"Ana Navarro's SELF-OWN About The Supreme Court!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 28, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: “The Democrats are feckless frauds. The Democrats have allowed Republicans to seat over 250 federal judges and three Supreme Court justices without a fight. These right-wing judges will be with us for the rest of our lives."

"Democrats could have denied unanimous consent for procedural votes. They didn't."

"Democrats could have demanded quorum from Republicans for process votes. They didn't."

"Democrats could have filibustered amendments and filed endless procedural challenges. They didn't."

"[House Speaker] Pelosi could have co-ordinated impeachment of Trump or William Barr to force the Senate into a procedural session. She didn't."

"Democrats could have gummed up the nomination, but they didn't have the guts. In a press conference last week, Chuck Schumer floated the possibility of the Democratic Senate caucus denying quorum. He didn't.

"Dems could have used every trick to stall the nomination [of Justice Amy Coney Barrett] past electiond day. But Democrats are lazy, arrogant, and stupid.

"It wasn't Jill Stein that prevented Democrats from having any balls. The Democratic party leadership is a disgrace. The only power they wield is forwarding the Republican Wall Street agenda without appearing to be the authors. Yet they will continue to fundraise off their supreme court failure. That's the real game here. Democrats approve these judges because Wall Street approves them. And they get the added bonus that progressive legislation will be almost impossible unless the Court is expanded. The political theater is endless."

"So that's what I have to say about that. But guess what? It turns out there's a very juicy story. I wouldn't say, 'juicy,' but 'hilarious.' Here's Anna Navarro-Cardenas. She's been a commentator on CNN since [before] Trump got nominated. And they like her because she's a Republican who hates Trump. She's for every horrible thing in the world, Anna Navarro, except when Trump does it. She's for war, but not when Trump does it. She's for tax-cuts for the rich, except when Trump does it. So she tweeted this out:

Jimmy Dore: "The pot-smoker from New Mexico? Do you hear this? She's really mad at everybody who voted for Jesse from Breaking Bad. Yes, Yes. This judge appointment, Anna, this is the fault of the voters. She's blaming the voters for the Supreme Court. This is the fault of the voters, Anna. Except five of these nine judges were appointed by presidents the majority of voters didn't vote for The majority of voters voted for Al Gore. We got George Bush. The majority of voters voted for Hillary Clinton. We got Donald Trump. It's not the voters. It's the system the oligarchs want to hang onto. The voters didn't do this.This is The System. The corrupt system held over from slave-owners. But nobody wants to fix it. Why? Because the oligarchs don't want to. Why? Because Anna works for the oligarchs. That's why. Come on!"

[4:16] "Boy, I'll never forgive Jill Stein for telling Obama not to fight for a court pick that was rightfully his. Damn that Jill Stein. Oh, the people with no power are running everything! What is it? How can we control the people with no power? Why are they running everything?"

"But here's the ultimate irony about this. So she's mad at people who voted for Jill Stein. Because of who we've got on the Supreme Court. She's mad at voters. OK. Here it comes. This is from Anna Navarro in August of 2016. Who was she voting for? Not Jill Stein."

Jimmy Dore: "See? This is your fault for not voting for Anna Navarro's mother. We all should have voted for her mother and then we'd have a different Supreme Court Justice. I've already written in Anna Navarro's mother's name for the election in 2024, so don't blame me."

"That's pretty awesome. There isn't a word to describe this. We need to invent a new word. You know how we invented 'smugnerent' for Bari Weiss from the New York Times when she didn't even know the meaning of the smears she was throwing around. She didn't know what 'toady' meant. There's got to be another word for this. I mean, >can you really do this? You come out in October of 2020 and blame people for not voting for Hillary Clinton when you, yourself, did not vote for Hillary Clinton [in 2016]? There has got to be.

So that's how bad this virtue-signalling has gotten. Around Trump. That's all this is. So when some blue-check asshole comes on Twitter and say 'You gotta vote. Make sure you vote. Vote Vote Vote. That's what this is. That's all this is. It's all just virtue-signalling."

Jimmy Dore: "She's doing an interview with Scotty Nell Hughes who, by the way, . . .

[Steph Zamorano: ". . . was seated beside her, before, when Anna Navarro couldn't stop saying 'pussy.'

Jimmy Dore: ". . . that's right. So let's watch. And, by the way, I did some shows with her in DC, filling in for Ed Schultz. That's how I met her. So watch this. This is fun.

[CNN Interviewer: "What my question is, Anna, for the last year I've heard you bash Mr Trump. Who are you supporting? [too much shouting and interruption to sort out]

Jimmy Dore: "But it is her right to vote her conscience any way she wants. Unless if you vote for Jill Stein, then you're a real piece of shit, I guess. According to Anna Navarro. This is called 'shadow.' This is Carl Jung talking about when Anna Navarro's persona is that she wants to be a good person, a good neoliberal and she's voting for Joe Biden, whatever, but here she is, this is her shadow: "I'm not doing it. Not going to do it.' Isn't that funny.

Steph Zamorano: "I thought that when the news anchor said that a lot of people feel this way, I thought she was saying 'a lot of people are voting for her mom, too.'

[10:22] Jimmy Dore: That's Anna Navarro saying she gets to vote her conscience but you don't. You know who else tells you you get to vote your conscience? Isn't this wierd? Watch this. Hillary Clinton tells you you should vote your conscience. Isn't that weird?"

Jimmy Dore: "Vote your conscience, unless your conscience tells you to vote for Jill Stein. Or Gary, uh, what's his name? Johnson, who is the libertarian? Or anybody else? Socialists, Communists, or whoever else. Vote your conscience if your conscience says vote for me."

[10:50] "She [Anna Navarro] doesn't mean that [about voting your conscience]. Of course she doesn't. Isn't that awesome? "There she screaming: 'I get to vote. My vote is sacred. My vote is private. I get to vote however I want. You don't get to tell me. I get to make up my own mind.' There has got to be a bigger word for this than just 'hypocrite.' There has got to be a bigger wrord for this. I don't know what it is, but I wish Paul Gill Martin was here so he coulc invent that word like he inveneted 'smugnerant.' Rick Overton is great at making up words for stuff like this. He has a million o them.

Steph Zamorano: What I liked was Anna Navarro the whole time saying: 'Will you let me speak? Will you? Will you? Will you let me speak? OK? So what I'm saying: Will you let me speak? Will you let me speak? Will you let me speak?' I just love that."