"Bernie Sanders' Warning Is TOO LATE"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 25, 2020)

"So Bernie Sanders who did absolutely nothing, extracted absolutely nothing from Joe Biden for his endorsement or for droping out of the race, and he threw his movement under the bus and has been doing absolutely nothing for you since voting for the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of the human race, Bernie Sanders voted for that 96 to nothing, while getting you zero. I know that a lot of people thought Bernie Sanders got that unemployment provision into that CARES ACT. He did not."

"He gave a speech that was complete theater. And this is the only show that will report it that way, so we're used to being alone on stuff like this. To tell you the truths. The hard truths. We're doing it. So Bernie Sanders says this yesterday. He did an interview. And here's what he had to say:"

Jimmy Dore: "I just wanted to stop it there because Bernie starts of with 'my friends in the Democratic party.' Bernie, friends don't throw you under the bus and mock you at every opportunity while you're out campaigning for them That's not something that a friend does. But campaigning for a guy who does that makes you a cuck."

[2:16] Jimmy Dore: "So what Bernie is saying is that the people he's been saying are horrible for 40 years, the fate of the country hangs on those people. That's what he's been saying. That the fate of the country hangs on the Democratic party. What he's saying is: We're screwed. Do you really think the Democratic party is going to help you? And, by the way, if Bernie considers the Democratic establishment his friends, I'm terrified to see what his enemies look like."

Jimmy Dore: "You mean like I was in the [primary] campaign? How I was not bold and how I was not aggressive? And how I was a patsy, a spineless, nutless wonder, rolled over, even Russiagated my own self? He red-baited himself. You mean, like that kind of boldness? You bullshitter. You sheepdog for the Democratic party. You bullshitter. This is all talk. The time for him to do something came and passed. And now he has absolutely no power. None. Zero leverage. Bernie gives a speech, six people show up. Bernie does a live stream, I do a live stream, we're getting ten times the viewers. No one gives a shit what he has to say."

Jimmy Dore: "Like we've always done. Like I've always done, like I just showed you that I'm going to do. You know, that thing that we always -- if we do the thing we've always done and keep on doing the thing that I'm going to do . . .

Jimmy Dore: "So, if we keep going along with the status quo of Joe Biden and the way the Democrats have been going along, that the next Trump is going to be even worse than this Trump? Where have I heard that before? The next thing you know, Bernie is going to start saying 'failed state.' And he might even get Syria or Venezuela right. Looks like Bernie's speech writer is watching this show. Which is nice to see."

"We're going to get a worse Trump, huh, Bernie? Isn't that something? 'After I just did everything to make sure the guy who gave us Trump gets elected so we can get an even worse Trump, I'm gonna warn you about the thing I just did."

[5:22] Jimmy Dore: "This is from Politico:

Steph Zamorano: "Is Bernie a Republican?"

Jimmy Dore: "But, Bernie, you're not a Republican. You're not going to get in Joe Biden's cabinet. He's got an interest in becoming Labor secretary, but I bet he'll accept just being told to fuck off for the billionth time. Will he? The guy who campaigned harder than the actual candidate hopes to get some kind of acknowledgement."

Steph Zamorano: "So we're really going to be able to tell if he's Joe Biden's real good friend at this point?"

"Right. Here's what Kyle Kulinski said:

[6:32] Jimmy Dore: "How is it that a freaking youtuber knows this? How is it that a pot-head comedian in his garage knows this? But Bernie doesn't know it? Bernie knows that. He's just a nutless wonder. He's not there to stand up for you inside the Democratic party. He's there to sheepdog you into it and tell you to vote for the problem. Because he doesn't want to wind up like Ralph Nader because it turns out he doesn't have as much guts as we wanted him to. He doesn't have those guts. Doesn't have it. Being a nice guy doesn't make you a leader."

"By the way, that's not him being nice. That's him being nefarious and evil. By sheepdogging you into the party and then turning his back on his movement and getting nothing for it. That's not him being a nice guy. And Kyle is correct, a 100 percent here. That's not Bernie Sanders not knowing this. He knows this. God damn. I'm sure Bernie's got nothing to worry about. I mean, Democrats always look out for him, don't they? Like when he did nearly 40 events for Hillary Clinton and then she went on Hulu talking about how nobody likes Bernie."

"Hey, Bernie, just so you know, they hate you unless they want your email list. They hate you unless they want votes from your supporters, or an endorsement, or a unity tour, or a campaign event. Then they remember you. And then they go back to hating you immediately."

[8:23] Jimmy Dore: "Kyle, he's not naive. Everything Kyle says is correct, except, Bernie's not naive. bernie's doing this on purpose. He's not dumber than you. He's not dumber than me. His whole life is politics for the last 50 years, He's not missing this. He's not making a miscalculation. He's making a calculation, but it's not a mis-calculation. He knows exactly what he's doing. God damn it."

"Here's Bernie Sanders campaign for Biden [shows video clip of basketball fan getting no response from basketball team on their way to the exits] and the DNC are the players."

[9:31] Jimmy Dore: "And that's a segment called Bernie Being a Cuck. Did you see that shit he was slinging? Can we watch that one more time because that is such garbage."

[plays rerun of video clip wih Bernie Sanders speaking empty political babble].

"The time came and went for you to do something, you fucking poser. The time is this year, now. What are you doing right now? Nothing. What are you doing right now, one of the most powerful 50 people in the entire world [1 of 100 US Senators]? What are you doing right now? Nothing. What are you going to do tomorrow? Nothing. What are you going to do next week? Nothing. What are you going to do next month? Nothing. What are you going to do in December? Nothing. What are you going to do in January? Nothing. We're going to wait until Joe Biden gets inaugurated and then we're going to spring into action and make Joe Biden do a bunch of stuff he's never ever ever gonna fucking do."

[plays rerun of video clip wih Bernie Sanders speaking more empty political babble about tghe opportunities that control of the Presidency and Congress would afford]

[11:35] Jimmy Dore: "We had a democratic president with a super-majority Senate and the House. We had that. Do you know when we had that? We had that when Barack Obama was elected. And do you know what we got out of it? We got the banks made bigger. We went from two wars to seven. And guess what? Barack Obama kicked 5.1 million people out of their homes in a similar economic situation to this right now."

"So right now Joe Biden [Obama's Vice President] kicked 5.1 million families out of their houses -- so that's his plan to deal with this, Bernie. That's how Joe Biden deals with these kinds of problems. He's going to give more money to the banks. And he's going to impose austerity on people. And he's going to kick them out of their houses. While he denies them Medicare For All. That's what Joe Biden's going to do."

"You don't think he's going to do that? Why aren't you fighting him right now? Why didn't you get something from him before? I guess we all, like, know this. It's hard to believe that there is nothing inside that guy, right? That's hard to believe, isn't it? It's true. Just as cowardly as anybody in the world given the circumstance, Bernie Sanders."

"OK. And he wants to be Labor Secretary. And youtube jagoffs know you're being a fucking moron. Kyle knows it. I fucking know it. Everybody fucking knows it. Except Bernie? Bernie knows it, too. He knows it. He's performing. Bernie's performing for MSNBC and for CNN and for every asshole inside the Democratic party. Bernie's performing."