"How To Plant Propaganda: 'Putin has been weakened. Russia is crumbling.'"
Moon of Alabama (June 27, 2023)

On Sunday the U.S.Secretary of State went on four morning shows to play the same distinct melody over and over again:

The very same (false) talking points, repeated over and over again, are a sure sign of lies and an organized propaganda campaign. [emphasis added]

For the record. Progozhin was all alone in his mutiny attempt. Not one element of the Russian government or civil society joined him in his ride. So where are the cracks? There are none. Also Russia's military is now larger and better equipped then before the war. Russia's economy is fine and growing. Its standing in the world has increased.[emphasis added]

But Blinken's propaganda works well because the U.S. media are trained to pick up any sheet of music an administration hands out and to sing its tune over and over again. [emphasis added]

I could quote dozens of participants in that game to make that point. But the Washington Post has made it easier for me when it asked eight of its columnists to comment on the issues. All but one, a neocon who wants to see more action, repeat Blinken's message: "Putin has been weakened. Russia is crumbling." [emphasis added]

The overall tone: Putin did not fight the loon Prigozhin but found a peaceful solution. This shows that he is weak. [emphasis added]

This begs a question. If eight columnists at one paper come to the very same (but false) conclusion, just issued in different words, why hire and pay all eight of them? Clearly, one would suffice. [emphasis added]

Oh, that would show a lack diversity? The religious believe in individualism where all humans must differ - but for the opinions they are allowed to espouse?