"Adam Schiff’s Unhinged Fear Mongering At Impeachment Trial"
The Jimmy Dore Show (January 24, 2020)

[0:55] Jimmy Dore: “So I’m not watching this. [Shows screen shot headline from Huffpost]

I know there are a lot of people watching this. I’m not. I’m not going to watch this. It’s ridiculous, but, I will watch some of the people who watch it, and talk about it.

Steph Zamorano: “I just want to stop really quickly and just say: You just have to look at Adam Schiff’s expression to know – if you’re trying to figure out what a sociopath looks like, narcisssist – There you go. He’s like the poster child for this”

Jimmy Dore: [points to Schiff’s lapel pin]: “When did they stop wearing flags? What is this thing he’s wearing? So let’s hear some of the stupid shit he says. Just a sampling. He’s quoting Alexander Hamilton, except he doesn’t quote the part where Alexander Hamilton says that Schiff is an asshole.”

“So, if you remember, before the 2016 election. They were saying that Trump might not honor the results. What if Trump doesn’t honor the results of the election and then he tells his crazy followers to start a civil war? Remember that, Steph? I’m not making that up. And, of course. The election happens. Trump wins. And who doesn’t honor the results? Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. And the establishment media. Isn’t that ironic? The same thing they accuse Trump going to do, they ended up doing.

Steph Zamorano: “What’s even more ironic, she needed the help of Jill Stein after that.

Jimmy Dore: “And now they’re saying: … “What about this? What about Trump suspending the election? You know, every time they do this, it’s so you’ll think about something else other than what you’re supposed to be thinking about. And I’m going to prove to you that it’s the Democrats who are doing what they accuse Trump of doing. [shows Adam Schiff video clip]:

Jimmy Dore: “Well, here’s what Kyle Kulinski says about that:

Jimmy Dore: “Here. Here. Well said. So listen to this [again, video of Adam Schiff speaking:”

[4:12] “The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box.

Jimmy Dore: “What the fuck? The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box? Every President is guilty of war crimes. So that means that every president could be and should be impeached. We don’t impeach every president because impeachment is a completely political operation. A completely political exercise. Meaning, only if the will of the people is on your side can you impeach a president, or should. So, here’s the Democrats saying” ‘We can’t trust democracy.” …

[Adam Schiff again]: “The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.

Jimmy Dore: “So, he’s saying we can’t trust our election system. So why isn’t there a civil war after every election? That’s what he’s saying. He’s saying we can’t trust our election system anymore. That’s what he’s saying. And he’s saying that Trump was elected but not actually elected. He’s calling the election illegitimate. The exact thing they’re accusing Trump of doing, they’re doing. Adam Schiff is a psychopath. Nonstop show, bullshit. Just like Steph said: “Imagine if Adam Schiff gave a fuck if people had to rob a pharmacy to get medicine for their daughter. Imagine if he was that outraged that people can’t afford their insulin. Imagine if he was that outraged that people couldn’t afford their medicine. Imagine if he was that outraged thate 30 million people don’t have health care. Imagine if he was that outraged about that and was on the floor at 3:00 am going to scream about it. No. What is he screaming about? A phone call. Bullshit. Nothing. And here is what Aaron Mate says about that:

[7:12] Jimmy Dore: “Yes. Adam Schiff and the Democrats are a joke. This impeachment is a joke. And I’m thankful to Shahid Buttar for coming on. Because he’s a super smart guy, smarter than me, and give me a chance to debate the impeachment. I urge you all to go watch that video. It’s not even a close argument. You can impeach every president. Every president is a war criminal. Every one. So every President, you elect them, then you impeach them, because they’re all war criminals. So that’s the way we want to run our democracy? It’s horrible. So, I urge you all to go watch that, because everybody told me – and Shahid’s running against Nancy Pelosi and all the best of luck to him. He’d be a great person to knock off Nancy Pelosi and I hope that happens. It’s a tough fight because San Francisco is full of rich people now. Neoliberal types. He’s got a tough row to hoe but we’re all for Shahid Buttar. But everyone told me ‘You have to talk to him about impeachment, he’ll straighten you out.’ I talked to him. You go watch the video yourself. There is no argument against every president should be impeached. So why don’t we fucking stop it with this? It’s a couple of months away and if you want to beat Trump beat him at –

[8:41] Jimmy Dore: “The reason the Democrats are doing this is because they don’t have a program to get people off the couch to go vote for them. That’s why the Democrats did Russia-gate for three years. And that’s why they’re doing impeachment. Why? Because they both work for the same people. They don’t give a fuck that you don’t have health care. They don’t care that you’re under a mountain of student debt. They don’t care that we don’t have a banking system. They don’t give a shit that we’re spending a 131 extra billion on war everywhere. They don’t care about you. Like George Carlin used to say: “They don’t give a fuck about you.” Adam Schiff doesn’t care about you. At all. Do you know who he does care about? Raytheon. Adam Schiff is a bitch to Raytheon. That’s why he’s pro-war. That’s why he’s an enemy of yours. I did a fund-raiser for this guy and I’m telling you that he’s an enemy of yours.

[9:30] Steph Zamorano: “You did a fund-raiser for this guy years ago.”

Jimmy Dore: “Years ago at the Improv. … That was back before we knew how horrible everything was. That was before I read Listen Liberal.”

Here’s another something that Adam Schiff said, [according to Aaron Mate]:

Jimmy Dore: “What the …? Is this 1953 again? Are we in the Cold War? This is it, Right? That’s what Raytheon wanted. They got it. Schiff is their paid prostitute. And so they got it. And so everyone at Raytheon are all billionaires now.

[10:42] “Because that’s what this is. And again, go to Andy Richter’s Twitter feed. Everyone says the nicest guy in Hollywood. You’ll see what fucking backward thinking it is. Really. They’re all Cold Warriors. Not an original thought in the bunch in Hollywood. Not an original thought in their fucking heads. None of them. They all act like corruption started January 2017. They all embrace Cold War. They all embrace militarism. They all embrace war. They all embrace McCarthyism. They all embrace attacking the President from the right. That’s how messed up the Left in Hollywood is. And that’s how messed up Adam Schiff is. And that’s how messed-up everyone who is for this impeachment is. You’re a pawn of the Democratic party, the establishment, if you’re for this impeachment. And if you want to hear the other side of that argument go to that video I did with Shahid Buttar. You can watch his argument. You can watch my argument. Of course, I’m biased. It’s my argument. I don’t think it’s even close. And that guy’s way smarter than I am. I couldn’t even understand half the shit he was saying. He’s so smart. ”

[12:02] “We’ve been imploring the Sanders campaign to take off the gloves and fight harder. And now Bernie Sanders capitulating and apologizing for Zepher Teachout calling Joe Biden corrupt. Finally, people are upset about it. People who were castigating me, specifically, and this show for attacking Bernie Sanders. Apparently they all fucking got a wind up their ass and now they sound exactly like Jimmy Dore. Isn’t that weird? Every fucking single one of them. Isn’t that weird?

Steph Zamorano: “You mean they finally hit that outrage level?

Jimmy Dore: “The outrage level that I’ve been at for awhile. They caught up to me. Cenk Uygur, the founder of the Justice Democrats said that what Bernie is doing when he apologizes for Zepher Teachout and doesn’t call out Joe Biden, what he’s doing is enabling corruption. That’s a tweet that the founder of the Justice Democrats put out. Are people going to attack him now because he’s ‘attacking Bernie’ ? No. Because everyone can see it now and we were just fucking ahead of the curve, like we are always at this show. How is it that I’m fucking ahead of the curve? I literally smoke pot when I get up in the morning. How is that? I went to State College. How the fuck can I beat all these people? Even Kyle Kulinski, the other founder of the Justice Democrats, he tweeted out that Benie Sanders is basically bullshitting us. That is much stronger words than I ever used when I was criticizing Bernie’s strategy. And then bad-faith actors conflated my critique of Bernie’s campaign strategy with attacking Bernie. So if you hear people making those arguments, those are bad-faith assholes. Either they’re intentionally misreading what I’m saying, so they can ride my dick and get bigger views for themselves, which is a cottage industry on youtube now. That’s it. There is no other reason.”

[14:33] Everybody caught up with us on Russia-gate, catching up with us on Bernie’s bad campaign strategy, and I’m sure people will catch up with us on impeachment. Maybe after they realize it takes Bernie off the campaign trail right before fucking Iowa and New Hampshire, I’m sure.

You know, I’d rather be doing comedy bits all the time. And the reason I had to come out and check the Sanders campaign strategy is because fucking no one else would. ... ”

[some stuff between Jimmy and Steph about contacting the Sanders campaign and tweet storms]