"Biden LOSING His Lead Over TRUMP! Still Won't Support Medicare-For-All!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (August 20, 2020)

[0:55] Jimmy Dore: “The Democrats strategy from 2016. You remember." [Shows screen shot of NY Senator Chuck Schumer predicting significant pick up of Republican votes]

[0:29] Jimmy Dore: "That was their strategy. How did that work out for you? So the Democrats are literally trying to appeal to Republicans to vote for them because they know that what they're offering appeals to them [Republicans]. And what they're offering doesn't appeal to workers. Or the hundred million people who don't vote. What the Democrats are offering is stuff that appeals to right-wing Republicans. And how did that work. You lost to a game show host. A political novice. And so how's that going for you? Well. . ."

[Shows screen shot of headline from The Week]

[1:08] Jimmy Dore: "So you saw the strategy. The strategy is to have John Kasich and three other Republicans go up to the DNC, marginalize and disparage the progressive wing of the party, which is what he did, and he did it specifically calling out AOC. That's what you get, AOC, for going along with Nancy Pelosi. She OKs a speach from a Republican at your own convention that shits on you. And it's not even working. So they're doing the same thing they did last time. The same thing, trying to appeal to Republicans. 'Flurry of polls show biden's lead over Trump narrowing.' Here's a new CNN national poll:"

[2:07] Jimmy Dore: "Oh. All of a sudden it's a race. Remember all those headlines 'Hillary Clinton 99% favored to win'? Remember those? Well, we're three months away from the election and Trump is now tightening the race. And here it is. Now they're within 4 points. That's a 10 point shift towards Trump in one month. A 10 point shift. Towards Trump. In one month. And why? Because Joe Biden is running as a Republican. He picked a Wall Street darling, a corrupt cop to be his vice president. A cop. He picked a cop famous for using prison labor. And why did she get to use prison labor? Because Joe Biden wrote the bill that put all those people in prison. He made sure there was more money for prisons. Not schools. And so did Kamala Harris. And now they're appealing to Republicans to vote for them and Trump just narrowed the gap by 10 points in one month."

[3:19] "But Jimmy, what about teh battle grounds? What 'National'? Who cares. What about the swing states? That's what really matters. Oh. OK:"

[3:44] Jimmy Dore: "Statistical Dead Heat. In the swing states. So do you still want to wag your finger at people like me on Twitter and Facebook and say 'Grow Up and vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris'? Or do you want to make a tweet saying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should try to go win the vote of actual progressives by doing crazy things like, I don't know, provide health care for people. Not 'affordable.' Not 'access.' But provide health care for people like the rest of the fucking world does. Maybe do that. Hey. Say you're going to let people out of prison who are there on marijuana convictions. Maybe you make marijuana not illegal. Maybe you make it legalized. But they're doing nothing. They won't do anything. They won't give you student debt relief. They won't give you mortgage relief. They're doing nothing for you. Joe Biden. And Kamala Harris. There you go. And then they're going to blame Bernie. Again. And they'll blame me. Again. And I guess they'll probably blame Jill Stein again. Even though she's not running."

[5:00] Jimmy Dore: "Do you want to know why Trump, just in one month was able to narrow the gap by 10 points? Because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party are bent on not offering you anything. Remember. It's up to them to come get your vote. You don't owe your vote to them. That's what they're counting on. That's not how politics works. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don't have enough votes to win in November, they have to come get them. How do you come get them? Maybe you offer them Medicare for All, seeing that 9 out of 10 Democrats are for Medicare For All. Including a majority of Trump voters are for Single Payer Health Care. Maybe you offer it to them.

[5:43] "And so, this is my plea to all the blue-check assholes on twitter, and in the world: Hey, maybe you don't make a tweet voter shaming or trying to bully someone into voting. Maybe make a tweet at a politician and pressure them into actually doing something for people to make them want to fucking vote for you. Here's Joe Biden being asked that question. 'Why won't yo do something to help the people and get a vote?' Watch this. Watch what he says"

[shows video clip of Lulu Garcia-Navarro of Yahoo News questioning Joe Biden]

[6:58] Jimmy Dore: "Now it's 'health equities' [that Joe Biden says he will 'fight' for]. It's not even 'affordable.' It's not even 'access.' 'I'm going to fight for health equities.'

. . . [some evasive blather by Joe Biden about 'access' to Obamacare through a [non existent] public option] . . .

[7:22] "So he can't even say 'No. I wouldn't veto Medicare.' [He says] 'It won't come across my desk. So son't worry. You won't have to hear me say I'll be an asshole.' Here. He's got more."
. . .
[7:44 ] Steph Zamorano. "So remind me Jimmy. Was Obamacare a democratic idea? Where did Obamacare come from?

Jimmy Dore: "Obamacare was a conservtative idea from a conservative think-tank, The Heritage Foundation first implemented by Mitt Romney, a Republican governor of Massachusetts. And so when Obama and Joe Biden got into the White House they decided, Hey, let's do the right-wing health care plan, even though we have complete [congressional] control, a super-majority in the Senate, complete control of the House. And a black guy in the White House. Democrat. What do we do? Let's implement a right-wing health care plan. Let's do a give-away to the Health Insurance Companies and the Big Pharma. That leaves people out. That doesn't help people."

[8:26] Lulu Garcia-Navarro: "But hasn't the pandemic and the tsunami of layoffs whown the limits of health care that's tied to employment?

Joe Biden: "No, it hasn't, in my view. There's countries...."

[8:44] Jimmy Dore: 'No it hasn't.' This pandemic has not laid bare the inequities in our health care system.' He says 'No. It hasn't.' What?

Joe Biden: "They have, in fact, uh, single-payer systems that hadn't helped them very much either. The question is . . ."

[9:03] Jimmy Dore: "Did you hear what he just said? 'No, it hasn't.' You mean, that our counry is 38th ranked in health outcomes. 38th. Somewhere behind, probably, Moldova. We're 38th in the world in health outcomes. Single-payers don't help those countries? What kind of bullshit is this? And now you know why Trump might beat him. He won't even give you health care in a pandemic? And blue-checks are going to wag their fingers at us and tell us we have to do this. Fuck you. Joe Biden has to come get my vote. And he has to offer me health care in a pandemic. That's my red line. That's my bottom line. That's my divide. That's it. Bottom line. You can't cross it. So if Joe Biden wants my vote, he has to offer me health care. Yes, please. At least give me lip service. He won't even to that. So I ain't voting for him until he does."

[10:09] Steph Zamorano: "Jimmy, you're not promising somebody your vote right now in August? Jimmy. Seriously. You're not promising them your vote?

Jimmy Dore: "I don't know why. It's fairly smart for a voter to pledge their vote three months ahead of time to a politician who is offering them shit. [/snark] Why wouldn't you say: 'If you want my vote come get it.' That's what you're supposed to say. You're not supposed to say 'I'm going to vote for Joe Biden. Three months ahead of the goddamn election. You fucking child. You willing dupe. You willing lemming."

[10:48] Steph Zamorano. "So, Jimmy, I would say [that] most of the people who are going to hit the stage for the DNC are not for Medicare for All. Not about giving you a jobs program. They're taking away all the safety nets. And I would say that the majority of the people who you're going to see on stage -- if you dare watch it -- the next stop will be taking away your social security and privatizing it."

Jimmy Dore: "They're Republicans." 15:05 Jimmy Dore: "Think of what he's saying: a Democratic congress under a Biden presidency will not put Medicare for All on his desk. Think about that. A policy that most Americans want and that 9 out of 10 Democrats want. A Democratic Biden is telling you right now that a democratic Congress will never pass that. He's telling you that a Democratic Congress will never pass Medicare for All."

[15:39] "So, If Biden is right, why should anyone ever vote for a Democrat. If he's right, why would you keep voting fucking Democrat? It's time to stop voting Democrat. It's time for that party to implode. And it's time for a new party. It's time for a People's Party. And we're having the People's Convention August 30th. And we're going to be broadcasting it on this channel. And there are going to be a lot of speakers. I don't know who I'm allowed to announce. But I know that Nina Turner will be there and Cornell West and like three or four brand new big names just came on this week. I'm not allowed to say. But we'll know tomorrow a few more and then we'll know -- it's coming up."