"BIDEN Blasts BERNIE in Attempt To Get VOTES!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 25, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "I beat the socialists in a pandemic when it was deadly for people to go vote and I told my supporters to go vote anyway and hid behind nationalism and my party did everything to kneecap the socialists for the second time and they succeeded. That's what he means when he says 'I beat the socialists.'"

"Joe Biden thinking he won that primary is like Donald Trump thinking he generated his own wealth."

Jimmy Dore: "Because, you know what they say: 'Gracious in defeat and in victory.' That's what they say. That's why he's saying that, because, you know, he's gracious."

"'That's right. I'm the guy that all the 2020 candidates fell in line for and the media cooperated with to steal the nomination from the guy the people preferred. I'm that guy.' [reads from screen shot] "Hey, Barack Obama wins the Demnocratic primary." [shows screen shot]:

[1:21] Jimmy Dore: "Much like Ringo and the Beatles, Joe Biden got by with a little help from his friends. That's how he won the goddamn primary. Barack Obama personally called Pete Buttigieg and all the other candidates and told them to drop out, this is your power move, when you have all your power."

[shows video clip of Joe Biden saying]: "Do I look like a socialist. Look at my career, my whole career. I am not a socialist."

[2:16] Jimmy Dore: "I like how he's standing in a warehouse that's full. And do you know what it's full of? It's full of Biden/Harris signs. Full inventory."

[2:39] Jimmy Dore: "I don't know what Berie's even saying at this point anymore. I don't even, like, I couldn't write things to make him look dumber than he sounds. I couldn't even make up stuff to make him sound like a bigger cuck than he is. He is the opposite of what is needed at this moment. [reads from tweet by The Bern Identity above]

"Honestly, is there a bigger disappointment in the world than Bernie Sanders?" For me, personally, there is not." My dad punched me so hard twice, I pissed my pants. Less of a disappointment than Bernie Sanders. Punched me so hard knocked me out. I woke up in a pool of piss. That's how hard I got hit by my father. Less of a disappointment than this guy is [pointing to picture of Bernie Sanders].

[4:13] Jimmy Dore: "Wow. Joe Biden stabbed Bernie Sanders in the back. Who could have seen that coming."

[4:37] Jimmy Dore: "Good old Joe. It's almost like he's campaigning for the other Biden.

Jimmy Dore: "And, of course, he didn't. Because Bernie Sanders' goal was not to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders' goal was to remain in good status with the elite in Washington, D.C. inside the Democratic party. And he did it."

Jimmy Dore: "That's true. So he went and gave a speech to help the Republican beat a Democrat."

[6:06] Jimmy Dore: "Look, If we get four more years of Trump, at least we know Bernie and Joe Biden will be tight."

[shows video clip of Joe Biden speaking]: "Paul Ryan was correct when he did the Tax Code. What's the first thing he decided we have to go after? [leans forward, whispering confidentially] Social Security and Medicare. Now, we need to do something about Social Security and Medicare. [leans forward, whispering confidentially] It's the only way you can find room to pay for it.

Jimmy Dore [whispering confidentially]: "Smiling like an idiot. 'Hey, we're gonna cut our social safety nets. The richest country in the world is going to pretend we can't give health care to people. When my own kid gets sick, we're gonna go bankrupt trying to pay for it. We're gonna take a personal loan from Barack Obama to save my ass and my house. I'm the one who set up this system that's bankrupting me, and I'm still not going to help you. That's what a craven, fucking maniac I am.'

[7:27] Jimmy Dore: "I can't even imagine being as big of a maniac. He's a bigger maniac than Trump. Your own kid. You go bankrupt. You set up the health care system that bankrupts your own family? And you still don't want to fix it? I would have to say, that if there was a ... if the health care system bankrupted Trump, I'm sure he would want to fix it. I'm sure he's want to stick it to those health insurance companies. Not Joe Biden. Because Joe Biden is a shell of a human being. He's not a real person. He's just a cash receptacle. And he doesn't even cash in. [??] Here's Joe Biden going to tell you who his friends are." [shows video clip of Joe Biden on Meet The Press]:

Jimmy Dore: "So you see who his real friends are. Republicans. Bob Dole. That's his real friend. We're going to protect each other, right? As we fuck over America. Yeah. So you know who his friend's list doesn't include? You."

[10:05] Jimmy Dore: "I mean you have to because we because we couldn't possibly spend less on endless war, could we? Because he'll always find money for the military. But not [whispering confidentially] 'Medicare and Social Security. We gotta cut medicare and increase the military. We gotta do it.' And he says it with this psychopathic glee in his voice. That it somehow makes him some kind of good person. That he's telling you some truth. We have to deny health care to people. And security in their old age. That makes me strong. To screw over the most vulnerable people."