"Biden-Harris Changing Democrat Opinion For Oligarchs!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 25, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "I'm going to frack more than you. I promise to frack you. I'll frack you and frack you and frack you. Go frack yourself. Now, get this:"

So Steph, correct me if I'm wrong, but before the debates, 65 percent of democrats were for a fracking ban. After the debate that number dropped to 49%. So, Joe Biden is going out there, doing the bidding of the gas companies and it's working. He's changing public opinion. In the wrong way.

"That's the guy. You've got to vote for him because you're going to be underwater, Chomsky says. Your grandkids will be underwater unless we vote for the guy who is turning public opinion towards fracking. Remember Chomsky told you the reason why you've got to vote for him is your grandchildren are going to be underwater. Meaning, Climate Change?

"Which is bullshit because they're going to be underwater no matter who gets elected. That's why that's a bullshit thing to say. This guy [Biden] is firmly committed to creating more climate change. You know the greatest emitter of greenhouse gasses is our military And guess what? He wants to spend more money on it. Your kids are going to be underwater no matter what, Chomsky."

Jimmy Dore: "This is true: wouldn't want to get rid of that, would you?"

Jimmy Dore: "Hey, let's see if we can get it up to six."

Jimmy Dore: "So, it pollutes the water. Fresh groundwater. Pollutes it. That's not news. And it lets out methane gas which causes way more greenhouse effect than regular carbon. And by the way, we're facing shortages because of Climate Change and I can't think of a better thing to with that water than to use it for fracking. Fracking has no upside, and it only hurts people. Do you know that? Fracking only hurts people. And that's why it has bipartisan support."

[shows screenshot of headline and graph]

Jimmy Dore: "There are the numbers for you."

[3:51] Jimmy Dore: "Yeah. I would have gone with that 'would have been a better approach' but the donors weren's cool with it, so . . . nah.

[Hypothetical Biden] 'I'm not banning fracking. I'm gonna ramp up the military industrial complex. I'm not giving people health care.' He can't even lie during a debate to make you think he's going to do those nice things.

[4:45] Jimmy Dore: "Oh, but Joe Biden is going to get you back into the Paris Accord, which is less than a half measure. But he's going to keep fracking going, and the military industrial complex, you know, the things that cause Climate Change. And he's taking money from the oil companies."

Jimmy Dore: "'Hear Hear!' That's what we've been saying here at the Jimmy Dore Show for quite awhile."