" Day 9 of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine "
by Andrei Raevsky (a.k.a. The Saker)
The Vinyard of the Saker (March 4, 2022)

Good evening, friends,

First let’s begin with a map of how the situation was yesterday evening:

The main news missing from here is that the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted strikes on the Ukrainian coast southwest of Odessa. The other big news I already mentioned, the Russian safely took control of the Zaporozhie nuclear plant. Earlier the Ukronazis wanted a no fly zone above it to prevent another Chernobyl, only much worse.

That fake story died today.

Speaking of dying fake stories, there ought to be somewhere in the virtual space a “fake story cemetery” were all the fakes of western PSYOPs would be held in one place with videos, audio, texts, maps, etc.

Putin is quite right, the West is the Empire of Lies. It ought to be “honored” as such.

Speaking of honor.

I am getting emails from many friends in Europe. They all report the same: Russians are being expelled and otherwise “canceled” all over Europe. And here is what I find the most amazing: most of these bans, expulsions and “cancellation” are VOLUNTARY, that is to say, that the institutions which impose them are NOT forced to do this by any law or Gestapo. Nope. Europeans do that VOLUNTARILY.

Pure racist hatred and persecution, sometimes with violence. Here is the ugly truth

The people of the West want to “cancel Russia”

First, good luck with that!

Second, actually, I am grateful.

This war has fully shown the true face of the West to the rest of the planet.

NOW we really see what “western values” are, and that is a MUCH NEEDED “vaccine” for the Russia nation.

Speaking of Russia, my contact there tell me that the initial shock is wearing off and that all the fearmongering of the first days has been debunked ad nauseam and that the number of Russians who support that special operation in the Ukraine has actually risen to above 70%! I cannot confirm that, but it seems likely to me considering the outcome from 1 week of fantastically intensive “informational warfare” which began by a crushing and very effective attack by western PSYOPs but which, as is always the case, eventually peters out over time (Iraqi WMD anybody?).

I think that the informational tide will begin to slowly turn now. Not a picosecond too soon…

One Duma Deputy recently mentioned that besides organizing a Nuremberg like Tribunal or Ukronazi warcrime and human rights violations, there could be another tribunal which would compile, present and characterize the lies which the Ukies and their western patrons have covered the entire infospace with.

Interesting idea for sure…

The western media has now shown that it has sunk way, waaaaay below the level of such rags as Trud or Völkischer Beobachter.

And yet, in spite of it all, the official narrative is cracking. It is not only Scott Ritter of MacGregor, even in the UK some truly surprising things are being published. Check this one out “Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing. The West’s delusions about this war – and its failure to understand the enemy – will prevent it from saving Ukraine, writes military analyst BILL ROGGIO“. Read it, its worth seeing the size of the cracks :-)

Okay, enough for today. I need to catch at least one night of good sleep, so I am signing off a little early today.

Feel free to post more INFORMATION (please, rather than opinions, guesses and predictions) in the comments section below.