"CHOMSKY Confronted Over Voting Biden Strategy"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 16, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Michael Moore produced a movie called Planet of the Humans that pointed out how we did 50 years of Earth Days and that the environment is worse off than when we started. So what we're doing now doesn't work. So after 40 years of voting for the lesser of two evils, we've got Donald Trump. And now we've got the worst candidate in the history of my lifetime, Joe Biden, against Donald Trump. So doing this over and over again is what we call insanity. And yet, people like Noam Chomsky will tell you to do it. People like Michael Parenti won't tell you to do it. Howard Zinn wouldn't tell you to vote like that. Chris Hedges won't tell you to do that. But Noam Chomsky will, for some reason."

[3:09] Jimmy Dore: "So Joe Biden is the reason why people are in prison. Joe Biden is the reason people are in debt for medical bills, student debt, they can't find bankruptcy protection. Because of Joe Biden. People are screwed hard. People got kicked out of their houses in 2010 because of Joe Biden. People are hurting because of Joe Biden and Noam Chomsky says you have to vote for that guy who's making your life horrible right now because it might be more horrible later [emphasis added]. But he's going to continue making your life horrible.

"So, I'm guessing Chomsky, [when he] was referring to being underwater, was referring to climate change. I don't know if you know that Joe Biden is determined to not ban fracking. He's not listening to the science. This idea that if you listen to Joe Biden we won't have climate change anymore, is so beneath Chomski. This argument is really beneath him. And this just goes to show you this is why he's an academic and not a general. He never won a war or a battle, as far as I ever knew. He's got great ideas and he's good at articulating the problems. His soulutions are not correct. Manufacturing Consent was such a needed piece of work. And his critiques of the system are so unbelievably needed. His solutions: wrong. Because he's good at identifying the problem doesn't mean he's good at the solutions" emphasis added]. And he's 100% wrong on this one."

[4:45] Steph Zamorano: "Some would say that Noam Chomsky has become what he used to debate against."