"Gonzalo Lira: The Great Ukraine Blame Game Has Begun!"
Gonzalo Lira
The Vineyard of the Saker (June 10, 2022)

Gonzalo Lira: The Great Ukraine Blame Game is about to begin. [laughter] It's just so damn funny. All of these people, these liars, these insane warmongers they see that their little scheme in Ukraine is going tits-up. Ands so, now they're scrambling to blame somebody else."

"And you can see it in the little clues. Like if you're a Washington-ologist as I am -- I'm a self-proclaimed Washington-ologist -- I study all the little clues that tell us what's really going on in the regime. And what is going on is that a day or two ago, the New York Times published an article saying that the American intelligence services had no idea what was going on in Ukraine as far as military strategy and all the rest and they're like 'We have no clue whatever.' Which is a complete and utter bald-faced lie."

1:07 "Because a lot of people have said (sotto voce) and some other people on the fringes who have confirmation, who have 'ins' with the people of the narrative (as we should call them), well, the story is that ever since this war started it has been wire guided from Washington. The over-all strategy and the operational factors/strategy of this war has been carried out, essentially, from the Pentagon. Absolutely."

"Somebody in Brussels (NATO Headquarters) is the liaison with the Ukrainian forces. The whole thing has been run by Washington via Brussels. The Ukrainians haven't had full control of their own army. And they haven't. That's pretty much of a known fact."

2:09 "Of course at this time you can say, 'That's only rumor. That's not really confirmed. Sources. Sources.' But we all know better. The catastrophic defense of the Donbas which has played right into what the Russians were up to which is the destruction of the Ukrainian armed forces, their stated objective. And the whole stand-and-fight strategy, which was ideated by Washington and implemented by Brussels and carried out by the poor soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces is leading to this defeat."

2:45 "And so now everybody is trying to figure out who is to blame. The Great Ukrainian Blame Game. What is going on now politically? The Biden administration has realized that the whole thing is tits-up and they're going to have to find somebody to blame. And of course, as is typical of all administrations where they have a losing war, they're going to point to the intelligence community. They say it's an intelligence failure. That the intelligence community didn't give the political leadership actual information and that's why it's all the intelligence community. And this New York Times article is getting ahead of that narrative because it was obviously leaked by intelligence people in Washington who put it there. And there are going to be more of these little stories saying that the intelligence community didn't know anything."

3:39 "And the idea is going to be to blame the Ukrainian armed forces. And the intelligence community, a day or two more, are going to say 'We gave them all the intelligence: satellites and all kinds of stuff, and we had these AWACS planes flying around and telling them what to do. And they didn't follow our intelligence so we're not at fault. They're at fault. They're the ones fighting the war and fucking it up.

4:10 And, of course, the Ukrainian armed forces aren't going to stand still for that. They're going to say 'We wanted to pull out of Severodonetsk or wherever else because we're going to be encircled. And it was Zelenski. Zelensky did it. And Zelensky is going to be like 'No. It's not my fault. I did what you guys told me to do. It's not my fault.' And there's going to be this silent agreement between all of these despicable people. And they're going to blame Zelensky."

4:36 "Now, poor bastard, but I feel no sympathy for him. He's a thief. He's a liar. He's a murderer. He is. He's a guy who claims to be a democrat who eliminates every opposition political party in Ukraine. He's a piece of shit as far as I'm concerned. But he's going to be the sacraficial lamb. You wait now. In the next few days and weeks as the catastrophe in the Donbas becomes readily apparent, you're going to see more and more stories about how Zelensky is not such a saint It's not Saint Zelensky because they'll start talking about how he has a half-billion dollar fortune. That he has these mansions in Italy and Miami and wherever else. They're going to talk about how he's surrounded by neo-Nazis. They're going to start talking about the shit that people like me and other people in the commentariate have been talking about for months. The Washington Post and the New York Times have just discovered this NEW INFORMATION! about Zelensky that they had no idea about before.

5:46 "And it's all an effort to shift the blame for this disaster. And the disaster, of course, is the total destruction of the Ukrainian nation. And its all very funny to be watching these despicable pieces of shit pointing at each other and trying to lay the blame on the other. But the fact is that it's all of these people: the Biden administration, the intelligence community, the Pentagon, NATO, Zelensky and the goons around him. They are all equally responsible for the destruction of the Ukrainian nation. And there just running around trying to pin the blame on the other guy when they all carry that burden of guilt equally."

6:37 "And the thing that is so despicable is that so many lives will have been lost for nothing. The flower of Ukraine. The young men who are the future of any nation will have been killed for nothing, for the incompetence and greed and hubris and arrogance of a bunch of people far away from those battlefields. I was laughing at the beginning of this video because it is comical. But at the same time it is enraging. To see the destruction of this country for nothing. That's the worst of it. You see, sometimes you have to make great sacrifices and bear great destruction for a great goal. And this is understandable. It is the price to reach difficult goals. But in this case, the Ukrainians were not going to win anything. Not the nation, not the people, by going into a war with Russia. They couldn't win against Russia. And this was clear from the outset."

7:51 "And it wasn't just that Russia had a bigger army or more weapons or more artillery pieces. It was more than that. It was that the Russians recognized from the very beginning that this was a war to the death and they had to win. And they were going to win at all costs, no matter what. They understodd from the very beginning. But the Ukraine leadership, the Zelensky regime, they thought that this was like a TV show. Like they were going to go to war. They all pretend to be Churchill. And they have a high old time and they give speeches at the United Nations. Speeches here. Speeches there. And everyone would think that they're so wonderful. And slogans. And all the rest of it. They didn't seem to recognize that there would be actual death."

8:36 "And they carried forward this pointless war, the pointless provocation of the Russians that led to this war. And now they're tyring to fix the blame on somebody else. As far as I'm concerned they are all pieces of shit. If it were up to me I'd gather up the whole lot of them: the people in Washington, the people in Brussels, the people in Kiev and I'd put them up in front of a firing squad. And do you know who I would have as the members of the firing squad? The mothers and the wives and the children of all those poor soldiers who died for nothing. They're the ones who should be picking up those rifles and aiming for the heart of these despicable beasts."