White House, too. And watch him get taken down by ... [someone on Live Fox News Alert]

[6:36] Jimmy Dore: "Now all that is true. And now watch what he says:"

Lady Interrogator: "A lot of people think that you divested into your own children."

John Podesta: "I divested it consistent with my advice that I was given about the White House Councsel's office.

Jimmy Dore: "He gave his money to a fund that his daughter ran. And that's his divestment. He didn't divest. He gave it to his daughter. Here we go:"

John Podesta: "And I was fully compliant and fully transparent about what I had done. And the fact that you're picking through my emails that were stolen by the Russians and were released by Wikileaks ..."

[7:27] Jimmy Dore: "We have your emails. That's how we know it's true, John. Or were you lying in your emails? You shit, f...-ing liar."
John Podesta: "... getting a story which is not true is ... I didn't have stock in any Russian company. So go back and get your facts straight Maria. ..."

Maria: "John, We know tht you own 75,000 shares. You're on the board of ..."

John Podesta: "... not a Russian company. They list less than five pecent ... I didn't own any shares in that company, Maria ... "

Maria: "... its backed by the Kremlin ..."

John Podesta: "I didn't have any shares in any Russian company. I was on the board of an American company that did business here and only here. The Russian company had a small investment in that company and, you know, we can go round and round the tree ..."

Maria: "It's been widely reported that that company has been backed by the Kremlin and they gave you 75,000 shares that you had to disclose ..."

John Podesta: "They didn't give me ..."

[8:37] Jimmy Dore: "Now just imagine if this was Trump. Right? They'd be like: "Oh my god! We got him! He was on that board! He took the 35 million dollars! how many thousands ever never ever never another ... but again, this is the Democrats pretending. This is not going to work, this impeachment. It's not going to work. Hang on:"

John Podesta: [repeats a lot of the same disclaimers and then]: "Maybe you're getting your "widely reported" information from Infowars. ..

[9:39] Maria: "It is not. This is Politico. The New York Times. This is the Wall Street Journal. That's what I'm looking at, John. ... Then there's Hillary Clinton, of course, who got a hundred million dollars from Russian companies after she allowed that Russian company to acquire 20% of the U.S.'s uranium. The point I'm making here John, is that there's much deeper ties to Russia on the Democratic side than there on the Republican side and instead ..."

[10:05] Jimmy Dore: "That's just a fact. Trump wanted to do business in Russia but he's such a bad business guy he couldn't do it. But guess who did? John Podesta. Guess who also did: Hunter Biden" [shows screen shots from various articles]:

Jimmy Dore: "So the company he was on, Joule, its parent company is a Russian state enterprise. Do you see how deep their ties are?

[11:31]Jimmy Dore: "That's not divesting." [shows another screen shot quotation]:

[11:47] Jimmy Dore: "So he could skirt that having to disclose that money because he was a "new entrant" into the Federal government." [shows more screen shots of quotes article]

[12:29] Jimmy Dore: This shit is all going to come up. This is not NOT going to come up if they try to impeach Trump. OK. And by the way [shows screen shot of headline from The Hill]:

[13:32 ] Jimmy Dore: "So, Obama is pressuring Ukraine to not investigate Hunter Biden, but to investigate Manafort for the exact shit they're accusing Trump of doing right fucking now.".

[14:01] Jimmy Dore: "They were f...-ing doing it. Yes!"

[14:28] Jimmy Dore: "So there it is. Again. It's f...-ing the exact opposite. People think 'god created us in his own image and likeness.' No, We created god in "OUR" own f..-ing image and likeness. And that's exactly what happened here. THEY invented Russiagate because THEY'RE the f...-ing Russiagaters. They're the ones in bed with Russia, and they're the corrupt mother f...-ers doing all these deals with "energy companies"."

"And now all they can do is say 'Infowars' or say you're a conspiracy theorist. Watch this. This guy tries to say .. [shows video clip from rising (The Hill)]

[15:03] Rep. Brad Schneider: "Again, this puts at risk our national security [voice]' 'Yes. I think we unerstand your position quite clearly. Let's make it a future event. If a Democrat wins the White House, should their Vice President have a child who serves on a foreign energy company's board with interests in the United States?"

Rep. Brad Schneider: "We can talk about what people should be allowed to invest in, what jobs they should be allowed to take ...

Jimmy Dore: "We're talking about it right now, fuck face. We are talking about it. He just asked you about it. Should that be OK? 'Well, we'll tall about it.' No. We're talking about it right now. So that's how these people are tricking him and they're thinking it's a real news show. It's not a real news show. Its just these two m.f.ers you'd like to ask real questions."

"So this is not going to work, right? This is their strategy and here he is as he calls it a conspiracy ...

"... so that the President has historically long been involved with conspiracy theories. This is yet another conspiracy. See you can't lose sight of the simple ..."

"We did in fact know that Hunter Biden earned $50,000 [per month] on this board. That's not a conspiracy theory. We know that he has little to no experience in Ukrainian energy sector, so is that unseemly. Is that the type of thing that we should be accepting from prominent Democrats?

Again. That's a separate issue.

The Democrats are more corrupted than Trump, for fuck's sake. It's unbelievable. And do you want to know about Biden's kid in China? Watch


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