"CNN Pushes SHAMELESS Pro-War Propaganda!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (November 17, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "So Trump announced he's appointing -- he fired Mark Esper, a guy from Raytheon who was a defense secretary -- and he replaced him with this guy." [shows screen shot of headline and new Trump appointee advisor Douglas Macgregor]

Jimmy Dore: "This is an article written by Ryan Brown and Barbara Starr. This is a fantastic article. Watch this [reads from CNN article]:

Jimmy Dore: "What? The defense officials are Macgregor. And the President. Those are your defense officials. The guy who is now in charge of the Pentagon and the Commander-in-Chief."

Jimmy Dore: "You mean withdrawal of our troops? That's what they're concerned about. I wonder why they're concerned about that? Oh, that's right. Because they all are seeking jobs in the military-industrial complex as soon as they leave the Pentagon. Because they're all crazy warmongers, right? Yeah. But CNN doesn't tell you that. CNN acts like they're a bunch of concerned people like, 'Oh my god. If we stop doing war, that'll be bad.' CNN is trying to make this seem reckless. Withdrawing from a twenty-year war. CNN and their two writers -- it took two people to write this: Ryan Brown and Barbara Starr are here to let you know that us getting out of Afghanistan is reckless and people are scared and worried about it. And why are they writing this? Because they were told to write it this way because they're sponsored by the military-industrial-complex and Wall Street. That's why."

[2:14] "So Trump actually signalling that he might follow through on a campaign promise of ending these wars which everybody wants except people who have a financial interest in it like CNN writers."

Jimmy Dore: "Mark Esper came right from Raytheon and is an unbelievably lying war monger. 'Mark Esper's chief of staff and he top officials overseeing policy and intelligence.'"

Jimmy Dore: "Look at how CNN writes this. According to CNN's Ryan Brown, we're supposed to stay in Afghanistan until there's no more terrorism. Terrorism where? You mean in somebody else's country? You mean people who live in Afghanistan? Still live in Afghanistan? So we have to stay there forever, Ryan Brown CNN? Yes. That's what Ryan Brown CNN is saying. He's doing his duty as a little tool of the bought CNN from the military industrial complex. He's making you think that it's a bad idea to end the Afghanistan war because there are still terrorist groups there. What? Did the CIA just grab your hand and put it on the pad as you typed this? Ryan Brown. Did the CIA actually do that for you? Was someone from Raytheon typing this for you?"

Jimmy Dore: "Knowledgeble sources. Just nobody. They just made this up. Again, this is no sourcing. This would be one of those things that Twitter would ban, except it goes for the war machine so Twitter won't ban this. They would ban this if it was negative against the war machine, saying there's no sourcing. But if there's no sourcing and it's an aid of the war machine, then it's ok."

[5:01] Jimmy Dore: "Are you ready for this? 'Pushing back on a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan.' It's been 19 fucking years, Ryan Brown. CNN. It's been 19 fucking years we're in that country. Killing people. For profit. 19 years we're in someone else's country. A generation. Two straight decades. Killing people on the regular. I don't know if you read the Afghanistan Papers but everybody knows that it's a joke and we don't know what we're doing there. At all. We're only there because miliary industrial complex is making money off it. But somebody over at CNN told Ryan Brown this. He's saying it would be premature. Their 'sources' say it would be premature to withdraw from Afghanistan."

"So do you see how CNN and Ryan Brown are writing this? As if it's 'irresponsible.' How dare you stop doing war in Afghanistan. There's 'pending security issues.' Another 20 years says CNN. This is garbage. That's a garbage reporter. This is a garbage article. And CNN is garbage.

Jimmy Dore: "This isn't CNN quoting someone. This is CNN saying this. This is Ryan Brown the guy who wrote this saying this. No one fucking said this. This is them saying this. "So we have to keep staying there, says Ryan Brown from CNN. He's not quoting anyone. That's him saying that.

[8:02] Jimmy Dore: "Do you see the framing that they're doing in this article?. 'But despite the lack of progress' in Afghanistan. Hey. We didn't make any progress and Trump is already reducing our numbers of troops there. We've only been there for 20 years, we haven't made any progress, and Trump is now going to withdraw troops. Again, they're not quoting anyone. This is written directly from the brain of the CNN 'reporter' stenographer propagandist Ryan Brown and whoever that woman's name was [Barbara Starr] because they can't have one person write this bullshit propaganda piece. It takes two people to get this amount of propaganda in one article. This is fucking stunning, isn't it?"

[8:51] 'Despite the lack of progress, the Trump administration has already substantially reduced' ... Shame on them. We haven't made progress yet, that damn Trump administration. They're so reckless."

[quoting article again]: 'The Trump administration has already substantially reduced US troops in the country by more than 50% bringing the number of U?S military personnel there down to the lowest levels since the earliest days of the post 9/11 campaign.'

[9:15] "That's a good thing, you fucking tool on purpose CNN."

[9:34] Jimmy Dore: "Irrespective of conditions. And guess what? That's the right move. So, again, this is CNN trying to make peace look reckless. Ending a war that has been going on for 20 years for no reason, if you read The Afghanistan Paper. They have no idea what they're doing at any point, at any time do they know what they're doing. They don't even know who their enemy is. They all know this, and they keep doing the war anyway. Why? [money]"

[reads from article quote again]: "So the people at CNN are upset that Trump's national security advisor wants to 'withdraw troops from Afghanistan irrespective of the conditions on the ground, something made more feasible by the installation of White House loyalists in senior defense posts.'

[10:35] Jimmy Dore: "So you see how they're saying Trump won't even fight ISI. This is really happening. This is a real article written by a person who isn't technically working for the CIA. Actually, technically, he works for a news organization. This is the article they wrote. It took two people to do this much propaganda. 'He has also called for the immediate end of the US military effort in Syria where a small number' -- Just a small number of troops are there fighting for democracy aganst ISIS and he still wants to get rid of them. A Small number fighting for democracy against ISIS!"

[11:11] "So these are just straight up lies. You could say it's gaslighting or propaganda. But I'll just say that it's lying for the establishment because that's what it is and here's the two liars doing it today: Ryan Brown and Barbara Starr from CNN. It took two willing tools of the military-industrial-complex to put together this big a piece of propaganda. Ending a war is bad. Reckless. What are you? For ISIS? Are you against democracy? So this is CNN making sure more people get killed in Afghanistan. More soldiers get their legs blown off. More children, more farmers get decapitated. That's what CNN, Ryan Brown, and Barbara Starr are doing. That's what they do for a living. They push pro-war propaganda. To help bolster the profits of CNN by getting more ads from the military industrial complex and Wall Street."

"So, great job by Ryan Brown and Barbara Starr and CNN. Another garbage propaganda piece that turns out is always pro-war. And anybody who's against it is a fucking nut."