"Bernie Blasts Voter Purge by GOP"
The Jimmy Dore Show (December 19, 2019)

[shows tweet by Bernie Sanders]

I’ve run for office many times. I’ve lost some races and I’ve won some.
But I’ve never said to myself, ‘How can I make sure those who might vote against me can’t participate in democracy?
That’s what Republicans are doing today.
It’s cowardice and they won’t get away with it.

Jimmy Dore: “He’s right. But here’s what I had to say about it, because the whole thing, again, to me, it’s like Sam Harris wagging his finger at Muslims, saying they’re violent, in the middle of us setting the whole Middle East on fire. Good Christians over here in the United States wiping out everybody. And so, to me, yes, it’s bad what the Republicans are doing, but like Chomski says, ‘I always criticize the U.S. government because that’s the government I can have the most influence on.’ I said to him [Bernie Sanders]:”

[Shows tweet by Jimmy Dore]

Remember when republicans rigged the primary, closed voting places, illegally kicked 200K voters off NY polling places, corruptly funneled the $ for State parties into the HRC campaign while corruptly colluding w/ the DNC to limit debates, & used SuperDelegates to overturn the will of voters?

Jimmy Dore: “Do you remember that?”

Jimmy Dore: “So, the point I’m making there, is that, Bernie, you actually can exert pressure there on the Democratic party. That’s what you should be screaming about day and night, and you should be reminding people that they cheated, not you, but progressives and the country. And that’s why we have Donald Trump. That’s why. And if you did that, you’d win. In fact, I went on to say:

[Shows tweet by Jimmy Dore]

Bernie’s campaign is strategically challenged. They won’t learn from Trump’s victory, which is: run against your own party! People hate the establishment, that includes the Democratic establishment that cheated U and gave all of us Donald Trump. Run against DemParty and you’re the next president.

Jimmy Dore: “It’s that simple. People are sick and tired of hearing you say how you’re good friends with Hillary Clinton and fucking Joe Biden, the people who made their lives hell in the first place. You’ve got to be a revolutionary. That’s the whole point of you, Bernie. As horrible as all the other candidates are, Bernie’s still struggling. He’s in the lead, now, in Iowa, so this is good, but Jesus Christ, they just did a poll and Trump’s beating everybody in the Democratic primary. Did you know that? How about coming out against the Democratic party impeaching Trump, Bernie, and say: ‘Why don’t we beat him at the ballot box? Are you afraid to trust the American people? Because I’m not afraid to trust them. I would have beat them last time and I’m going to beat them this time. And the reason the Democrats are doing this is because they don’t want to jump on my agenda which offers people something to vote FOR.’

Jimmy Dore: “Holy shit. Can you imagine if he really came out and said that? The whole fucking world would get off the couch and go vote for that guy. But he’s never going to say it. He’s got horrible advisers. And his instincts are bad in this, strategy wise, just bad. Am I wrong about this?"

Ron Placone: He [Sanders] needs to be an outsider. We live in an outsider time because, as Donald Trump convinced people that he was an outsider. That’s why people went for Trump. They bought this snake oil that he was some kind of outsider. It was nonsense, but he sold it. So only a real outsider can beat him. The beltway is not going to beat him. So Bernie needs to be the outsider that he’s been for the past thirty-some years."

Jimmy Dore: “Again. You’ve got to go scorched earth, like Trump did."

Steph Zamorano: “And he scorched Jeb Bush. And he handed Jeb Bush: ‘You want to talk about what your brother did and what led us here?’ And everyone is like ‘YES! Finally say something about George Bush. Finally.’ And that’s what you’re saying. Bernie Sanders needs to challenge the Democratic party."

Jimmy Dore: “Bernie Sanders could end Joe Biden’s campaign on Thursday like that. [snaps fingers]. He would turn and say, ‘Joe I think the reason you’re having a hard time figuring out how we’re going to pay for giving everyone health care like the rest of the world takes for granted, I think the reason you can’t do that math is because you’re being paid not to understand how that math works. Who has taken more money from Parma and Health Insurance? It turns out it’s you, Joe. You’re corrupt and it’s your brand of corrupted politics that I am here to overturn and give the government back to the people. We had eight years of you in the White House and people are decimated. And then we got Donald Trump. Go away. You’re the problem, Joe.’ And he won’t ever say that."

Steph Zamorano: “… When he wants to defend the Obama legacy. There’s nothing to defend. Look where we are. He didn’t bail out the people. He bailed out Wall Street. What’s going to happen next time? Biden is complicit in the old regime. I don’t want it. I want something new."

Jimmy Dore: He’s got to turn to him. ‘Joe. You made the banks bigger. You took us from two wars to seven. You opened the arctic for drilling whenever Shell Oil asked. Kicked people out of their houses in favor of Wall Street. You made people’s lives harder in bankruptcy. You are the problem, Joe. And we’re coming for you.’ That’s what he should say. And he’ll never say this stuff. He’ll never say it. And he’ll also never tell people to put on a yellow vest. And somebody has got to. Because that’s what it is going to take. Even if Bernie gets elected, the Democrats will immediately join the Republicans to oppose him."