"Democrats CAVE To Trump On Defense Budget"
The Jimmy Dore Show (December 13, 2019)

Jimmy Dore: “Someone who used to be the mouthpiece for torturers and war criminals is the News anchor, Nichole Wallace. This is amazing, right? Listen to how she talks about how Nancy Pelosi is such a genius. They love doing this. Again, Russia-gate was ‘The walls are closing in.’ ‘The writing’s on the wall.’ ‘The end is near.’ And that was catnip for MSNBC viewers. And the walls never closed in. The Mueller Report landed and it was a complete dud."

Jimmy Dore: “The Republicans won’t budge. So what do we do? We budge. We always roll over. Pretending that our hands are tied. When it’s really that we’re corrupt to the core. … But vote blue no matter who. ... This is beyond sickening. This is a whole other level. When people are living under every bridge in this goddamned city and we give billions to Trump whom we claim is working for Putin to start another war with Iran.”

Steph Zamorano: “She’s a master legislator for the other team. How disturbing for that?”

Jimmy Dore: “They praise Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for passing a bill that bans transgender people from joining the military."

Steph Zamorano: “He got everything he wanted, and you’re telling me there’s some sort of group out there that’s working against Donald Trump in Washington? They’re all in lockstep, and the people are the ones making the real sacrifices again and again and again and again.” ... Jimmy Dore: “They got just enough Democrats to pass it. So like when they want to deregulate Wall Street, Chuck Schumer will find just enough Democrats in the Senate to vote for it and make it pass. And when they want to fast-track judges, Chuck Schumer will find just enough Democrats to fast track the judges. … There is no shame. … They all lied about Afghanistan, but “Number One: I’m a pro-defense Democrat” J.D. Why would you want to be that? and I want to support our troops.” Which means absolutely nothing but ‘I don’t want to be critical of war.’ … Why wouldn’t you vote for the Defense bill, Ted Lieu. Did Russia get to you?” … Someone called in and why the Jimmy Dore Show challenges Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard for certain policies while still supporting them on the bigger, more critical issues. … Fed printing more billions of dollars to “stabilize” Wall Street before the end of the year. … WTF? … QE-4?